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Reply #83: Seems the assets of many in Power who've lied,& profited from this debacle [View All]

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zann725 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Apr-14-06 01:05 PM
Response to Reply #69
83. Seems the assets of many in Power who've lied,& profited from this debacle
(particularly companies with inititals like (let's say) "H" and "K"...AS WELL AS their CEO's) should LONG AGO have had their company AND personal assets frozen. So that the taxpayer money from which said assets were stolen might rightfully be returned TO the People. Stolen dollars that aside from being badly budgeted, were handed-out by the suitcase-load by Contractors... as part of "secret plans" decided apart from our elected meetings our Reps were often "locked-out" of...excluded from...knew little about.

If we lived in a "free" society, "freezing" criminal assets SHOULD be part of Criminal Justice. But a Democracy we no longer are. Thus, a problem posed.
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  -'Nation' columnist: Powell fingers Cheney sabra  Apr-12-06 01:56 PM   #0 
  - my god dick cheney is just  oldtime dfl_er   Apr-12-06 01:58 PM   #1 
  - And yet he's still the most powerful person in the world  tridim   Apr-12-06 02:07 PM   #7 
  - He's smarter than the Chimpanzee  saigon68   Apr-12-06 08:37 PM   #24 
  - For the record: dirt is smarter than the chimpanzee. EOM...  Kierkegaard   Apr-13-06 01:42 PM   #45 
     - lol  saigon68   Apr-13-06 03:14 PM   #55 
     - LMBAO...  Tight_rope   Apr-14-06 09:52 AM   #81 
  - Hmmm......can't one freeze all his assests in the end? Power is only  goforit   Apr-13-06 08:57 PM   #69 
     - Seems the assets of many in Power who've lied,& profited from this debacle  zann725   Apr-14-06 01:05 PM   #83 
  - yeah he is.  Donailin   Apr-13-06 06:53 AM   #35 
     - What was this "boo-ing" incident you speak of? I missed this!  PurpleChez   Apr-14-06 05:08 AM   #73 
  - The house of cards is falling down quickly now! (nt)  Vash the Stampede   Apr-12-06 01:58 PM   #2 
  - FYI - Link to the original NATION article  radfringe   Apr-13-06 02:58 AM   #32 
  - Powell is Poppy's water carrier so no surprise there...n/t  Virginia Dare   Apr-12-06 02:02 PM   #3 
  - Hmmmm.. And I though it was Jeff Gannon's job to finger Cheney! n/t  corporatemedia   Apr-12-06 02:02 PM   #4 
  - Beat me to it!  Ex Lion Tamer   Apr-12-06 02:49 PM   #14 
  - word.  XemaSab   Apr-13-06 01:39 AM   #28 
  - If Powell Said That - My Regard For Him Has Gone Even Lower  mazzarro   Apr-12-06 02:04 PM   #5 
  - Analagous to William Rogers (Nixon's S of State during 1st term)  coalition_unwilling   Apr-12-06 02:33 PM   #10 
  - Powell's basis for respect....  mike_c   Apr-12-06 02:48 PM   #13 
  - He's demonstrating how he fingered Cheney.  subterranean   Apr-13-06 02:40 PM   #54 
  - That was the time to resign. Not after the 2004 election.  8_year_nightmare   Apr-12-06 03:08 PM   #15 
  - Exactly. Too little too late now, General.  YDogg   Apr-13-06 01:49 PM   #47 
  - I agree, Powell's an accomplice in this crime, he stood by & LIHOP  wordpix   Apr-13-06 09:43 AM   #40 
  - If Powell said that no one should have ANY regard for him.  PurpleChez   Apr-14-06 05:11 AM   #74 
  - and yes Colin tell us something we KNOW already...  lovuian   Apr-12-06 02:06 PM   #6 
  - A liberal columnist??  leftchick   Apr-12-06 02:10 PM   #8 
  - and I never see the MSM refer to Limpballs as a rabid rightwing blivet  UpInArms   Apr-12-06 11:40 PM   #26 
  - It's UPI. What do you expect from the Moonies? n/t  Toucano   Apr-13-06 02:30 AM   #31 
  - I thought the same thing---"liberal columnist" stuck out like a sore thumb  MoJoWorkin   Apr-13-06 03:20 PM   #56 
  - What - did Colon's conscience get to him?  alarcojon   Apr-12-06 02:26 PM   #9 
  - Hey Colin  BigDDem   Apr-12-06 02:37 PM   #11 
  - Hey You! How Are You Feeling? Stay Well & Strong!  Binka   Apr-13-06 01:48 AM   #30 
     - Feeling good, thanks  alarcojon   Apr-13-06 09:38 AM   #39 
  - Dick Made Me Do it!!! Dick Made Me Do It!! WAAAAAAA  Jacobin   Apr-12-06 02:43 PM   #12 
  - if he really cared about this country and its future  yorkiemommie1   Apr-12-06 04:25 PM   #16 
