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Reply #121: A Coverup That Won’t Stay Covered (FBI, Just One Example) [View All]

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Trevelyan Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Dec-04-05 11:18 AM
Response to Reply #59
121. A Coverup That Won’t Stay Covered (FBI, Just One Example)
A Coverup That Won’t Stay Covered by Paul Craig Roberts

CNN recently reported that "the Justice Department is re-examining its investigation into the 1995 death of a federal prisoner that the victim’s family alleges was murder at the hands of the government."

The victim was Kenneth Michael Trentadue.

At 7 AM on August 21, 1995, officials from the Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s office arrived at the new Oklahoma City Federal Transfer Center for the body of a man recently picked up for parole violation who allegedly was a suicide by hanging. The astonished state officials saw a body with scalp split to the skull in three places, throat slashed, and a body completely covered in blood,
bruises and burns.

As law requires, the officials asked to see the cell in which the alleged suicide occurred. Federal officials pulled rank and refused on the grounds that a federal investigation was underway.

A federal investigation was not underway.

The state officials told the prison officials that the body’s condition required FBI notice and protection of the cell as an undisturbed crime scene. Associate Warden Max Flowers, however,
ordered the cell to be cleaned before any investigation could be done. Flowers claimed that medical staff informed him that Trentadue was HIV-positive and that it was urgent to remove the infectious

Trentadue was not HIV-positive.

Dr. Fred B. Jordan, the Chief Medical Examiner of the state of Oklahoma, was stunned at the destruction of evidence by federal authorities and at the way federal officials blocked his office from
carrying out required duties. In a memo to the file dated December 20, 1995, Dr. Jordan described his frustration over being stonewalled by top Department of Justice officials in Washington. He recorded that he confided to the Assistant U.S. Attorney in Oklahoma City that "I felt Mr. Trentadue had been abused and tortured."

Two years later Dr. Jordan said on a Fox News Interview (July 3, 1997):

"I think it’s very likely he was murdered. I’m not able to prove it. I have temporarily classified the death as undetermined. You see a body covered with blood, removed from the room as Mr. Trentadue was, soaked in blood, covered with bruises, and you try to gain access to the scene and the government of the United States says no, you can’t.

"They continued to prohibit us from having access to the scene of his death, which is unheard of, until about five months later. When we went in and luminoled, it lit up like a candle because blood was still present on the walls of the room after four or five months. But at that point we have no crime scene, so there are still questions about the death of Kenneth Trentadue that will never be answered because of the actions of the U.S. government."

Dr. Jordan’s effort to do his job brought him under great pressure and harassment from federal authorities. Realizing his peril, on August 25, 1997, Dr. Jordan wrote to IRS Commissioner Margaret Richardson: "The requirements of my job as chief Medical Examiner for the State of Oklahoma are currently bringing me into an uncomfortable juxtaposition with the United States Department of Justice. In order to protect myself from retribution, I would like information as to how to request a protective audit from your agency. By this, I simply mean a standard audit in order to avoid having your agency used to harass me as I proceed with my inquiries into a death that directly relates to the Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma City."

In a hand written memo to his file dated October 22, 1997, of a telephone conversation with U.S. Senator Byron Dorgan (D, ND), Dr. Jordan recorded: "confirmed my feelings that the investigation
was crippled, the decedent was at the least beaten, we haven’t found the truth and probably won’t, reiterated my lack of trust in the Fed. gov’t and the Dept of Justice in particular."

Unable to secure from Dr. Jordan a ruling that Trentadue’s injuries were self-inflicted, the DOJ sought the cooperation of Dr. Bill Gormley, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. Dr. Gormley came
to the same conclusion as Dr. Jordan and came under the same pressures. In a memo to file dated May 30, 1997, Kevin Rowland, Chief Investigator in the Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Office records a telephone call he had from Dr. Gormley: "The basic purposes for his call was to 1-find out what they are up to because he was very suspicious, and 2-ask if I might be able to explain why they only wanted certain testimony from him, since he told them that we had already given them the truth. He was troubled that they only seemed interested in him saying it might be possible these injuries are self-inflicted."

