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- It's the last ever DU fund drive! What? Why?! [View All] Skinner Admin Fri Dec-09-11 02:13 AM580
- We have arrived. 'What An NSA Domestic Spying Operation Looks Like' seafan Sun Jun-16-13 01:08 PM6
- Contrary to so much of the verbiage, America is a constitutional republic. No Elephants Fri Oct-04-13 07:36 AM5
- Davis did a lot better with her filibuster in the Texas legislature than Cruz did with his in the No Elephants Thu Sep-26-13 01:06 PM2
- Happy Kwanzaa. Kwanzaa begins on December 26 and ends January 1. No Elephants Sun Dec-30-12 04:02 AM2
- Mitt Romney: Obama Won With 'Gifts' To Blacks, Hispanics, Young Voters No Elephants Sat Nov-17-12 07:24 AM8
- My Finances: An Explanation from Mitt Romney (Borowitz) Contrary1 Tue Jul-10-12 07:46 PM0
- Republicans are now asking for Kerry by name, instead of Susan Rice.. No Elephants Fri Nov-30-12 06:58 AM5
- Romney says he paid at least 13% in taxes for last ten years Contrary1 Fri Aug-17-12 01:58 AM1
- Satire? Meryl Streep made angry call to CBS Teachers Rock. Josh Groban and mom speak out. madfloridian Sun Aug-12-12 10:20 AM2
- Strauss-Kahn settles suit with hotel maid No Elephants Fri Dec-14-12 09:29 AM3
- U.S. Rep. Shelley Moore Capito to run for a W.Va seat in the U.S.Senate. Rockefeller to retire? No Elephants Wed Nov-28-12 10:36 AM2
- VATICAN CITY (AP) -- A verdict in the case of the pope's butler accused of leaking papal documents No Elephants Sat Oct-06-12 12:04 PM2
- WH says Obama would sign bill to give Olympic athletes a tax break. No Elephants Tue Aug-07-12 01:48 PM0
- "Aggressive electioneering" at in-person voting sites in NC; "voter history audit" letters appear seafan Wed Oct-31-12 11:26 PM1
- "Charters do not outperform unionized schools "...Ben Jorasky, Chicago Reader. madfloridian Wed Oct-10-12 06:11 AM1
- "FISA Court not a rubber stamp," judge says No Elephants Wed Oct-16-13 09:59 AM3
- "Gonna wash that man right out of my hair." Sung by WAVE Officer Nellie Forbush in South Pacific. No Elephants Sat Jan-26-13 07:48 AM5
- "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." No Elephants Sat Jan-26-13 02:24 AM9
- "Hundreds" protest Obamacare in Washington, D.C. No Elephants Sat Sep-28-13 02:16 PM5
- "I'm thinkin' that President Obama put Social Security on the table because he knew Boehner would No Elephants Sun Dec-23-12 08:46 AM6
- "Insight?" Or propaganda? No Elephants Thu Feb-21-13 03:47 AM1
- "Laws and women are there to be raped, " says Spain's one-week wonder. No Elephants Sat Oct-06-12 11:48 AM2
- "Legitimate Rape" by the Renegade Raging Grannies Contrary1 Sat Aug-25-12 12:15 AM1
- "Listen you draconian puke" [View All] DainBramaged Sun Sep-16-12 08:16 AM40
- "My constituents didn't hear the intelligence I heard." No Elephants Sun Sep-08-13 11:35 PM4
- "Nothing is sacred" and other selected rules of the internet. No Elephants Mon Feb-18-13 03:40 PM4
- "Obama, Francis to meet amid shared economic view" No Elephants Wed Jan-22-14 08:11 AM2
- "obviously not well", "troubled", his mother, "rigid" - comments from shooter's relatives Divine Discon... Sat Dec-15-12 01:17 AM2
- "People understand power outtages." No Elephants Tue Oct-30-12 02:38 AM4
- "Romney gave millions to charity." No Elephants Mon Sep-24-12 04:46 AM1
- "Ryan wants to privatize Social Security and turn Medicaid into a block grant program." No Elephants Wed Aug-08-12 09:35 PM6
- "Scott Brown warns staff over war whoops" No Elephants Thu Sep-27-12 07:45 AM2
- "Signature lines are currently turned off due to high traffic." formercia Sun Nov-18-12 09:34 AM3
- "That's not leadership - that's salesmanship!" - President Obama kentuck Thu Oct-11-12 02:18 AM5
- "The Campaign" features the Motch brothers who buy elections. The Koch Bros. are not amused... Contrary1 Fri Aug-10-12 05:19 AM2
- "The Stench" Me. Wed Sep-26-12 02:36 AM1
- "The U.S. waterboards." For making that disclosure, a man sits in prison today. No Elephants Thu Aug-08-13 02:11 AM4
- "The weakest recovery since the Great Depression" No Elephants Sun Oct-14-12 02:05 PM1
