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- Welcome to the DU Household Hints and Help Group Skinner Admin Wed Feb-02-11 09:44 AM0
- Dishwashing liquid to clean the shower? It works! From Apartment Therapy's blondeatlast Mon Feb-28-11 09:34 PM19
- I keep finding cats sleeping all around my house. What can I do? rug Wed Feb-16-11 03:49 PM15
- I have some bad odors in my clothes rurallib Thu May-05-11 01:24 PM13
- Reusing plastic zipper bags??? Denninmi Wed Mar-23-11 09:19 PM13
- Speaking of vacuum cleaner bags, do you reuse yours? Paper Roses Mon Mar-14-11 02:02 PM13
- Getting rid of mice without poison blaze Wed Jun-01-11 09:53 PM13
- How come people don't use wax paper any more? My mother used raccoon Mon Nov-28-11 09:27 PM13
- "Cleaning" surface of an iron. no_hypocrisy Fri Mar-11-11 03:20 PM12
- Laundry -- hot, warm, or cold? Denninmi Tue Mar-08-11 10:15 PM11
- Vinyl flooring no_hypocrisy Tue Jun-07-11 09:48 PM11
- Microfiber cleaning cloths kestrel91316 Wed Aug-10-11 03:21 PM11
- Mice no_hypocrisy Mon Dec-05-11 11:30 AM10
- They say Living Well is the Best Revenge Denninmi Tue Mar-08-11 11:57 AM9
- lemons NMDemDist2 Fri Feb-25-11 09:35 PM8
- Do your veggies get limp? Curmudgeoness Mon May-30-11 05:34 PM8
- Homemade laundry prespot spray - LOVE this stuff - it gets the kestrel91316 Tue Jun-07-11 12:08 PM8
- Magnifying glass eleny Sun Sep-18-11 09:43 AM8
- You'll never need to buy brown sugar again. kestrel91316 Sun Feb-06-11 02:10 PM7
- A couple of cool websites/blogs that help keep me on the straight and narrow: kestrel91316 Sat Feb-12-11 12:14 PM6
- Loud vacuum cleaner KT2000 Thu Feb-17-11 08:05 PM6
- Printing in color when not necessary? Big savings. Grayscale Paper Roses Sat Jul-09-11 08:58 PM6
- Any experience w cleaning glass/ceramic gas cooktops? mod mom Mon Mar-14-11 02:31 PM6
- I might as well face it, I'm never going to have a Martha Stewart home. Denninmi Mon Oct-03-11 07:59 PM6
- Do you have varnished pine kitchen cabinets? Paper Roses Sun Nov-27-11 04:15 PM6
- Any fans of Kim and Aggie here? GoCubsGo Sun Feb-13-11 11:12 PM5
- Laundry Detergent findings. Paper Roses Fri Feb-04-11 02:19 PM5
- My Carpenter Co. Memory foam mattress pad has finally worn Paper Roses Tue Mar-22-11 03:48 PM5
- Hi all, add this group to your groups on DU3 or it may go away. Paper Roses Thu Jun-02-11 09:21 AM5
- I think today was the last day I shop at CVS. Paper Roses Fri Jun-24-11 09:27 PM5
- To sharpen your scissors, cut pieces of tin foil into tiny pieces. raccoon Thu Sep-08-11 10:09 PM5
- Hi everyone, I hope we all contribute to this group. Share thoughts, Paper Roses Thu Feb-17-11 02:54 PM4
- Bugs in your pantry? canetoad Sat Feb-19-11 08:34 PM4
- Still buy your checks from your bank? Alternatives save $$$. Paper Roses Tue Mar-01-11 08:11 PM4
- Old mouse pads are good to kneel on while gardening or working on your car. nt raccoon Thu Jun-02-11 07:48 AM4
- Will I make a bad thing worse? Paper Roses Sat Jul-16-11 12:29 PM4
- a question about converter/adapter for use with my hairdryer when CTyankee Sat Oct-08-11 11:59 AM4
- 4 Effective & Natural DIY Drain Cleaners beac Tue Nov-08-11 05:40 PM4
- Best way to clean wall oven and gas counter top stove? Paper Roses Tue Dec-27-11 07:29 AM4
- Oranges will eliminate almost any bad odor lbrtbell Fri Feb-25-11 09:28 PM3
- How do you get rid of excess soap in a load of laundry? Kat45 Fri Jul-15-11 02:21 AM3
- Anyone have an idea about how to take rust stains out of a carpet? beac Sat Mar-05-11 05:39 PM3
- To make a handy cleaning tool, take an old toothbrush and hold its neck on a hot stove unit raccoon Thu Aug-25-11 12:28 PM3
- breadandwine Wed Feb-09-11 07:28 AM2
- Duct tape. silverweb Thu May-19-11 09:44 PM2
- The SciMark Report blog about DRTV advertised products eleny Tue May-17-11 03:32 PM2
- repairing fiberglass tub Gin Wed May-18-11 06:58 PM2
- run out of clippies to close bags? northofthebor... Thu Jun-09-11 02:05 PM2
- I have a white washable hat (somewhat like Gilligan's) that has turned raccoon Wed Aug-31-11 09:50 PM2
- what's a hunt table? trud Wed Sep-14-11 05:17 AM2
- I found a new cleaning product at trader Joes NV Whino Fri Sep-23-11 09:48 AM2
- Cell Phone Alarm Clock brewens Mon Nov-28-11 07:53 PM2
- I made an ironing board cover eleny Sun Nov-20-11 05:38 PM2
- No Dishwasher? Are you using too much dish detergent? Paper Roses Mon Feb-14-11 06:26 PM1
- Here's something I discovered about using insect repellent. Arkansas Gran... Fri Jun-17-11 08:02 PM1
- Cracked or ripped window shades? Paper Roses Sat Nov-12-11 12:33 PM1
- Electrolytic rust removal lumberjack_je... Wed Feb-02-11 06:12 PM0
- Anybody here home roasting coffee denbot Sun Mar-20-11 04:15 AM0

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