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Reply #20: Keeping the poor poor [View All]

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FuzzyDicePHL Donating Member (698 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Feb-15-05 11:00 AM
Response to Reply #16
20. Keeping the poor poor
will clearly help his cause. Promise the poor that you'll help them (even if you never intend to deliver) and you'll have their ear. Offer to trade a hot meal and a shower for a vote and I bet they pay rapt attention for as long as you want it.

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  -WP: Ex-Aide Questions Bush Vow To Back Faith-Based Efforts kskiska  Feb-14-05 09:46 PM   #0 
  - Fundis are right. Repubs don't back them.They should form their own party.  nothingshocksmeanymore   Feb-14-05 09:48 PM   #2 
  - Rank and file fundies believe in magic  porkrind   Feb-15-05 12:53 AM   #11 
  - There's no money in helping poor people.  Old and In the Way   Feb-14-05 09:49 PM   #3 
  - The seeds of destruction are sown  UL_Approved   Feb-14-05 10:54 PM   #9 
     - I agree! Actually I've been hoping for something like this...  Colorado Blue   Feb-15-05 12:23 PM   #28 
  - The "Faith Based" programs are bad ideas anyway  bluestateguy   Feb-14-05 09:51 PM   #4 
  - But he's a "Flip Flopper" now. That is the point. n/t  Dr Fate   Feb-15-05 01:33 PM   #34 
  - Gee, you'd think these guys would get a clue about Bush's sincerity by now  Mountainman   Feb-14-05 09:51 PM   #5 
  - Is Kuo Dilulio's successor?  CAG   Feb-14-05 09:53 PM   #6 
  - "I was sure there was a pea under at least one of those shells"  oasis   Feb-14-05 10:09 PM   #7 
  - Bush has no interest in the poor-zilch-  Erika   Feb-14-05 10:19 PM   #8 
  - You mean Bush* lied to get their votes???  BattyDem   Feb-14-05 11:22 PM   #10 
  - kick  Moderator   Feb-15-05 11:00 AM   #12 
  - Ex-Aide Questions Bush Vow To Back Faith-Based Efforts (Wash Post)  cthrumatrix   Feb-15-05 11:00 AM   #13 
  - just don't no  whathappened   Feb-15-05 11:00 AM   #14 
  - for a former Bush Director to speak out like this is significant  rodeodance   Feb-15-05 11:00 AM   #15 
     - He's the second from the same office  charlie   Feb-15-05 11:00 AM   #17 
     - Nope...  punpirate   Feb-15-05 11:00 AM   #19 
        - ding ding ding!! You hit my nail on its head.  frictionlessO   Feb-15-05 11:00 AM   #25 
  - Boy George doesn't really care about social issues.  Dulcinea   Feb-15-05 11:00 AM   #16 
  - Keeping the poor poor  FuzzyDicePHL   Feb-15-05 11:00 AM   #20 
  - So * didn't come up the (our) cash? /nt  necso   Feb-15-05 11:00 AM   #18 
     - Bush's faith-based agenda  IanDB1   Feb-15-05 11:00 AM   #21 
        - But did they get all the money that they were promised?  necso   Feb-15-05 11:00 AM   #22 
           - They must have gotten the money. The figures are published.  IanDB1   Feb-15-05 11:00 AM   #23 
              - Serious skim-aroni, perhaps?  necso   Feb-15-05 11:00 AM   #24 
  - Former Aide Blasts Bush's Faith-Based Plan  Steve_DeShazer   Feb-15-05 11:00 AM   #26 
  - Not to mention the fact that FBI is un-constitutional  Freedom_from_Chains   Feb-15-05 11:00 AM   #27 
  - Former White House Aide Blasts Bush's Faith-Based Program  NNN0LHI   Feb-15-05 12:24 PM   #29 
  - The point is that the fundies are being USED  4_Legs_Good   Dec-31-69 05:59 PM   # 
  - First Diullio, now this guy  Barrett808   Dec-31-69 05:59 PM   # 
  - cool. maybe the fundie wing nuts will break off and kill the repuke party.  UCLA Dem   Dec-31-69 05:59 PM   # 
  - So you think?  liberal N proud   Feb-15-05 12:24 PM   #30 
  - I don't recall the details offhand  never cry wolf   Dec-31-69 05:59 PM   # 
  - but this guy is a true believer  NewYorkerfromMass   Dec-31-69 05:59 PM   #1 
  - Missing funds....  realFedUp   Feb-15-05 12:24 PM   #31 
     - "A BILLION HERE A BILLION THERE"  BGAL1965   Feb-15-05 01:31 PM   #32 
  - "Flip Flopper" n/t  Dr Fate   Feb-15-05 01:32 PM   #33 
  - Former Aide Blasts Bush's Faith-Based Plan  cyberpj   Feb-15-05 04:15 PM   #35 
  - Bush's faith based initiative is all about giving money to  Tony_FLADEM   Feb-15-05 04:15 PM   #36 
  - religious right switched Kool-Aide for "Blood of Christ".  Guckert   Feb-15-05 04:15 PM   #37 
  - What if Faithbased refuse services  insane_cratic_gal   Feb-15-05 04:22 PM   #38 
  - Already happening  MountainLaurel   Feb-15-05 06:53 PM   #40 
  - It's obvious a party designed for the wealthy can't get more than 1%  VegasWolf   Feb-15-05 05:09 PM   #39 

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