Senator Orrin Hatch (R, UT) threatened the DOJ with Senate Judiciary Hearings on the case. However, FBI documents (Dec. 5, 1997 and Jan. 28, 1998) indicate that FBI agents succeeded in pulling the wool over the eyes of Senator Don Nickles (R, OK) and using him to prevent Hatch’s investigation.

Federal harassment of, and accusations against, Dr. Jordan built to the point that on March 12, 1998, the Assistant Attorney General of Oklahoma, Patrick T. Crawley, wrote to the US Department of

"The real tragedy in this case appears to be the perversion of law through chicanery and the misuse of public trust under the guise of some aberrant form of federalism. In a succession of either illegal, negligent, or just plain stupid acts, your clients succeeded in derailing the medical examiner’s investigation and, thereby, may have obstructed justice in this case. As more and more information is revealed in this case, primarily through the efforts of Jesse Trentadue , it appears that your clients, and perhaps others within the Department of Justice, have been abusing the powers of their respective offices. If this is true, all Americans should be very frightened of your clients and the DOJ."

Despite the protection of the Oklahoma Attorney General, sufficient pressure was brought against Dr. Jordan to cause him to abandon his position. On November 28, 2000, at the civil trial brought by Jesse Trentadue against the United States, Dr. Jordan was asked: "You didn’t find any evidence of beating or torture, did you?" He answered: "No, there is no evidence to substantiate beating or

Despite Dr. Jordan’s changed testimony, the presiding federal judge in the Trentadue civil suit saw enough evidence that much was amiss to award the Trentadue family $1.1 million for suffering harassment and intentional infliction of emotional distress by the federal government. But as all evidence of homicide in the case was destroyed, whether intentionally or negligently, or withheld by the DOJ, the charge of murder could not be proven.

Whatever the deal with the DOJ, apparently it only covered Dr. Jordan’s testimony in the Trentadue civil trial. Two years later on December 11, 2002, under oath in a subsequent deposition in a libel case brought by a FBI agent against a magazine that covered the story, Dr. Jordan said: "Because of the extensive bruising of the body, the cut throat, and the general appearance of the body, we felt that the death should be investigated as a homicide." In answer to a question whether he was harassed by the federal government, Dr. Jordan answered: "I don’t think there’s any question I was harassed by the Department of Justice from the very beginning of this, the 21st of August when we were denied access to do a job we’d been summoned to do."

A believer in the system, Jesse Trentadue has not given up. He has brought a Freedom of Information Act suit against the DOJ. Trentadue’s suit, rather than a rediscovery of integrity by the DOJ, probably explains the recent CNN report that the DOJ is reopening the case. By reopening a criminal investigation, the DOJ does not have to release the documents demanded by Trentadue’s civil suit.

It has always been a puzzle why a man picked up on a parole violation would be murdered in his cell by federal agents. Recently an explanation has turned up. Kenneth Trentadue might have been a victim of mistaken identity. Misidentified as the missing John Doe, Tim McVeigh’s alleged accomplice in the Oklahoma City bombing, he might have been beaten and tortured in an effort to obtain a confession. The autopsy report shows Trentadue with a highly elevated caffeine level, amounts certainly not available to a person held in isolation.

High doses of caffeine are used to increase pain under torture.

