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Reply #36: i don't equate the death penalty with racism, [View All]

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bettyellen Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Mar-14-06 01:38 PM
Response to Reply #13
36. i don't equate the death penalty with racism,
Edited on Tue Mar-14-06 01:44 PM by bettyellen
to be quite honest, i equate it with testosterone, with fleeting anger. since it ain't even close to the punishment for rape, i don't take it all that serious.
it's an overreaction to a horrible story, it's facinating to me how often men call for the death penalty for rapes when it's so very far from the reality of how sex crimes are handled in this country.
and you're dead wrong, i am actually against the death penalty, for several reasons, including that it is both racist and punishes the impoverished inequitably.
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  -Gang members charged in rape allegedly watched by mother of one Postmanx  Mar-14-06 12:31 PM   #0 
  - Penalty should be death n/t  FyurFly   Mar-14-06 12:32 PM   #1 
  - Not until after they'd each been raped for seven hours.  Kailassa   Mar-14-06 12:36 PM   #2 
  - Especially if they are BROWN OR BLACK MEN  saigon68   Mar-14-06 12:42 PM   #5 
     - why are you injecting race into this?  Postmanx   Mar-14-06 12:44 PM   #6 
     - Ya I know  saigon68   Mar-14-06 12:46 PM   #8 
        - ABout race...  Mithras61   Mar-14-06 12:48 PM   #9 
        - Photo  saigon68   Mar-14-06 12:54 PM   #10 
           - what is your point?  bettyellen   Mar-14-06 01:00 PM   #12 
           - It's the Death Penalty-- part  saigon68   Mar-14-06 01:05 PM   #15 
           - Deleted message  Name removed   Mar-14-06 01:08 PM   #16 
           - No i'm not a troll! are you? n/t  FyurFly   Mar-14-06 01:32 PM   #33 
           - FyurFly, that was certainly not directed at you.  Kailassa   Mar-14-06 01:39 PM   #37 
              - Color is of no diffrence to me...  FyurFly   Mar-14-06 02:08 PM   #44 
              - Rape is a hideous crime....  Bridget Burke   Mar-14-06 02:10 PM   #46 
                 - I didn't mean ruined  FyurFly   Mar-14-06 02:12 PM   #47 
              - Deleted message  Name removed   Mar-14-06 03:15 PM   #67 
                 - I somewhat disagree  FyurFly   Mar-14-06 04:25 PM   #74 
                 - In addition  FyurFly   Mar-14-06 04:28 PM   #75 
                 - That's not what I was just reading...  bloom   Mar-14-06 04:43 PM   #77 
           - adios  saigon68   Mar-14-06 01:51 PM   #41 
           - It's called reverse racism  superconnected   Mar-14-06 02:29 PM   #50 
              - i see that. i'm against the DP, but my initial reaction was to stomp that  bettyellen   Mar-14-06 02:37 PM   #53 
           - The photo is OBVIOUSLY a hispanic woman...  Mithras61   Mar-14-06 01:11 PM   #19 
           - Sometimes the knee-jerk response is "Prejudice!"  WinkyDink   Mar-14-06 03:02 PM   #62 
        - I guess some people see racism in everything.  superconnected   Mar-14-06 02:25 PM   #49 
        - you didn't have to go there.  unda cova brutha   Mar-14-06 02:45 PM   #55 
        - WTF?  Texacrat   Mar-14-06 03:11 PM   #65 
     - fuck this, we are talking about hating rapists here.....  bettyellen   Mar-14-06 12:58 PM   #11 
     - let me guess---you like "THE DEATH PENALTY"  saigon68   Mar-14-06 01:01 PM   #13 
     - i don't equate the death penalty with racism,  bettyellen   Mar-14-06 01:38 PM   #36 
     - Isn't murder just an unsactioned Death Penalty? just curious n/t  progressivebydesign   Mar-14-06 02:54 PM   #58 
     - I guessing that the poster is artlessly implying......  Mike Daniels   Mar-14-06 01:10 PM   #17 
        - As far as we know the perps were white.  Kailassa   Mar-14-06 01:15 PM   #21 
        - You are putting words in my mouth  saigon68   Mar-14-06 01:19 PM   #26 
        - color is not an issue  FyurFly   Mar-14-06 01:35 PM   #34 
