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Reply #20: You guys are so wrong it is not funny [View All]

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DenaliDemocrat Donating Member (536 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Aug-08-05 06:59 AM
Response to Reply #14
20. You guys are so wrong it is not funny
The oil drilling in Alaska was happening on STATE lands. As residents of the state, we own the land. In the boom days, there was more revenue than the state could spend (if you could imagine that) Gov. Hammond decided that since the state lands belonged to the residents of the state, some benefit should come to the residents. They took the extra money and invested it, and paid the dividends to the residents...hence the Permanent Fund. Current oil revenue does not mean diddly to the permanent fund, it is the STOCK MARKET that matters. Over sixty billion dollars are invested on behalf of the residents of Alaska.
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  -While not part of energy bill, fight over oil drilling in an Arctic refuge Judi Lynn  Aug-07-05 02:48 PM   #0 
  - With energy bill signed, state works on ANWR (From "Petroleum News")  Judi Lynn   Aug-07-05 02:51 PM   #1 
  - John Roberts Gives Indians Something To Worry About  Judi Lynn   Aug-07-05 02:55 PM   #3 
  - Oil prices will spike. That's when they'll strike.  Joebert   Aug-07-05 02:53 PM   #2 
  - It's liable to be the same big fizzle North Slope turned into.  mbperrin   Aug-07-05 03:00 PM   #4 
     - But by taxing them, you're making it hard for them to create jobs!  Joebert   Aug-07-05 03:04 PM   #5 
        - Good idea! Hmmm...  mbperrin   Aug-07-05 03:06 PM   #6 
  - Oil is trading at $62.31 a barrel. If we drill in the ANWR...  bluestateguy   Aug-07-05 03:26 PM   #7 
  - ANWR "Rally Van" Tour  sandnsea   Aug-07-05 04:01 PM   #8 
  - And the Artic Rescue Action Page....check it out  mom cat   Aug-07-05 05:18 PM   #9 
     - There's a very helpful, convenient letter to send Congresscritters  Judi Lynn   Aug-07-05 08:20 PM   #11 
  - Arctic drilling supporters plot new tactic  Judi Lynn   Aug-07-05 08:15 PM   #10 
  - Kicked and recommended. n/t  tuvor   Aug-08-05 01:56 AM   #12 
  - Fight Over Alaska Oil Drilling Continues  G_j   Aug-08-05 06:59 AM   #13 
  - Fight Over Alaska Oil Drilling Continues (greedy residents want $$)  orleans   Aug-08-05 06:59 AM   #14 
     - Would this mean residents would get more Permanent Fund money?  bluestateguy   Aug-08-05 06:59 AM   #15 
     - it's so amazing to me.  orleans   Aug-08-05 06:59 AM   #16 
     - people will sell their grandmothers for easy money....  mike_c   Aug-08-05 06:59 AM   #17 
     - That's a bad idea  bluestateguy   Aug-08-05 06:59 AM   #18 
        - Yawn....alaska: 3 electoral votes:  orleans   Aug-08-05 06:59 AM   #23 
           - Deleted message  Name removed   Aug-08-05 06:59 AM   #25 
              - Just a gasp of anxiety here, please, to ask you reconsider you perception  Judi Lynn   Aug-08-05 08:38 AM   #27 
                 - Oh I understand  DenaliDemocrat   Aug-08-05 08:49 AM   #28 
                    - Yep, I believe that! It was murder waiting for him to get stern  Judi Lynn   Aug-08-05 09:42 AM   #32 
     - You do realize  Oerdin   Aug-08-05 06:59 AM   #19 
     - No I didn't know that  bluestateguy   Aug-08-05 06:59 AM   #21 
     - "Lord, please give us another oil boom...  bunkerbuster1   Aug-08-05 09:20 AM   #30 
     - You guys are so wrong it is not funny  DenaliDemocrat   Aug-08-05 06:59 AM   #20 
        - I support that  sandnsea   Aug-08-05 06:59 AM   #22 
           - A little exageration  DenaliDemocrat   Aug-08-05 06:59 AM   #24 
              - Didn't answer any questions  sandnsea   Aug-08-05 06:59 AM   #26 
  - Wildlife "Refuge"...anyone know what those words mean?  Toots   Aug-08-05 09:15 AM   #29 
  - Right-wing idiot tells me ANWAR is "as rich in oil as the Mideast"  shrike   Aug-08-05 09:25 AM   #31 
  - Here's what I don't understand  Strawman   Aug-08-05 11:07 AM   #33 

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