What committee in Congress oversees and funds the FBI?
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  -LA Times: FBI reopens Niger forgery case. RSchewe  Dec-03-05 01:11 AM   #0 
  - OOooohh, that could get good real quick n/t  kgfnally   Dec-03-05 01:23 AM   #1 
  - Someone go down the memory hole and bring this back up?  Old and In the Way   Dec-03-05 01:32 AM   #2 
  - Watched Fahrenheit 911 again last night  Applan   Dec-03-05 10:04 AM   #51 
     - Not entirely true...  Dr_eldritch   Dec-03-05 03:32 PM   #74 
     - I call it a documentary. I would even call a film made my the right  higher class   Dec-03-05 03:53 PM   #76 
     - F9-11  PinkyisBlue   Dec-03-05 11:20 PM   #96 
     - dupe  Dr_eldritch   Dec-04-05 12:11 PM   #125 
     - You mistake my meaning...  Dr_eldritch   Dec-04-05 12:25 PM   #127 
        - Yes, you made a good point - several, in fact. I guess I have a  higher class   Dec-04-05 01:33 PM   #129 
        - I guess there is a difference in propaganda that is passed off as our  higher class   Dec-04-05 01:34 PM   #130 
        - Yes, in it's pure form, 'Propaganda' does apply... but  Dr_eldritch   Dec-04-05 04:02 PM   #132 
        - There's a lot more to the Bush/Saudi connections than meets the eye....  AntiFascist   Dec-04-05 05:05 PM   #136 
        - Thank you for those.  Dr_eldritch   Dec-04-05 06:58 PM   #137 
           - Your welcome.... a lot of it has to do with money flow...  AntiFascist   Dec-05-05 07:02 AM   #142 
        - So by definition  jokerman93   Dec-05-05 07:52 AM   #144 
     - drink up!  NJCher   Dec-04-05 02:58 AM   #103 
     - Actually... yes.  Dr_eldritch   Dec-04-05 06:58 PM   #138 
     - I usually respect your opinion but can't believe you said this  DemonFighterLives   Dec-04-05 06:54 AM   #108 
     - This was supposed to be a response to someone else...  Dr_eldritch   Dec-04-05 12:16 PM   #126 
        - heartily disagree - polemicist  paritom   Dec-04-05 01:07 PM   #128 
           - If it's polemical, then it's not a 'Documentary'. n/t  Dr_eldritch   Dec-04-05 04:05 PM   #133 
     - Propaganda is a very loaded term for it  Canuckistanian   Dec-04-05 09:08 AM   #114 
        - You are right, the term does carry those connotations, but  Dr_eldritch   Dec-04-05 04:07 PM   #134 
           - I get a little sensitive about this  Canuckistanian   Dec-04-05 05:00 PM   #135 
     - Two Executive Orders were signed, National Emergencies for oil  Peake   Dec-03-05 07:34 PM   #90 
     - Farenheit sucks  YoungAndLiberal   Dec-03-05 11:43 PM   #98 
        - I don't think it sucks or got votes for the chimp  DemonFighterLives   Dec-04-05 06:51 AM   #107 
        - I doubt either  seemslikeadream   Dec-04-05 10:50 AM   #117 
        - ?  Dr_eldritch   Dec-04-05 11:39 AM   #123 
  - This may be one of those rare (lately) cases...  punpirate   Dec-03-05 01:39 AM   #3 
  - Spot on, punpirate.......  ClintonTyree   Dec-03-05 09:31 AM   #45 
  - The "larger deception campaign," is all that matters here.  joeunderdog   Dec-03-05 11:31 AM   #53 
  - But I have to think...  Dr_eldritch   Dec-03-05 03:36 PM   #75 
  - Exactly what I was thinking. The Senate members with morals  happydreams   Dec-03-05 12:14 PM   #56 
     - I suspect that the  julianer   Dec-03-05 04:15 PM   #78 
  - OMG!!! This is incredible! K&R! See, the Dems have been busy!!!  Wordie   Dec-03-05 01:43 AM   #4 