        - It wasn't so long ago we read articles about white kids who beat  Judi Lynn   Mar-14-06 01:21 PM   #27 
        - Deleted message  Name removed   Mar-14-06 01:27 PM   #31 
        - Agreed  FyurFly   Mar-14-06 01:31 PM   #32 
     - Pathetic...  converted_democrat   Mar-14-06 01:17 PM   #24 
  - this planet would be better off without some people- NO IFS, ANDS, OR  stop the bleeding   Mar-14-06 12:38 PM   #3 
  - That poor woman.  ThomCat   Mar-14-06 12:41 PM   #4 
  - Each one should get 184 years to life.  Missy M   Mar-14-06 12:45 PM   #7 
  - I agree. It always pains me to see "democrats" go for the blood lust  Atman   Mar-14-06 01:01 PM   #14 
     - But it does stop them doing it again.  Kailassa   Mar-14-06 01:11 PM   #18 
     - The cost of imprisoning perverts is less...  Mithras61   Mar-14-06 01:16 PM   #22 
     - Correct -- on all counts!  LostinVA   Mar-14-06 01:17 PM   #25 
     - The last time I heard "murder is murder"  Kailassa   Mar-14-06 01:22 PM   #28 
     - So work to change the law...  Mithras61   Mar-14-06 01:26 PM   #30 
     - I agree  saigon68   Mar-14-06 01:25 PM   #29 
     - It costs more to kill 184 years, they aren't getting out anyway  Atman   Mar-14-06 01:38 PM   #35 
        - It will cost about $100 to shoot them and toss them into the ground  951-Riverside   Mar-14-06 02:09 PM   #45 
           - The cost of a bullet is low...  Mithras61   Mar-14-06 02:16 PM   #48 
     - Deleted message  Name removed   Mar-14-06 01:15 PM   #20 
        - I must have missed the memo that allows you to decide who is and is not  ohiosmith   Mar-14-06 01:51 PM   #40 
           - Deleted message  Name removed   Mar-14-06 01:55 PM   #42 
              - !  ohiosmith   Mar-14-06 01:58 PM   #43 
  - I disagree with the DP, but I do believe rape should be life  LostinVA   Mar-14-06 01:16 PM   #23 
  - I don't know about that.  NCevilDUer   Mar-14-06 01:40 PM   #38 
  - In the case of sexual predators, not really.  missb   Mar-14-06 03:08 PM   #64 
  - because prison is PUNISHMENT  Texacrat   Mar-14-06 03:12 PM   #66 
  - So 65 years in prison is punishment, but 63 years is not?  NCevilDUer   Mar-14-06 04:28 PM   #76 
  - As I said to another poster, talk to a sex crimes cop or a rapie counselor  LostinVA   Mar-14-06 04:12 PM   #73 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Mar-14-06 01:44 PM   #39 
     - "forced to have sex" ?? she's not "having sex" if she's being raped.....  bettyellen   Mar-14-06 02:31 PM   #51 
     - Feminist in the 70's and 80's  superconnected   Mar-14-06 02:35 PM   #52 
     - i understand patcox trying to make a point about how men can  bettyellen   Mar-14-06 02:47 PM   #56 
     - Because rape is primarily a psychological crime.  politicat   Mar-14-06 02:43 PM   #54 
     - Your first two paragraphs are exactly what I was getting at.  patcox2   Mar-14-06 03:04 PM   #63 
        - You're still not getting the point.  politicat   Mar-14-06 03:46 PM   #69 
        - Deleted message  Name removed   Mar-14-06 04:11 PM   #72 
        - you ignore the many cases where men feel little shock or horror  bettyellen   Mar-14-06 04:08 PM   #70 
     - It is only partly a societal thing, and NOTHING, to me, to do with  LostinVA   Mar-14-06 04:10 PM   #71 
     - "I think this whole visceral response to rape is nothing but unconscious..  bloom   Mar-14-06 04:53 PM   #78 
  - Now if she was a virgin and horribly raped and  Mizmoon   Mar-14-06 02:49 PM   #57 
  - you forgot the "religious" part from that dufus sentaror. n/t  progressivebydesign   Mar-14-06 02:55 PM   #59 
  - I think (Mother/Son) Incest may be a factor here too  951-Riverside   Mar-14-06 02:56 PM   #60 
  - I think the mom should be imprisoned to.  superconnected   Mar-14-06 02:58 PM   #61 
     - I would put that in the "water is wet" category  lukasahero   Mar-14-06 03:35 PM   #68 
  - Lock  Moderator   Mar-14-06 04:56 PM   #79 

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