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Vietnam War deserter arrested at border [View All]

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tuvor Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Mar-11-06 06:04 PM
Original message
Vietnam War deserter arrested at border
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Arrest highlights urgency of Canadian sanctuary for U.S. war resisters

TORONTO, March 11 /CNW/ - On Thursday, March 9 Allen Abney, a US Marine
who deserted and came to Canada in 1968, was detained by US Border officials
as he crossed the border from British Columbia into Idaho. Abney, a dual
Canadian/ US citizen, was held in Idaho until he could be transferred to US
Marine Corps custody and sent to Camp Pendleton, California, where he faces
penalties under military law.

Abney, 56, lives in Kingsgate, BC, close to the Canada/US border, which
he crossed often to go shopping, to do errands, and for other purposes. He is
retired. Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, Abney came to Canada with his
family in 1959. In 1968 he enlisted in the US Marines. Later that year, he
joined thousands of others who fled to Canada because of their opposition to
the Vietnam War. He has lived here ever since.

Abney's daughter, Jessica Abney, is shocked and worried by what has
happened to her father. "It's been so long since my dad left the military. Why
have they suddenly decided to do this now?" she asked. "My dad is not a young
man, so of course I'm worried about what's going to happen to him." Ms. Abney
is also concerned about the seeming lack of interest shown so far by the
Canadian government. "When we called the 800 number, they seemed to just shrug
their shoulders. But isn't it their job to help out in these cases?" she said.

"The War Resisters Support Campaign is deeply concerned about what has
happened to Allen Abney. Many of our supporters are, like him, Vietnam War
resisters. We will do what we can to support him and to help him regain his
freedom as soon as possible," said Lee Zaslofsky, Coordinator of the Campaign.
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  -Vietnam War deserter arrested at border tuvor  Mar-11-06 06:04 PM   #0 
  - A decent president would pardon him.  David Dunham   Mar-11-06 06:06 PM   #1 
  - Sure am glad they're smoking out  babylonsister   Mar-11-06 06:07 PM   # 
  - Did the AWOL in Chief feel threatened?  zreosumgame   Mar-11-06 06:07 PM   #2 
  - Zing! Welcome to DU!  tanyev   Mar-11-06 06:26 PM   #10 
  - Excellent Shrub-zap!!  northofdenali   Mar-11-06 07:14 PM   #15 
  - thanks for the welcome  zreosumgame   Mar-11-06 09:17 PM   #20 
  - I thought Jimmy Carter had pardoned them all. n/t  Mika   Mar-11-06 06:10 PM   #3 
  - So did I. This doesn't make any sense. n/t  mountainvue   Mar-11-06 06:15 PM   #5 
  - I thought so too. But not deserters.  tuvor   Mar-11-06 06:22 PM   #8 
  - Close.  Nailzberg   Mar-11-06 06:27 PM   #11 
  - You've nailed it. It's a message. nt  benburch   Mar-11-06 06:43 PM   #13 
  - "Isn't there some other manhunt we're supposed to be concentrating on?"  ConcernedCanuk   Mar-11-06 08:47 PM   #18 
  - he has been forgotten  leftchick   Mar-11-06 08:56 PM   #19 
  - He pardoned draft dodgers...NOT AWOL or deserters...  BrotherBuzz   Mar-13-06 11:45 AM   #36 
  - I'm an American living in Toronto ...  NanceGreggs   Mar-11-06 06:13 PM   #4 
  - Desertion is waaay different then Dodging  Perky   Mar-11-06 06:16 PM   #6 
  - But after so many years?  laheina   Mar-13-06 12:52 PM   #38 
  - He's not a deserter- he's a Presidential Hopeful  Prisoner_Number_Six   Mar-11-06 06:17 PM   #7 
  - i believe is up to 4000 deserters from Iraq now... setting an Example  sam sarrha   Mar-11-06 06:22 PM   #9 
  - That might well be it.  Perky   Mar-11-06 06:39 PM   #12 
  - Waging an immoral is criminal. Deserting it is not.  president4aday   Mar-11-06 07:17 PM   #16 
     - That is not what the law says...  Perky   Mar-11-06 10:31 PM   #25 
     - That is not what the law says...  Perky   Mar-11-06 10:31 PM   #26 
  - That has to be the reason.  NYC   Mar-11-06 07:25 PM   #17 
  - They were all given  raysr   Mar-11-06 06:53 PM   #14 
  - I've written to all my elected officials about this.  Nailzberg   Mar-11-06 09:39 PM   #23 
  - I thought they were given pardons  lovuian   Mar-11-06 09:37 PM   #21 
  - there's no statute of limitations on deserting?  dwickham   Mar-11-06 09:37 PM   #22 
  - What a waste of time  bluestateguy   Mar-11-06 10:25 PM   #24 
  - I thought Carter pardoned all the Vietnam era deserters.  proud2Blib   Mar-11-06 10:34 PM   #27 
  - I think he only gave amnesty to those who refused to be drafted  dflprincess   Mar-11-06 10:59 PM   #28 
     - Yep now that I think about it  proud2Blib   Mar-11-06 11:33 PM   #29 
  - kick  OKNancy   Mar-13-06 11:38 AM   #30 
  - Vietnam deserter held at Camp Pendleton following arrest  Ernesto   Mar-13-06 11:39 AM   #31 
  - Wow. n/t  Sammy Pepys   Mar-13-06 11:39 AM   #32 
  - Weren't all those guys given a blanket pardon 30 years ago? nm  dicksteele   Mar-13-06 11:39 AM   #33 
     - Draft resisters, yes. Deserters, no.  BikeWriter   Mar-13-06 11:39 AM   #34 
        - That's right! Thanks, BikeWriter. nm  dicksteele   Mar-13-06 11:39 AM   #35 
  - they shoot people who refuse to shoot people...  LeftHander   Mar-13-06 12:31 PM   #37 

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