  - This Martino guy...  speedoo   Dec-03-05 01:58 AM   #5 
  - I wonder if Michael Ledeen is implicated?  AntiFascist   Dec-03-05 02:33 AM   #7 
  - Clearly something has happened to cause the FBI to reopen..  speedoo   Dec-03-05 02:40 AM   #8 
  - Here's more info on FBI investigating Ledeen....  AntiFascist   Dec-03-05 03:06 AM   #11 
     - WOW.  speedoo   Dec-03-05 03:27 AM   #13 
     - I hope LA Times didn't fire the good people in their recent layoff nt  AntiFascist   Dec-03-05 03:31 AM   #14 
     - You can count on it and as many documents that is connected  0007   Dec-03-05 07:04 AM   #31 
     - I just noticed this article....  AntiFascist   Dec-03-05 05:19 PM   #83 
        - That new Robert Scheer site, truthdig, looks interesting...  Wordie   Dec-04-05 10:46 PM   #141 
     - And without manners and consideration for others sensibilities...  The Backlash Cometh   Dec-03-05 09:16 AM   #43 
        - I realize that the right-wingers who oppose Ledeen....  AntiFascist   Dec-03-05 05:24 PM   #84 
     - Bombshell is right. You couldn't make this stuff up with all its sinister  wordpix   Dec-03-05 12:41 PM   #61 
     - thank you for keeping such good track with this element of the story  stop the bleeding   Dec-03-05 06:14 AM   #21 
     - my pleasure ;)  AntiFascist   Dec-03-05 05:27 PM   #85 
     - Manucher Ghorbanifar (the Iran-Contra arms dealer) was also at that...  Peace Patriot   Dec-03-05 09:47 AM   #50 
        - Well said, Peace Patriot, I think you're onto something. What was the  wordpix   Dec-03-05 12:48 PM   #62 
        - This is wacky..  thefool_wa   Dec-03-05 05:46 PM   #86 
           - FBI Reopens Inquiry Into Forgery Leading to Iraq War -->duh!!  Imagevision   Dec-03-05 09:54 PM   #95 
              - Goss purged the cia  DemonFighterLives   Dec-04-05 07:42 AM   #110 
        - I remember this now....  AntiFascist   Dec-04-05 04:47 AM   #105 
           - What do you make of the Sharon move?  DemonFighterLives   Dec-04-05 07:54 AM   #111 
           - I believe that....  AntiFascist   Dec-04-05 07:37 PM   #139 
           - "La Repubblica POLLARI GAVE FORGERIES TO HADLEY" and MORE  seemslikeadream   Dec-04-05 11:12 AM   #120 
              - It definitely points to Berceloni and a secret world organization  lovuian   Dec-04-05 11:27 AM   #122 
              - Niger uranium forgery cover-up unravels  seemslikeadream   Dec-05-05 08:05 AM   #145 
              - Kick for the data dump  DemonFighterLives   Dec-05-05 06:40 PM   #148 
                 - Shhhhhhhhhh!  seemslikeadream   Dec-05-05 07:48 PM   #150 
                    - Alright!  DemonFighterLives   Dec-05-05 08:20 PM   #151 
  - Ya done took the words right outa my mouth  PurityOfEssence   Dec-03-05 05:52 AM   #17 
  - I think that is very likely  Soylent Green   Dec-04-05 12:30 AM   #101 
  - this part really perked me up:  freeplessinseattle   Dec-03-05 02:27 AM   #6 
  - whow---but hope the WH somehow does not get to them!!  rodeodance   Dec-03-05 06:50 AM   #24 
  - the word 'could' is in this sentence!  rodeodance   Dec-03-05 07:03 AM   #30 
  - "US Citizens" advising the pentagon, cheney and rove  leftchick   Dec-03-05 07:35 AM   #34 
  - Definitely K&R  drm604   Dec-03-05 02:59 AM   #9 
  - Is this what's making Mama Bush so ticked at Darth Vader, et al?  zann725   Dec-03-05 09:43 AM   #49 
  - Those Documents Terrorized the American People!!  Senator   Dec-03-05 03:03 AM   #10 
