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Reply #31: Not always true [View All]

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sandnsea Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Dec-10-05 12:12 PM
Response to Reply #18
31. Not always true
In fact, my step-son was in foster care and his social worker decided it would be a good thing for him to plead guilty to a sex offense when he was 13 because sex offender money was the only treatment that was available. That was 12 years ago, before registries, but he will now be on one for the rest of his life because of that. In addition, while everybody gets into an uproar over the priest scandals, a portion of that was because of the belief that pedophilia could be treated. Many of those priests weren't just shuffled off to other parishes, they were in therapy and the hierarchy was told therapy would help the priests. Sex offense treatment has had money and many years to figure out if it works. It doesn't. The behavior is too damaging to society to take these risks anymore. It's time that sex offenders are removed to permanent, non-punitive, facilities. It is the only crime that I feel this is appropriate. I would prefer some murderers, the murders of passion types, be let out of prison before sex offenders.
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  -Wyoming pushes life sentences for sex offenders Thom Little  Dec-09-05 04:53 PM   #0 
  - I think we are coming to the conclusion these sex offenders can't be cured  RobertSeattle   Dec-09-05 04:56 PM   #1 
  - WA has very strict sex offender laws  Evergreen Emerald   Dec-10-05 12:17 AM   #26 
  - Possibly not cured--but they can be managed.  spindrifter   Dec-10-05 01:36 PM   #36 
  - Too bad  Kevin75   Dec-09-05 04:57 PM   #2 
  - Kevin, as a psychologist I have to disagree with you  khashka   Dec-09-05 05:10 PM   #6 
  - Khashka, as a psychologist I have to disagree with you.  fshrink   Dec-09-05 10:24 PM   #18 
  - What is your suggestion, then?  susanna   Dec-09-05 11:17 PM   #23 
  - The money goes  fshrink   Dec-10-05 12:09 AM   #25 
     - I do not disagree that under Reagan...  susanna   Dec-10-05 10:47 PM   #49 
     - Bullshit!  khashka   Dec-11-05 01:19 AM   #51 
  - Not always true  sandnsea   Dec-10-05 12:12 PM   #31 
  - There's no cure  khashka   Dec-10-05 04:52 PM   #39 
  - What creates pedophiles?  Doremus   Dec-10-05 07:38 PM   #45 
  - No, this isn't a disease, it's much more of a personality disorder  LostinVA   Dec-09-05 05:13 PM   #7 
  - There is no known "cure" for pedophilia.  susanna   Dec-09-05 11:16 PM   #22 
     - They sometimes wear clerical collars and "Minister" to the youth  saigon68   Dec-10-05 07:04 AM   #29 
        - Yes, they do; and that is horrifying. n/t  susanna   Dec-10-05 10:41 PM   #48 
  - I'd say the first time is good enough to lock them away  meisje   Dec-09-05 04:57 PM   #3 
  - I agree, but I feel most here would not...  mrbassman03   Dec-10-05 07:44 PM   #46 
  - Depending on the details, I would support this  bluestateguy   Dec-09-05 04:58 PM   #4 
  - OK, to be totally politically incorrect....  khashka   Dec-09-05 05:01 PM   #5 
  - Such laws need to distinguish between a sexual offense against  snippy   Dec-09-05 05:16 PM   #8 
  - Oh that is just so much BS. Although I am not in agreement in a life  MichiganVote   Dec-09-05 07:15 PM   #13 
  - Thanks for that.  BlueIris   Dec-10-05 01:39 AM   #27 
  - No, it really doesn't  sandnsea   Dec-10-05 12:15 PM   #32 
  - There'd be a lot of Repugs serving life sentences if passed nationwide  Tempest   Dec-09-05 05:17 PM   #9 
  - When rights are taken away - ie locking someone up forever  superconnected   Dec-09-05 05:35 PM   #10 
  - I Was Sexually Abused and Think This Is Horrible  Crisco   Dec-09-05 05:52 PM   #11 
  - Not all kids feel as you might have, but some do.  MichiganVote   Dec-09-05 07:16 PM   #14 
  - second offenses  sandnsea   Dec-10-05 12:18 PM   #33 
  - About damn time  XemaSab   Dec-09-05 06:02 PM   #12 
  - Personally, I advocate torture for anybody who abuses a child.  MercutioATC   Dec-09-05 07:39 PM   #15 
  - And what happens to children who lie about it  mitchtv   Dec-09-05 10:09 PM   #17 
  - I DID say "anybody who abuses a child", not  MercutioATC   Dec-09-05 10:26 PM   #19 
     - The McMartin Preschool comes to mind  mitchtv   Dec-09-05 10:37 PM   #21 
        - There are people here who think the McMartin's got a free ride (n/t)  Nevernose   Dec-09-05 11:54 PM   #24 
        - The McMartin teachers were never convicted of anything  proud2Blib   Dec-10-05 01:45 AM   #28 
  - Personally, I advocate torture for anybody who advocates torture n/t  jwcomer   Dec-10-05 05:53 PM   #41 
     - hmmm, a little recursive problem there :)  mrbassman03   Dec-10-05 07:47 PM   #47 
     - Fair enough...we both have our opinions.  MercutioATC   Dec-11-05 02:18 AM   #52 
  - The myth of incurability  lwfern   Dec-09-05 09:54 PM   #16 
  - Mississippi  Sgent   Dec-09-05 10:32 PM   #20 
  - please site your source  lwfern   Dec-10-05 12:01 PM   #30 
     - Here  sandnsea   Dec-10-05 12:28 PM   #34 
     - Where is the comparison?  lwfern   Dec-10-05 01:13 PM   #35 
        - What kinds of crimes?  sandnsea   Dec-10-05 02:42 PM   #37 
           - I can't find any data to support the comparison.  lwfern   Dec-10-05 04:41 PM   #38 
              - That's a bizarre logic  sandnsea   Dec-10-05 05:47 PM   #40 
                 - How is it worse?  lwfern   Dec-10-05 06:22 PM   #42 
                    - No, that's not what the chart shows  sandnsea   Dec-10-05 06:30 PM   #43 
                       - I disagree.  lwfern   Dec-10-05 07:18 PM   #44 
                          - That isn't what I said  sandnsea   Dec-11-05 12:35 AM   #50 
                             - Your data doesn't back up your claim  lwfern   Dec-11-05 09:58 AM   #53 
                                - Again,  sandnsea   Dec-11-05 12:56 PM   #55 
                                   - On the contrary  lwfern   Dec-11-05 01:52 PM   #57 
                                      - You just did it again  sandnsea   Dec-11-05 02:16 PM   #58 
                                         - I'm sorry, I didn't see a direct comparison in your link.  lwfern   Dec-11-05 04:29 PM   #59 
                                            - I already told you  sandnsea   Dec-11-05 05:26 PM   #61 
     - Cite  Sgent   Dec-11-05 10:29 AM   #54 
  - Personally, I think they ought to be fried.  Endangered Specie   Dec-11-05 01:01 PM   #56 
  - Good.  Macman44   Dec-11-05 04:33 PM   #60 

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