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Reply #21: I haven't been going to movies, but if the hypocrites are against it, I [View All]

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peacetalksforall Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Nov-24-04 08:05 AM
Response to Original message
21. I haven't been going to movies, but if the hypocrites are against it, I
gotto to see it. Leftover popcorn will be given to to the first picketeer I see.
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  -Conservatives outraged as Hollywood talks about sex damkira  Nov-24-04 06:23 AM   #0 
  - Wut?  fertilizeonarbusto   Nov-24-04 06:26 AM   #1 
  - And don't forget the ultimate fundie orgasm...  Fridays Child   Nov-24-04 08:32 AM   #22 
     - And lest we not forget that other  zidzi   Nov-24-04 09:41 AM   #31 
     - Brilliant post!  Voltaire99   Nov-24-04 02:18 PM   #59 
  - Violence good, Sex bad.  bendeminga   Nov-24-04 06:34 AM   #2 
  - And consider the reactions from the latest two news controversies:  calimary   Nov-24-04 10:14 AM   #37 
  - pro-Death. pro-Violence. anti-Sex.  w4rma   Nov-24-04 10:49 AM   #45 
  - If the righties are so afraid of sex  Bluzmann57   Nov-24-04 06:35 AM   #3 
  - You will love "A Boy and His Dog"  kcwayne   Nov-24-04 06:44 AM   #5 
  - Love the way that movie ends  htuttle   Nov-24-04 06:48 AM   #6 
  - htuttle...I see you have good Taste. ,....Heh...Heh  BlueJazz   Nov-24-04 07:44 AM   #19 
  - I remember reading that story ages ago  Lorien   Nov-24-04 10:31 AM   #42 
     - His dog is starving to death, having been left topside for too long  htuttle   Nov-24-04 10:33 AM   #43 
        - After all, a boy loves his dog... (n/t)  Hun Joro   Nov-24-04 01:09 PM   #55 
  - Made my son watch it with me this summer  seemunkee   Nov-24-04 07:02 AM   #11 
  - Thanks for the memories!  peacebird   Nov-24-04 12:11 PM   #51 
  - "The STORK brings babies..."  bush still has to go   Nov-24-04 07:15 AM   #14 
  - "artsem"  DBoon   Nov-24-04 07:39 AM   #18 
  - They only do it in the dark so they don't have to see it.  ktowntennesseedem   Nov-24-04 09:57 AM   #34 
  - So how come Playboy's largest readership comes from RED states?  LynnTheDem   Nov-24-04 06:37 AM   #4 
  - They are not perfect  mutius   Nov-24-04 06:52 AM   #7 
  - How can I be damned,  madinmaryland   Nov-24-04 06:55 AM   #9 
  - Uggh, I was eating breakfast  madinmaryland   Nov-24-04 06:54 AM   #8 
  - FUCK "Conservative Christians"... They Can Kiss My Ass  arwalden   Nov-24-04 07:01 AM   #10 
  - Now come on.  Dem2theMax   Nov-24-04 07:10 AM   #13 
  - They can't do that! Kissing your ass would be a sex-act!  ktowntennesseedem   Nov-24-04 10:01 AM   #35 
  - Sex is for procreation and War is for killing  liberal N proud   Nov-24-04 07:02 AM   #12 
  - Or as Zardoz once said:  khephra   Nov-24-04 02:29 PM   #62 
  - And they had the gall to rate it G!  noshenanigans   Nov-24-04 07:22 AM   #15 
  - No one is making them watch the movie  Blue Gardener   Nov-24-04 07:25 AM   #16 
  - They just can't handle SEX  proudbluestater   Nov-24-04 07:27 AM   #17 
  - You mean they are'nt?  Lizzie Borden   Nov-24-04 04:27 PM   #64 
  - Yea well, you would be outraged too  artr2   Nov-24-04 07:49 AM   #20 
  - culture of death, war, killing and violence  GinaMaria   Nov-24-04 09:06 AM   #27 
  - I haven't been going to movies, but if the hypocrites are against it, I  higher class   Nov-24-04 08:05 AM   #21 
  - Ironically, I'll bet when they visit marriage counselors to help fix up  DuaneBidoux   Nov-24-04 08:45 AM   #23 
  - According to the movie, that's why Kinsey started his research...  Bridget Burke   Nov-24-04 09:13 AM   #29 
  - Jon Stewart put it best about this controversy:  wicket   Nov-24-04 09:00 AM   #24 
  - Sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex  GinaMaria   Nov-24-04 09:03 AM   #25 
  - Careful Gina, they might force you to take Prozac. n/t  VegasWolf   Nov-24-04 11:58 AM   #48 
  - This liberal outraged by conservative support for wholesale killing  drscm   Nov-24-04 09:05 AM   #26 
  - Bush screws the American people every day. Where's the outrage?  snippy   Nov-24-04 09:11 AM   #28 
  - Myth: Republicans value sexual morality  genieroze   Nov-24-04 09:25 AM   #30 
  - The conservative Christians  SOS   Nov-24-04 09:50 AM   #32 
  - I think a lot of the outrage ...  Laelth   Nov-24-04 09:52 AM   #33 
  - Laelth, this is the 3rd or 4th thread I have read through only to see  fob   Nov-24-04 10:13 AM   #36 
  - LOL! Thanks for the kind words.  Laelth   Nov-24-04 01:03 PM   #54 
  - the only thing that was destroyed  SemperEadem   Nov-24-04 12:02 PM   #50 
  - Silly me!  marew   Nov-24-04 10:16 AM   #38 
  - SEX is a FAMILY VALUE!!!  Monte Carlo   Nov-24-04 10:20 AM   #39 
  - Come on folks, it's simple...  WCGreen   Nov-24-04 10:21 AM   #40 
  - "Hollywood" and "liberal" are code for "Jew", no? nt  HEIL PRESIDENT GOD   Nov-24-04 10:46 AM   #44 
     - Yes!!!  damkira   Nov-24-04 11:22 AM   #46 
        - Of course they think that  WCGreen   Nov-24-04 04:09 PM   #63 
  - In Fundieworld, violence=sex and sex=violence.  Lady Effingbroke   Nov-24-04 10:27 AM   #41 
  - If you don't like it...don't watch it. Why is that so hard to understand?  tandot   Nov-24-04 11:45 AM   #47 
  - Like Fundies aren't obsessed with sex-  buddyhollysghost   Nov-24-04 12:00 PM   #49 
  - They can take their 'outrage' and shove it forcefully up their ass  Chimpanzee   Nov-24-04 12:23 PM   #52 
  - I am sick of their sanctimonious outrage too  Skittles   Nov-24-04 01:30 PM   #58 
  - Anti-SEX and PRO-life  wovenpaint   Nov-24-04 12:32 PM   #53 
  - Did they seriously just turn on the TV?  AlFrankenFan   Nov-24-04 01:16 PM   #56 
  - I guess "showing" sex on TV is out too. Sigh. n/t  VegasWolf   Nov-24-04 01:19 PM   #57 
  - Ah, it's a GREAT time to be in the arts  Voltaire99   Nov-24-04 02:20 PM   #60 
  - I think it's because sexuality is feminine and war and violence keep  AmericanDream200   Nov-24-04 02:21 PM   #61 

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