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Reply #43: Are you from Arlington? [View All]

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Bridget Burke Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Mar-30-05 12:45 PM
Response to Reply #27
43. Are you from Arlington?
"City of a thousand cul-de-sacs" according to Larry McMurtrey.
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  -Bible elective weighed at West Texas high schools Rose Siding  Mar-30-05 09:13 AM   #0 
  - Same school in Friday Night Lights  AValdoux   Mar-30-05 09:16 AM   #1 
  - Why offer this in school. Isn't that what churches are for?  Zenlitened   Mar-30-05 09:21 AM   #2 
  - Wouldn't A Cross Cultural Examination Of Various Religions Be Great  cryingshame   Mar-30-05 10:07 AM   #18 
     - OH but that would be endorsing them..  renaissanceguy   Mar-30-05 10:13 AM   #20 
     - you know what? it is a Christian nation, at least in population  Danmel   Mar-30-05 10:22 AM   #24 
        - Yikes! I hope it was an oversight that you left out...  Zenlitened   Mar-30-05 10:48 AM   #25 
     - Depends on how the course is set up, I suppose.  Zenlitened   Mar-30-05 10:16 AM   #22 
     - Read one of my messages below.  mutus_frutex   Mar-30-05 12:01 PM   #34 
  - Sounds like an interesting class  AuntJen   Mar-30-05 09:21 AM   #3 
  - Why is it hard? None of our forefathers were for the propagation of relig  Toots   Mar-30-05 09:35 AM   #10 
  - How is it propagandistic?  AuntJen   Mar-30-05 04:52 PM   #56 
  - For this to work, it would have to be taught by a very open-minded person  mutus_frutex   Mar-30-05 12:04 PM   #36 
  - Western Civ includes religion  sandnsea   Mar-30-05 12:16 PM   #40 
  - I don't...  teenagebambam   Mar-30-05 09:24 AM   #4 
  - Will they also offer  annabanana   Mar-30-05 09:24 AM   #5 
  - I agree with you 100%  me b zola   Mar-30-05 01:50 PM   #48 
  - An elective Bible course is fine  Walt Starr   Mar-30-05 09:25 AM   #6 
  - How about a class on MYTHOLOGY and all world religions  Mari333   Mar-30-05 09:26 AM   #7 
  - My ex-wife took a World Religions elective when she was in high school  slackmaster   Mar-30-05 09:49 AM   #13 
  - UK schools have a statutory obligation to teach RE  Briar   Mar-30-05 09:29 AM   #8 
  - Please don't compare the UK to the USA.  reprobate   Mar-30-05 10:21 AM   #23 
  - As long as it's elective and doesn't use the Bible to preach but, rather,  Roland99   Mar-30-05 09:30 AM   #9 
  - Scary ....  EBK   Mar-30-05 09:45 AM   #11 
  - Are you moving to Odessa?  Bridget Burke   Mar-30-05 09:55 AM   #14 
  - initially going to Burkburnet (sp?)  EBK   Mar-30-05 10:00 AM   #16 
  - Texas can be a great place to live  CarlWoodward   Mar-30-05 04:48 PM   #55 
  - As long as it remains an elective I don't see a problem with it  slackmaster   Mar-30-05 09:48 AM   #12 
  - The fact that they are a majority doesn't mean squat.  mutus_frutex   Mar-30-05 12:07 PM   #37 
     - It was just an aside comment  slackmaster   Mar-30-05 01:27 PM   #46 
        - OK..  mutus_frutex   Mar-30-05 01:32 PM   #47 
  - Sounds like they're not preaching or teaching the Bible, per se:  igil   Mar-30-05 09:57 AM   #15 
  - Check out the National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools  Bridget Burke   Mar-30-05 10:02 AM   #17 
  - That's exactly the issue here. These people are not about...  Zenlitened   Mar-30-05 10:11 AM   #19 
     - That foot was already there.  TX-RAT   Mar-30-05 10:48 AM   #26 
  - I Actually Don't Have A Major Problem With This ALTHOUGH  Beetwasher   Mar-30-05 10:16 AM   #21 
  - Another reason to oppose Robin Hood  MrTriumph   Mar-30-05 11:03 AM   #27 
  - Are you from Arlington?  Bridget Burke   Mar-30-05 12:45 PM   #43 
  - No. HEB  MrTriumph   Mar-30-05 06:34 PM   #59 
  - Actually,Ector County has nearly no ag business.  mbperrin   Mar-30-05 01:00 PM   #45 
     - No ag. in Ector? Ector agricultural info. follows  MrTriumph   Mar-30-05 06:23 PM   #58 
  - Seperation of church and state  westcor   Mar-30-05 11:23 AM   #28 
  - They should  westcor   Mar-30-05 11:25 AM   #29 
  - If taught as part of a history curriculum,  LibDemAlways   Mar-30-05 11:38 AM   #30 
  - Isn't there already a bible elective? It's called CHURCH.  fleabert   Mar-30-05 11:51 AM   #31 
  - fucking delusional wack jobs  leftofthedial   Mar-30-05 11:53 AM   #32 
  - Turning schools into Christian Madrasas..  nine30   Mar-30-05 12:24 PM   #41 
  - One wonders: Are churches in Texas so bad that can't take charge of this?  mutus_frutex   Mar-30-05 11:59 AM   #33 
  - Yes!  barbaraann   Mar-30-05 12:04 PM   #35 
  - Could we just bring back a real Civics class along with Required PE  anarchy1999   Mar-30-05 12:08 PM   #38 
  - TEXAS AGAIN! We've got to get out of here. I can't stand it anymore!  anarchy1999   Mar-30-05 12:10 PM   #39 
  - Sure. I'll teach the class - I'm a seminary graduate  Ezlivin   Mar-30-05 12:26 PM   #42 
  - Great idea, a closer look at the Holy Babble should generate even  VegasWolf   Mar-30-05 12:48 PM   #44 
  - Here's an Idea  GiovanniC   Mar-30-05 02:17 PM   #49 
  - I'll bet the resumes these kids turn out will be amusing  unhappycamper   Mar-30-05 02:18 PM   #50 
  - We had several Xtianity electives at my hs  bicentennial_baby   Mar-30-05 02:21 PM   #51 
  - We had a similar course at my high school.  patcox2   Mar-30-05 02:35 PM   #52 
  - This course was offered here in 1979. The man who taught it is on  mbperrin   Mar-30-05 02:55 PM   #53 
  - bible studies  manly   Mar-30-05 04:07 PM   #54 
  - And just how much will this elective weigh?  Whoa_Nelly   Mar-30-05 04:54 PM   #57 

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