- "Thou shalt have no other gods before me." But, Santo Domingo gets to play God. No Elephants Wed Jul-25-12 03:24 AM0
- "Today, Mitt Romney Lost The Election" (showed us he despises Americans. He said some nasty sh*t) Divine Discon... Wed Sep-19-12 05:26 AM5
- "United Stasi of America" Berlin police search for light artist No Elephants Sun Jul-14-13 03:41 AM2
- "We've always been at war with Eastasia:" Report: Afghanistan won't be ready in '14 No Elephants Mon Oct-08-12 10:26 AM0
- "Who could have predicted that anyone would use an airplane as a weapon in a suicide mission?" No Elephants Thu Jul-11-13 02:09 PM3
- # Syrian Chemical Deaths: 355. Doctors Without Borders. No Elephants Wed Sep-04-13 10:45 PM4
- 'GMA's' Top 10 Recipes of 2012 No Elephants Thu Dec-27-12 11:53 AM1
- 'Green Mile' actor Michael Clarke Duncan dead at age 54 Contrary1 Tue Sep-04-12 03:38 AM2
- 'Socialism,' 'capitalism' top 2012 words No Elephants Thu Dec-06-12 11:16 AM2
- 'Two and a Half Men' actor apologizes No Elephants Wed Nov-28-12 04:22 PM3
- (As many suspected) Sikh temple shooter was white-supremacist group member Divine Discon... Tue Aug-07-12 03:44 AM3
- (Bullshit alert) New Congress: Fewer moderates make deals harder No Elephants Sun Nov-25-12 05:11 PM2
- (Charlie) Sheen Slashes Lohan's IRS bill No Elephants Wed Nov-28-12 06:48 AM4
- (instructions) Here's the link for installing the DU2 Bug Fix Leopolds Ghos... Sun Dec-30-12 11:26 AM2
- ........ No Elephants Thu Jul-26-12 06:44 AM3
- .......... No Elephants Fri Nov-02-12 01:28 PM3
- 1 of 2 Buchanan ethics cases dropped (Rethug, U.S. House) No Elephants Wed Jul-11-12 05:44 AM0
- 100,000 and 200,000 demonstrate in Cairo, more demonstrations in other Egyptian cities No Elephants Thu Dec-06-12 02:43 AM2
- 12 worst supermarkets in the U.S. (Ugh. Mine is on the list. ) No Elephants Mon Feb-04-13 08:25 AM2
- 1st "Parent Trigger" school begins. Parents get power to hire, fire, and pick the charter company. madfloridian Thu Aug-09-12 10:25 AM3
- 2 congressmen caught up in ethics probes No Elephants Sun Dec-16-12 02:45 PM2
- 2005 memo surfaces: Govs Romney, Jeb Bush, 27 more seek flexibility in their state welfare programs seafan Thu Aug-09-12 09:36 AM2
- 2012 challenge: Corral undecided likely voters (A mentality I will NEVER understand.) No Elephants Sun Sep-23-12 08:22 AM0
- 2012 or Never for GOP's White Base seafan Thu Aug-30-12 02:17 PM6
- 2013 Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipients No Elephants Thu Nov-21-13 04:01 PM4
- 2016 No Elephants Fri Feb-22-13 11:55 PM6
- 2028: The End of the World As We Know It? formercia Fri Nov-16-12 07:03 PM4
- 23 hostages, 32 militants dead in Algeria. No Elephants Sun Jan-20-13 09:24 AM1
- 2nd third party debate planned No Elephants Fri Oct-26-12 03:52 AM2
- 3rd District Court of Appeals reverses state decision about Miami charter school closing. madfloridian Sun Jul-15-12 05:28 PM0
- 4 Nigerian fishers and farmers file possibly precedent-setting lawsuit against Royal Dutch Shell No Elephants Thu Oct-11-12 06:15 AM2
- 47% think Romney will do a better job of breaking gridlock than Obama (37%) No Elephants Sat Nov-03-12 04:31 PM4
- 5 to 9% of McCain voters switching to Obama. No Elephants Tue Oct-23-12 12:36 AM2
- 6 tanks at Hanford nuclear site in Wash. leaking No Elephants Sun Feb-24-13 12:23 PM4
- 600 Million Without Power In India - Could you imagine everyone in North America without power? Divine Discon... Wed Aug-01-12 07:48 AM1
- 7 O'clock News - Silent Night kentuck Fri Aug-10-12 11:19 PM0
- 7.5 things you should have seen during the televised portion of the inauguration. No Elephants Tue Jan-22-13 11:25 PM4
- 7/4/13 protests: There will be an internet event, as well as demonstrations on "the streets." No Elephants Fri Jul-05-13 07:04 AM6
- 85 INDIVIDUALS "own" half the wealth of the planet No Elephants Sat Feb-01-14 05:07 AM4
- 850-year anniversary of Notre Dame Cathedral No Elephants Fri Jan-04-13 07:07 AM6
- 85th Academy Awards Sunday, February 24 No Elephants Thu Feb-21-13 06:11 AM5
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