  - I Agree  Soylent Green   Dec-04-05 12:37 AM   #102 
  - possible scenarios  radfringe   Dec-03-05 03:24 AM   #12 
  - Something that always set off my B.S. detector  Peachhead22   Dec-03-05 04:22 AM   #15 
  - But the forgeries WERE part of a moneymaking scheme!  Barad Simith   Dec-03-05 05:11 AM   #16 
  - Exactly !  hippiechick   Dec-03-05 07:52 AM   #35 
  - remember, "Iraq oil will pay for the war" and other lies, while BushCo  wordpix   Dec-03-05 12:51 PM   #63 
  - Yep, me too.  Wordie   Dec-03-05 05:03 PM   #81 
  - Stuff like this makes me think we might still have a chance  BamaBecky   Dec-03-05 06:07 AM   #18 
  - yes yes yes  rodeodance   Dec-03-05 06:54 AM   #25 
  - it's beginning to look alot like Fitzmas - K&R  stop the bleeding   Dec-03-05 06:11 AM   #19 
  - Kicked and nominated! This is great news!  No Exit   Dec-03-05 06:13 AM   #20 
  - the fbi's first explanation was so silly that they had no choice.  rodeodance   Dec-03-05 06:35 AM   #22 
     - Outrageously lame excuse for prematurely closing out the investigation  wishlist   Dec-03-05 07:01 AM   #29 
     - Well, as someone else said, it WAS part of a moneymaking scheme  No Exit   Dec-03-05 07:35 AM   #33 
  - nominated  rodeodance   Dec-03-05 06:37 AM   #23 
  - WTF was this case ever closed for in the first place?  0007   Dec-03-05 06:56 AM   #26 
  - Same MO as with Black--shut down the investigation.  happydreams   Dec-03-05 12:25 PM   #58 
     - happydreams as in this nation is in a deep deep sleep as if  0007   Dec-03-05 01:01 PM   #65 
  - They could have asked Chalabi what he knew  EuroObserver   Dec-03-05 06:57 AM   #27 
  - Hmmm - does this go full circle back to the Italian journalist  Vinca   Dec-03-05 07:00 AM   #28 
  - recall the Italian gov. has tried to shut this case also.  rodeodance   Dec-03-05 07:35 AM   #32 
  - The Italian intelligence agent WAS killed and some thought he was the  leesa   Dec-03-05 09:11 AM   #41 
     - Brits chief WMD expert also dead---see message #50  wordpix   Dec-03-05 12:56 PM   #64 
  - Wowser.......  Oceansaway   Dec-03-05 08:26 AM   #36 
  - You know I love you ALL, but please.......  burythehatchet   Dec-03-05 08:28 AM   #37 
  - My first thought,  rateyes   Dec-03-05 09:05 AM   #38 
  - It's possible that you are right..  sendero   Dec-03-05 09:14 AM   #42 
  - I'm going to encourage you to read the complete article  burythehatchet   Dec-03-05 09:17 AM   #44 
     - I read about a third of this...  sendero   Dec-03-05 03:02 PM   #72 
     - The main "conspiracy" we need to worry about is PNAC....  AntiFascist   Dec-03-05 06:30 PM   #89 
     - like the Iraqi "intelligence" reports  BadgerKid   Dec-03-05 11:40 PM   #97 
        - Yes but...  sendero   Dec-04-05 06:27 AM   #106 
           - the whole freaking press in under control  ldf   Dec-04-05 12:04 PM   #124 
     - I like people to be skeptical but this scoop article  happydreams   Dec-03-05 04:13 PM   #77 
        - Read the Spy Novel Shibumi by Trevelyan - I "borrowed" his name  Trevelyan   Dec-04-05 10:37 AM   #116 
  - Exactly. Good post. My guess is that Cheney was pushing for the  Boneman   Dec-03-05 09:42 AM   #48 
  - Yes, this is suspicious, considering the timing of it.  Usrename   Dec-03-05 02:35 PM   #71 
     - I was unaware of this until recently someone posted USS Liberty info  Trevelyan   Dec-04-05 11:01 AM   #119 
