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Reply #43: right to discriminate with shared housing [View All]

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rivertext Donating Member (174 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Feb-08-06 02:10 PM
Response to Original message
43. right to discriminate with shared housing

the ads sighted above seemed to be for shared housing "African Americans tend to clash with me"

Can you imagine what it would mean if typical fair housing laws were applied to roomate/housemate situations?

Teenage women sued for choosing not to share their house with Middle Age men

Christians sued for choosing not to share their home with witches

No sex outside of marriage Homophobic Christians sued for not sharing their home with promiscuous gay men


Landlords who feel the need to discriminate should find another business -- but people, I believe, have a right to exercise some control over who shares their space.

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  -Craigslist sued over housing ad bias sabra  Feb-07-06 11:04 PM   #0 
  - Give me a break. It would be impossible for them to screen ads  mshasta   Feb-07-06 11:10 PM   #1 
  - Well, it is illegal  PSPS   Feb-07-06 11:51 PM   #2 
  - something tells me you have never been on 'Craig's list', lol.  fleabert   Feb-08-06 04:26 AM   #14 
  - You really think it should be stopped?  Tyrone Slothrop   Feb-08-06 02:34 PM   #46 
  - I can tell you that newspapers want to put craigslist out of business  Digit   Feb-08-06 12:07 AM   #3 
  - Bingo.  sfexpat2000   Feb-08-06 12:43 AM   #6 
     - Like you said, he's a decent egg, hence a target  Angry Girl   Feb-08-06 11:09 AM   #32 
        - Once when my son was scammed on the net, Craig was the  sfexpat2000   Feb-08-06 01:55 PM   #41 
        - Someone else i know got a call from Craig too.  henslee   Feb-08-06 02:33 PM   #45 
        - I'm sure he's a decent guy and all...  Rich Hunt   Feb-08-06 04:31 PM   #50 
           - it is not illegal  nodehopper   Feb-08-06 05:50 PM   #54 
  - What the hell does this even mean?  bezdomny   Feb-08-06 12:14 AM   #4 
  - This is crap and will be tossed out of court.  sfexpat2000   Feb-08-06 12:37 AM   #5 
  - Exactly what I was thinking.  TheWatcher   Feb-08-06 12:45 AM   #7 
  - It's transparent to people in San Francisco.  sfexpat2000   Feb-08-06 01:23 AM   #10 
  - I am with you. I've never met the guy, and I would get in a fight for him.  fleabert   Feb-08-06 04:28 AM   #15 
  - you've got a good point there...  Rich Hunt   Feb-08-06 04:33 PM   #51 
  - yep, agreed.  ixion   Feb-08-06 03:12 AM   #11 
  - Craigslist may in fact be violating fair housing laws.  Gormy Cuss   Feb-08-06 11:11 AM   #33 
     - But Craigslist is NOT like a newspaper.  Xithras   Feb-08-06 11:25 AM   #37 
     - That's why I said it will be interesting to see how it sorts out.  Gormy Cuss   Feb-08-06 11:33 AM   #38 
     - At CL, before your ad is posted, there is a screen  sfexpat2000   Feb-08-06 01:53 PM   #40 
        - I understand the harassment angle, but the way it works in FH enforcement  Gormy Cuss   Feb-08-06 02:09 PM   #42 
           - The wording is bizzare. And there are plenty of those  sfexpat2000   Feb-08-06 02:28 PM   #44 
  - it`s up to the people who go to the site  madrchsod   Feb-08-06 12:48 AM   #8 
  - They have an uphill battle  Sgent   Feb-08-06 01:05 AM   #9 
  - Sue the poster, not Craig.  rucky   Feb-08-06 03:50 AM   #12 
  - it is well stated that CL doesn't screen the ads and take no  fleabert   Feb-08-06 04:25 AM   #13 
  - It was probably some prepubescent punk posting that racist crap....  pinniped   Feb-08-06 04:49 AM   #16 
  - I LOVE Craigslist!  bitchkitty   Feb-08-06 07:24 AM   #17 
  - I'm dismayed that some of you think this is OK.  Taxloss   Feb-08-06 07:57 AM   #18 
  - NO ONE is supporting 'Whites Only' ads ....  Trajan   Feb-08-06 08:08 AM   #20 
  - "Sheeeesh"?  Taxloss   Feb-08-06 08:22 AM   #21 
     - You apparently have NO clue what is going on here ...  Trajan   Feb-08-06 09:00 AM   #26 
        - Wow, quite an over-reaction.  Taxloss   Feb-08-06 09:12 AM   #27 
           - Actually, if I were to actually SEE a post of that sort....  Digit   Feb-09-06 01:47 AM   #60 
  - They should be going after the people who place the ads.  drm604   Feb-08-06 08:45 AM   #22 
  - seems to me there is an alert function and by the way  msongs   Feb-08-06 08:50 AM   #24 
  - They do. n/t  sfexpat2000   Feb-08-06 09:52 AM   #28 
  - They do have an alert function  Angry Girl   Feb-08-06 11:14 AM   #35 
  - are you familiar witih craigslist policies?  nodehopper   Feb-08-06 05:51 PM   #56 
  - It looks like there may be an organized attack on Craigslist.  drm604   Feb-08-06 08:07 AM   #19 
  - Interesting. I had forgotten about that thread. nt  sfexpat2000   Feb-08-06 09:54 AM   #29 
  - craigslist provides porno to children nt  msongs   Feb-08-06 08:48 AM   #23 
  - What are you talking about?  drm604   Feb-08-06 10:03 AM   #30 
     - I believe msongs is paraphrasing the accusation made by  sfexpat2000   Feb-08-06 11:01 AM   #31 
     - Yeah, simply click on the casual encounters section under personals  rinsd   Feb-08-06 04:23 PM   #49 
        - you are correct. no restrictions at all. our neighbor kids know all about  msongs   Feb-08-06 06:04 PM   #59 
  - Why Are They (Whoever they are) Sueing Craigslist?  stepnw1f   Feb-08-06 08:51 AM   #25 
  - Its plain to see  mitts   Feb-08-06 11:12 AM   #34 
  - CraigsList is legally protected and will win.  Xithras   Feb-08-06 11:22 AM   #36 
  - it defies imagination that craigslist would have the desire, let alone  madmark   Feb-08-06 11:40 AM   #39 
  - right to discriminate with shared housing  rivertext   Feb-08-06 02:10 PM   #43 
  - Seen ads on there for CHRISTIAN Rentals  HockeyMom   Feb-08-06 05:56 PM   #58 
  - Clueless ex-FEMA heads who raise Arabians tend to clash with me  KamaAina   Feb-08-06 02:35 PM   #47 
  - if they take too many ads to screen then maybe they should  orleans   Feb-08-06 03:28 PM   #48 
  - I don't believe that ad was serious. If it was, they should be ashamed!!  flashdebadge   Feb-08-06 05:14 PM   #52 
  - that is such BS  nodehopper   Feb-08-06 05:49 PM   #53 
  - Well at least fine him for the double-negative  DS1   Feb-08-06 05:50 PM   #55 
  - Give me a break  twaddler01   Feb-08-06 05:54 PM   #57 

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