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Reply #20: He CAN'T bring them home [View All]

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JoFerret Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jun-24-05 12:02 PM
Response to Reply #10
20. He CAN'T bring them home
...he has put himself in a trap. he has put the troops in a trap. he has put the country in a trap.
Committed to those huge permanent fortress bases already built and the promise of the oil flow.
what a mess. And who pays for it? The troops with their lives and all of us with a mortgaged future.
think how much health coverage for all would cost and shored up social secirity for three generations forward. nothing compared to this dreadful war.
He gambled. He believed his neo-con advisors. He is losing. We are all losing.

Unless one takes the view that nothing that happens with bushco is an accident. In that scenario we are screwed even worse.
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  -Bush, Iraq Minister Pledge Victory maddezmom  Jun-24-05 10:55 AM   #0 
  - why does he always sit with his legs spread as wide as Texas?  leftchick   Jun-24-05 10:57 AM   #1 
  - He is a dick. n/t  Sentinel Chicken   Jun-24-05 10:59 AM   #3 
  - Legs Akimbo  Moochy   Jun-24-05 11:01 AM   #5 
  - actually in that photo he looks like he's  maddezmom   Jun-24-05 12:00 PM   #9 
  - ick  leftchick   Jun-24-05 05:27 PM   #33 
  - he always sits like that  DemBeans   Jun-24-05 12:59 PM   #30 
  - Did they cover bush's speech errors he's about to make?  Moochy   Jun-24-05 10:57 AM   #2 
  - Meanwhile, 5 US women get snuffed out for nothing.  The_Casual_Observer   Jun-24-05 11:01 AM   #4 
  - The chimp's back is against the wall.  alfredo   Jun-24-05 11:14 AM   #6 
  - Bush Says No Timetable for Iraq Withdrawl  sabra   Jun-24-05 11:22 AM   #7 
  - "... the enemy ...."  OldLeftieLawyer   Jun-24-05 11:22 AM   #8 
  - Bush Says No Timetable for Iraq Withdrawal  katinmn   Jun-24-05 12:02 PM   #10 
  - Might I add:  katinmn   Jun-24-05 12:02 PM   #11 
  - kick!  katinmn   Jun-24-05 12:02 PM   #12 
  - When one is never wrong, a reason not to stay the course is lacking  indepat   Jun-24-05 12:02 PM   #13 
  - In other words...  Democracy White   Jun-24-05 12:02 PM   #14 
  - Right. As long as there is anything left to plunder, he's  katinmn   Jun-24-05 12:02 PM   #19 
     - people are dumb  Democracy White   Jun-24-05 12:02 PM   #22 
        - Maybe he knows if he admits lying and failure he'll go to jail.  katinmn   Jun-24-05 12:19 PM   #25 
        - Here you go, the sociopathic young bush and his torture of frogs  Straight Shooter   Jun-24-05 12:41 PM   #28 
  - No Timetable for Leaving  joemurphy   Jun-24-05 12:02 PM   #15 
  - This should be scaring the GOP to no end.  dethl   Jun-24-05 12:02 PM   #16 
  - tell the truth liar. if you pull out of iraq you lose what you went for.  bullimiami   Jun-24-05 12:02 PM   #17 
  - The bastard is acting like an emperor.  The_Casual_Observer   Jun-24-05 12:02 PM   #18 
  - To Bushitler withdrawal is an admission of failure, guilt, lies, etc.  katinmn   Jun-24-05 12:02 PM   #21 
  - He CAN'T bring them home  JoFerret   Jun-24-05 12:02 PM   #20 
     - The oil is why * says we can't leave. Have to divvy it up first.  Roland99   Jun-24-05 12:25 PM   #27 
        - Yup. Cheney and the Oil Barons are meeting next week to divvy up Iraq  katinmn   Jun-24-05 01:07 PM   #31 
  - Bush, imperialist puppet pledge to continue fantasising n/t  Vladimir   Jun-24-05 12:04 PM   #23 
  - Bwahahahahaha  warrens   Jun-24-05 12:08 PM   #24 
  - Promises the next time he says "Mission Accomplished" he will mean it!  habitual   Jun-24-05 12:19 PM   #26 
     - Iraqi's are "building," a new Iraq????  GoldenOldie   Jun-24-05 12:52 PM   #29 
        - Yes, Iraqi jobs are being "outsourced" to Halliburton.  katinmn   Jun-24-05 01:08 PM   #32 

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