  - Will this lead to the core group?  Clara T   Dec-03-05 09:07 AM   #39 
  - Now that they've been embarrassed to death over this.  The Backlash Cometh   Dec-03-05 09:10 AM   #40 
  - Early morning kick  BareNakedLiberal   Dec-03-05 09:32 AM   #46 
  - FBI? If they are re-opening it, it's only to bury it deeper. They have  leesa   Dec-03-05 09:39 AM   #47 
  - It's the Senate forcing the FBI to do its job. I thought the same thing  happydreams   Dec-03-05 12:32 PM   #60 
  - appalling  Rich Hunt   Dec-03-05 05:17 PM   #82 
  - forged documents....just one more piece of the plan  MellowOne   Dec-03-05 11:04 AM   #52 
  - About fricking time!  Richard D   Dec-03-05 11:53 AM   #54 
  - Holy clusterfaack!!!  happydreams   Dec-03-05 12:08 PM   #55 
  - Excellent news!  Patsy Stone   Dec-03-05 12:17 PM   #57 
  - Jeeeeez, the shutting down of the investigation warrants an  happydreams   Dec-03-05 12:29 PM   #59 
  - A Coverup That Won’t Stay Covered (FBI, Just One Example)  Trevelyan   Dec-04-05 11:18 AM   #121 
  - Fitz probably found something in his look at it.  MidwestTransplant   Dec-03-05 01:02 PM   #66 
  - What a trip - and Porter Goss couldn't squash this?!!  Imagevision   Dec-03-05 01:17 PM   #67 
  - Kick!  Independent_Liberal   Dec-03-05 01:41 PM   #68 
  - A kick of gratitude to eriposte at and  Wordie   Dec-03-05 01:54 PM   #69 
  - Rove, Leeden, Franklin, Italians etc.  savemefromdumbya   Dec-03-05 02:06 PM   #70 
  - You apparently missed a very important part: the forgeries were DOCTORED.  Wordie   Dec-03-05 08:31 PM   #93 
  - Excellent news  sonias   Dec-03-05 03:29 PM   #73 
  - Another (joyful) kick.  Wordie   Dec-03-05 04:37 PM   #79 
  - Is the LA Times resisting the RW take over? Several hi profile stories.  McCamy Taylor   Dec-03-05 04:37 PM   #80 
  - bttft  0007   Dec-03-05 05:57 PM   #87 
  - KICK! n/t  CdnObserver   Dec-03-05 06:21 PM   #88 
  - JAIL for LEDEEN  Ouabache   Dec-03-05 07:48 PM   #91 
  - Another kick (I've got my tinfoil hat on, folks.)  Wordie   Dec-03-05 08:18 PM   #92 
  - Don't forget the inescapable charge against Bush  gulliver   Dec-03-05 09:47 PM   #94 
  - presidentin is hard work n/t  sellitman   Dec-04-05 10:18 AM   #115 
  - Whitewash on the way, I think  daleo   Dec-03-05 11:45 PM   #99 
  - People, the purpose of this is to try to BURY THIS ISSUE - the finding is  Nothing Without Hope   Dec-03-05 11:47 PM   #100 
  - yes, but  savemefromdumbya   Dec-04-05 10:34 PM   #140 
     - Let's hope that happens - but I still believe that the purpose of this new  Nothing Without Hope   Dec-05-05 06:41 PM   #149 
  - Another 'Whitewash' possible...  ngGale   Dec-04-05 03:03 AM   #104 
  - Maybe I should be in the fbi  DemonFighterLives   Dec-04-05 07:28 AM   #109 
  - I think anyone who isn't rotten  babsbunny   Dec-04-05 08:35 AM   #112 
     - I hope you are right!  DemonFighterLives   Dec-04-05 08:41 AM   #113 
     - I'm sure some will try another whitewash  DemonFighterLives   Dec-04-05 11:01 AM   #118 
  - A Sunday kick...(ALL DUers need to see this!)  Wordie   Dec-04-05 02:59 PM   #131 
  - Just a thought: This probably wouldn't have happened if Bush wasn't still  jsamuel   Dec-05-05 07:28 AM   #143 
  - Funny thing about forged documents...  WarhammerTwo   Dec-05-05 11:06 AM   #146 
     - Welcome to DU!  DemonFighterLives   Dec-05-05 06:14 PM   #147 

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