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Reply #49: Think Valerie would have info on 200 nuclear triggers? [View All]

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Usrename Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Nov-28-05 05:11 PM
Response to Reply #13
49. Think Valerie would have info on 200 nuclear triggers?
Why didn't they plant some WMDs in Iraq? Seems like it was expected that they would do that. I certainly expected it to happen. How about trying to plant nuclear triggers there?

To me, if you wanted to plant nuclear triggers a big concern would be not getting it traced back to yourself. Figure if ya scatter 200 of them buggers around the countryside in little stockpiles that were large enough to be scarey (say five or six in each place) then wait for someone to find them. Iraq's a big country so you need a lot of hiding places to ensure that they get found.

Could this be what happened?

In 'The Stakes Are Too High for Us to Stop Fighting Now' An interview with FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds by Christopher Deliso

SE: Well, not from my case, but there is quite a lot of public information about such things. A good example was the piece in the L.A. Times

CD: The black-market nuclear parts one?

SE: Yes, by Josh Meyer. From last year. That article gives a very good example of how such a scheme works.

CD: But that report came out of an official government investigation taking apart the smuggling ring, right?

SE: Yes it did, but that doesn't mean the business was ended.

CD: No?

SE: I think one of the guys involved, Asher Karni, got a short sentence. But the other guy, the big guy, Zeki Bilmen? He got off completely nothing.

Then, from Case reveals nuts and bolts of nuclear network By Josh Meyer Los Angeles Times May 24 2004 ROCKVILLE, Md.

The components, called triggered spark gaps, are sophisticated electrical switches that have nonmilitary uses, including breaking up kidney stones. But because they emit intense and rapid-fire electrical charges, they are also ideal as nuclear detonators, prompting the U.S. government to restrict their export.

In court documents filed in Karni's case in Washington, authorities say Humayun Khan, in Islamabad, placed an order with Karni for 200 of the switches last summer, at $447 apiece, and that Khan has links to Pakistan's military and a militant Islamic political group."


"Karni then contacted Zeki Bilmen, head of Giza Technologies of Secaucus, N.J. On Aug. 6, Giza ordered 200 of the switches from PerkinElmer for $89,400, submitting certificates saying they would be used in a Soweto, South Africa, hospital.

Authorities contacted PerkinElmer officials, who told them a typical hospital order was for five or six switches. In response, the U.S. agents asked them to discreetly disable the first batch of 66 switches and send them on.

Remember the timeline. If they were doing all this in the summer of 2003 they knew there was no nuclear program in Iraq.

And why did these guys get the 'get out of jail free card'? This is the most curious thing.

Why would anyone procure 200 of these things unless they are going to frame someone?

Any 'legitimate' illicit transaction doesn't make sense. A foreign power with nuclear ambitions wouldn't need delivery of 200 units all at once. Even if it was a single purchase, delivery could be spread over several years (or decades) for a really ambitious WMD program. Terrorists buying 200 units? Yeah, right..

(have posted this several times with no reply - thought I would try again because of your handle.. )
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  - Who's responsible for the ordering of how cases are being heard?  calipendence   Nov-28-05 03:52 PM   #43 
  - Interesting question, maybe a legal eagle can answer it  slackmaster   Nov-28-05 03:59 PM   #44 
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