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Reply #11: Do we have to read every single tidbit about these storms? [View All]

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UncleSepp Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jul-09-05 05:12 PM
Response to Reply #2
11. Do we have to read every single tidbit about these storms?
Is someone forcing you to read this stuff? Read something else if you aren't interested.
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  -Four Named Storms in July Set Record (since record keeping began) IChing  Jul-09-05 03:13 PM   #0 
  - Gotta hate that global warming that dosen't exist. n/t  lildreamer316   Jul-09-05 03:47 PM   #1 
  - On Fox, they mocked global warming and pointed  Francine Frensky   Jul-10-05 07:07 AM   #22 
     - Numbers run in cycles but not strength  DrRang   Jul-10-05 07:56 AM   #24 
     - We aren't seeing this all over the world, huh?  Gay Green   Jul-10-05 08:57 AM   #26 
  - I know there are DUers in hurricane region  matt819   Jul-09-05 03:52 PM   #2 
  - It does affect you, you pay for it in your taxes and insurance.  IChing   Jul-09-05 04:00 PM   #3 
  - And we in the upper mid-west are having a really muggy summer...  R Hickey   Jul-09-05 04:03 PM   #4 
  - Dear Matt: While hurricanes are mentioned, the most important point of  1monster   Jul-09-05 04:05 PM   #5 
  - I'll grant the global warming aspect  matt819   Jul-09-05 04:07 PM   #6 
     - What bugs me  Karenina   Jul-09-05 04:50 PM   #8 
  - Do we have to read every single tidbit about these storms?  AuntJen   Jul-09-05 05:12 PM   #11 
  - No man is an island ..................  kestrel91316   Jul-10-05 12:06 AM   #16 
  - it does affect me. and i'm sitting in new delhi  paagal kutta   Jul-10-05 05:23 AM   #21 
  - They didn't start naming hurricanes until around 1947. Now the question  FloridaPat   Jul-09-05 04:18 PM   #7 
  - I not sure if it was 1926 or 1927, but Florida went into an economic  1monster   Jul-09-05 09:21 PM   #13 
  - I am SOOOOOO glad that global warming ..............  kestrel91316   Jul-09-05 05:03 PM   #9 
  - NOT GLOBAL WARMING - THE RAPTURE!!!!!!!!!!  hnsez   Jul-09-05 05:04 PM   #10 
  - Ok I look at this Hurricanes as the Earth's eye looking at us  lovuian   Jul-09-05 05:20 PM   #12 
  - Tropical storms (hurricanes)= Earth's heat dispenser  ovidsen   Jul-09-05 10:19 PM   #14 
  - how many more years?  wli   Jul-10-05 12:02 AM   #15 
  - Well there is the distinct possibility, IMHO,  kestrel91316   Jul-10-05 12:09 AM   #17 
  - If human beings stopped emitting GHGs tomorrow . . .  hatrack   Jul-10-05 12:11 AM   #18 
     - 500ppm by 2100? How optimistic of you hatrack :)  Viking12   Jul-10-05 01:45 AM   #19 
        - Guess I'm just a cockeyed optimist . . .  hatrack   Jul-10-05 08:28 AM   #25 
  - Can you check out post #22 and reply??  Francine Frensky   Jul-10-05 07:10 AM   #23 
  - Only since 1851? Ummmm.....that's nothing...this is a worthless record.  sleipnir   Jul-10-05 05:08 AM   #20 

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