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Reply #32: The bigger "effect" has to do w/ the temp change of the Ocean from the [View All]

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Pachamama Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Aug-04-05 03:17 PM
Response to Reply #3
32. The bigger "effect" has to do w/ the temp change of the Ocean from the
melting ice, the effects on currents and thus weather patterns and in turn on the plant and animal life in the oceans and the devastating effects that can have to our food supply etc.

I think that the ripple effect of such a change will be far far more damaging and greater than just DC becoming the Venice of East Coast....

I think Hurricanes and other storm patterns will increase in frequency and intensity...

In a nut shell, I think we are all in for major changes to the world as we know it....and not positive ones either....
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  -Collapse of Antarctic ice shelf could have global effects steve2470  Aug-04-05 06:03 AM   #0 
  - COULD?  liberal N proud   Aug-04-05 06:13 AM   #1 
  - The good news is that Washington, DC is basically at sea level. (NT)  Tesha   Aug-04-05 06:18 AM   #2 
  - OK there will be one plus side to the higher sea levels  liberal N proud   Aug-04-05 06:25 AM   #4 
  - What about the Penguins?  SleeplessinSoCal   Aug-04-05 06:33 PM   #44 
  - Knowing the GOP, they'll just switch cars for gondolas...  KansDem   Aug-04-05 09:56 AM   #9 
  - "Constitution Canal" does have a nice, alliterative ring to it. (NT)  Tesha   Aug-04-05 12:02 PM   #14 
  - Considering how many little de Medicis and Machiavellis are in DC...  Zhade   Aug-04-05 02:14 PM   #23 
  - Hey now!!!!! 90%+ of DC residents voted democratic!!  pimpbot   Aug-04-05 03:16 PM   #31 
  - The sea level is only up slightly  Pigwidgeon   Aug-04-05 06:19 AM   #3 
  - here's the real impact  jonkronz2003   Aug-04-05 02:05 PM   #19 
  - That makes sense  Pigwidgeon   Aug-04-05 02:43 PM   #25 
  - The bigger "effect" has to do w/ the temp change of the Ocean from the  Pachamama   Aug-04-05 03:17 PM   #32 
     - Did you see the PBS special on NOVA about the seaweed that  AllyCat   Aug-04-05 03:57 PM   #40 
        - I did see that NOVA about a year ago - I thought that algae was growing  Pachamama   Aug-04-05 08:57 PM   #46 
  - Nonono, you're thinking sheets. This article is about shelves.  Xithras   Aug-04-05 03:43 PM   #36 
  - Hell, I've been posting articles on this for over a year  hatrack   Aug-04-05 06:48 AM   #5 
  - Ice Shelves vs Ice Sheets  happyslug   Aug-04-05 08:32 AM   #6 
  - Thank you for the explanation.  yankeeinlouisiana   Aug-04-05 09:13 AM   #7 
  - Excellent!  H5N1   Aug-04-05 09:50 AM   #8 
  - What about the drop in salinity due to the melting.  alfredo   Aug-04-05 10:39 AM   #10 
  - The Key to salinity is tied in with the world wide ocean circulation syste  happyslug   Aug-04-05 01:10 PM   #17 
     - Thanks. I have read about the gulf stream slowing.  alfredo   Aug-04-05 02:48 PM   #26 
        - Yes (polar ice melt)  Pigwidgeon   Aug-04-05 03:17 PM   #33 
           - It seems that the sea life is reacting  alfredo   Aug-04-05 03:25 PM   #34 
              - The Gulf Stream is unlikely to just stop  Pigwidgeon   Aug-04-05 03:33 PM   #35 
              - I just feel bad that we have not done enough to clean up  alfredo   Aug-04-05 03:49 PM   #37 
              - The most likely situation is that it shifts south to Spain.  happyslug   Aug-04-05 03:50 PM   #38 
              - Very little effect on the US  Xithras   Aug-04-05 04:06 PM   #41 
                 - Are our environmental policies or rather lack of affirmative  alfredo   Aug-04-05 05:19 PM   #43 
  - thanks  klyon   Aug-04-05 10:49 AM   #11 
  - Alright, answer me this...  Kraklen   Aug-04-05 12:04 PM   #15 
  - The whole West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS)  happyslug   Aug-04-05 12:48 PM   #16 
  - How sudden is "sudden"?  Eloriel   Aug-04-05 01:28 PM   #18 
  - I think they mean sudden on different scale.  Kraklen   Aug-04-05 02:09 PM   #21 
  - How long? There's a lot of ice involved.  Pigwidgeon   Aug-04-05 02:53 PM   #27 
  - I fear it may be MONTHS instead of years  happyslug   Aug-04-05 03:54 PM   #39 
     - One more comment on "Sudden"  happyslug   Aug-05-05 08:22 AM   #47 
  - Something you wrote has me confused  karlrschneider   Aug-04-05 02:07 PM   #20 
     - Most of Greenland is north of the arctic cirle.  Kraklen   Aug-04-05 02:12 PM   #22 
     - This map shows the Arctic Circle, goes right through Greenland  happyslug   Aug-04-05 03:12 PM   #30 
        - Outstanding job, happyslug!  Pigwidgeon   Aug-04-05 04:11 PM   #42 
        - Well, your map shows that the 60 deg north lat passes over the very  karlrschneider   Aug-05-05 01:40 PM   #48 
  - This is the devil trying to confuse us  mtnester   Aug-04-05 10:50 AM   #12 
  - The Titantic told the iceberg it was unsinkable...  HypnoToad   Aug-04-05 11:16 AM   #13 
  - What will happen first? This or the Tsunami?  Carolab   Aug-04-05 02:22 PM   #24 
  - Cumbre Vieja has been way over-hyped  Pigwidgeon   Aug-04-05 03:11 PM   #29 
  - I'm much more concerned by the Jakobshavn Isbrae glacier...  Up2Late   Aug-04-05 03:03 PM   #28 
  - This is all connected to techno-consumers  sintax   Aug-04-05 07:46 PM   #45 

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