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Reply #17: That's the project death toll form mythical Hurricane Pam [View All]

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markus Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Nov-22-05 11:51 AM
Response to Reply #14
17. That's the project death toll form mythical Hurricane Pam
At least, I think it was called Pam. It was a diaster simulation exercise, and was the projected death toll for The Big One in New Orleans.

That's where that came from. Nagin and other's weren't just pulling that number out of the air. They were saying, it could be as high as the projection.

I think it may be very, very high.

I'm suspicious that someone won't run down every single listed missing person.

The problem with FEMA is they register households (one beneficiary per), not individuals.

I think that the death toll is higher than 9-11. And the Admin will make everything in there power to never let that get into the public domain.

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  -6,644 are still missing after Katrina; toll may rise Thom Little  Nov-22-05 05:04 AM   #0 
  - About 100 volunteers - and Im sure they are out there - would have  FloridaPat   Nov-22-05 05:11 AM   #1 
  - As horrifying as it must be  malaise   Nov-22-05 05:16 AM   #3 
  - They are still finding bodies under debris in MS too  uppityperson   Nov-22-05 02:26 PM   #27 
     - South Carolina shrimp should be OK,  PegDAC   Nov-23-05 07:53 PM   #35 
  - Just heard that on the news  malaise   Nov-22-05 05:12 AM   #2 
  - Best homeland security ever...... not. Don't people get fired for this  4MoronicYears   Nov-22-05 05:18 AM   #4 
  - It's too bad that they spend 140 hours investigating  MissWaverly   Nov-22-05 10:03 PM   #32 
  - That's good to hear about Cooper  kstewart33   Nov-22-05 07:08 AM   #12 
  - The conventional wisdom says that usually 10% of those folks are dead  bluestateguy   Nov-22-05 05:21 AM   #5 
  - The Mississippi outcome from Katrina was 14%  markus   Nov-22-05 11:49 AM   #16 
  - Conventional wisdom?  Bridget Burke   Nov-22-05 12:34 PM   #20 
  - I should think it would be significantly more than that.  NCevilDUer   Nov-22-05 01:00 PM   #23 
  - older people still missing are dead  pitohui   Nov-22-05 07:30 PM   #30 
  - I don't believe there are only 400-500  butterfly77   Nov-23-05 01:45 PM   #33 
  - K & R'd n/t  AZDemDist6   Nov-22-05 05:27 AM   #6 
  - 5,500 adults still missing  highnooner   Nov-22-05 05:38 AM   #7 
  - We Won't Know Anything Until the 2010 Census  Demeter   Nov-22-05 05:41 AM   #8 
  - government record-keeping efforts haven't caught up with them  liberal N proud   Nov-22-05 05:53 AM   #9 
  - Incompetence all around  spinbaby   Nov-22-05 06:02 AM   #10 
  - If government record-keeping can't find them  LizW   Nov-22-05 06:15 AM   #11 
  - So how long do you wait to declare them dead? After the 2006 elections?  leesa   Nov-22-05 07:36 AM   #13 
  - exactamundo!  MsMagnificent   Nov-22-05 04:07 PM   #29 
  - Direct from a fema employee on the ground right after the hurricane  lonestarnot   Nov-22-05 08:20 AM   #14 
  - That's the project death toll form mythical Hurricane Pam  markus   Nov-22-05 11:51 AM   #17 
     - More Info  markus   Nov-22-05 11:56 AM   #18 
     - Bush wouldn't want the world to know that his own negligence  Kurovski   Nov-22-05 01:43 PM   #25 
  - FEMA, La. outsource Katrina body count to firm implicated in body-dumping  IanDB1   Nov-22-05 10:55 AM   #15 
  - And those are just the ones reported missing  melody   Nov-22-05 12:17 PM   #19 
  - True. With N.O.'s balmy climate there could have been any number of  NCevilDUer   Nov-22-05 01:05 PM   #24 
  - Heck of a job Brownie probably can explain it?  Nimrod2005   Nov-22-05 12:46 PM   #21 
  - No need to worry, George. I bet most of the missing are Darkies.  PurpleChez   Nov-22-05 12:56 PM   #22 
  - Kick and Nom to the top. We won't know the real number until MR Danger  sarcasmo   Nov-22-05 02:15 PM   #26 
  - After the hurricanes in Florida the press was still on its  buddyhollysghost   Nov-22-05 02:49 PM   #28 
  - HEY ALL--there's still thousands of pets needing rescue  BJW   Nov-22-05 08:26 PM   #31 
  - Even if there was no Iraq situation..  butterfly77   Nov-23-05 02:15 PM   #34 

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