  - That would be my take on it.  calimary   Apr-13-06 06:45 AM   #34 
  - Exactly - he sold his soul  Mad_Dem_X   Apr-13-06 01:55 PM   #48 
  - A stretch, but  RaRa   Apr-12-06 04:29 PM   #17 
  - If Powell knew all this  creeksneakers2   Apr-12-06 04:35 PM   #18 
  - and Why Did He LIE to Us and the World?  AndyTiedye   Apr-12-06 06:06 PM   #21 
  - Loyality overrides everything  rodeodance   Apr-13-06 08:33 AM   #37 
  - See Powell's experience covering up the My Lai massacre.  Voltaire99   Apr-13-06 06:04 PM   #63 
  - Powell's dishonesty is well established  creeksneakers2   Apr-14-06 12:14 PM   #82 
  - Is this any surprise?  springhill   Apr-12-06 04:37 PM   #19 
  - Powell admits he knew all this  daleo   Apr-12-06 05:35 PM   #20 
  - Oh my eyes! That title! The pictures are so hard to take... nt  JerseygirlCT   Apr-12-06 07:49 PM   #22 
  - That's what happens when you try to lie to an  cliss   Apr-12-06 08:34 PM   #23 
  - Powell: Makes Uncle Tom look like Stokley Carmichael  FredScuttle   Apr-12-06 11:14 PM   #25 
  - I wasn't sure about making the 'Uncle Tom' reference, so thanks!!  PurpleChez   Apr-14-06 05:14 AM   #75 
  - the intel wasn't flawed, it was faked  Skip Intro   Apr-13-06 12:55 AM   #27 
  - and that someone works or worked for Cheney  wordpix   Apr-13-06 09:48 AM   #41 
  - Exactly. It wasn't flawed; it was faked.  donkeyotay   Apr-14-06 09:27 AM   #77 
  - Powell's state dept. chief Col. Lawrence Wilkerson ripped Cheney today  oasis   Apr-13-06 01:48 AM   #29 
  - bttft  0007   Apr-13-06 03:49 AM   #33 
  - November can't come soon enough  MissMillie   Apr-13-06 08:04 AM   #36 
  - Powell's a f*cking whore... he should have QUIT and told America  npincus   Apr-13-06 08:47 AM   #38 
  - I agree. Powell is using the old Nazi argument, "I was following orders"  wordpix   Apr-13-06 09:49 AM   #42 
     - Powell is paid $$$$$$$$$$$$$ to follow orders. He's a whore. n/t  shain from kane   Apr-13-06 05:57 PM   #60 
  - "Powell fingers Cheney" LOL for a headline  noonwitch   Apr-13-06 10:32 AM   #43 
  - I second that thought!  Mr. Mojo Risin   Apr-13-06 02:22 PM   #49 
  - "Powell Fingers Dick" would have been better  subterranean   Apr-13-06 02:30 PM   #51 
     - Can't keep juggling those balls forever. Gravity is bound to take effect.  shain from kane   Apr-13-06 05:59 PM   #61 
     - "Powell Fingers Bush". I'm waiting. n/t  shain from kane   Apr-13-06 06:32 PM   #67 
        - Here you go...  subterranean   Apr-13-06 10:01 PM   #71 
  - If Zacarias Moussaoui can be punished for not telling us about 9/11 ...  gauguin57   Apr-13-06 10:48 AM   #44 
  - cheney is the fueling the fire  alyce douglas   Apr-13-06 01:45 PM   #46 
     - Completely agree. * is completely relying on Cheney to run the show  demo dutch   Apr-13-06 02:31 PM   #52 
  - Links to the primary source  swag   Apr-13-06 02:23 PM   #50 
  - Are any Top Democrats talking about this on TV today?  Dr Fate   Apr-13-06 02:38 PM   #53 
  - Heh. Please.  Voltaire99   Apr-13-06 06:06 PM   #65 
  - I'm still waiting for you to write them and find out!  Patchuli   Apr-14-06 01:57 AM   #72 
  - Too little, too late, General  mnhtnbb   Apr-13-06 03:50 PM   #57 
  - Another McNamara. n/t  shain from kane   Apr-13-06 06:01 PM   #62 
  - At least he has some remnant of a conscience...  AntiFascist   Apr-13-06 09:13 PM   #70 
  - A little late Colin.  Imalittleteapot   Apr-13-06 04:41 PM   #58 
  - Colin takes a dump a little too late. Constipated for 3 years. n/t  shain from kane   Apr-13-06 06:34 PM   #68 
  - How many traitorous war criminals are we up to now sabra?  vickiss   Apr-13-06 05:05 PM   #59 
  - Powell needs to follow his former daddies advice  judaspriestess   Apr-13-06 06:06 PM   #64 
  - Powell fingers Cheney while Bush and Rove watch.  Rex   Apr-13-06 06:23 PM   #66 
  - Confirming the obvious  boobooday   Apr-14-06 09:15 AM   #76 
  - Cheney took on Dresser's asbestos liability and got the VP spot  donkeyotay   Apr-14-06 09:34 AM   #78 
     - Succinct summation  boobooday   Apr-14-06 09:39 AM   #80 
  - Ole Dick is in the frying pan now. Fry that "DICK" up.  Tight_rope   Apr-14-06 09:37 AM   #79 
  - time for the MSM Corporate Shills to go into full spin mode  Supersedeas   Apr-14-06 01:20 PM   #84 

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