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- It's the last ever DU fund drive! What? Why?! [View All] Skinner Admin Fri Dec-09-11 02:13 AM580
- "Listen you draconian puke" [View All] DainBramaged Sun Sep-16-12 08:16 AM40
- To all the pearl-clutching, bigotry-sniffing, finger-wagging Thought Sanitizers on DU... [View All] DainBramaged Sat Sep-15-12 09:13 PM38
- Is Everyone On Vacation? [View All] Me. Fri Oct-26-12 01:51 PM34
- In 7 years on DU, culminating in DU2, [View All] intheflow Wed Sep-12-12 03:33 PM32
- It pains me to say this but... [View All] kentuck Tue Jul-24-12 11:37 PM31
- Happy Thanksgiving to all my DU2 friends. (image heavy) [View All] No Elephants Sun Nov-25-12 11:01 AM24
- So I think ever since I told people on DU3 I was a brony, they won't reply to my political posts. [View All] Leopolds Ghos... Tue Sep-10-13 10:35 AM23
- For Leopold's Ghost [View All] No Elephants Wed Oct-31-12 10:54 AM22
- Anyone think they are killing this board? There's no icons anymore. DU3, Y U No DU2? [View All] Leopolds Ghos... Sun Dec-30-12 08:25 PM22
- I got one year FREE healthcare and dental care - no copays, no prescription fees!! [View All] Cronus Protag... Tue Aug-07-12 11:43 AM21
- My laptop seems to be getting warmer than usual. [View All] No Elephants Sat Sep-21-13 05:42 PM21
- The President says, "It's what caused the mess in the first place..." [View All] kentuck Thu Jul-26-12 05:09 AM20
- Individual Mandate upheld 5-4 (Roberts sided with Democratic appointees) [View All] No Elephants Sat Jun-30-12 02:39 AM20
- In hindsight, was it a mistake to let Repubs off the hook for the bad economy? [View All] kentuck Tue Aug-14-12 02:18 PM20
- My Little Pony Fans Discuss the Impending War in Syria [View All] Leopolds Ghos... Wed Dec-04-13 11:42 AM20
- Time to pack it in around here? (Poll) Divine Discon... Mon Sep-17-12 06:47 PM19
- Ryan as VP is a brilliant move by the one percent woo me with s... Sun Aug-12-12 11:03 AM19
- My inbox was emptied, as always with a New Year, but, unlike prior years, No Elephants Sun Jan-20-13 03:46 AM19
- If I post on a forum where nobody goes snooper2 Tue Feb-12-13 10:04 PM18
- The link to DU3 is gone DainBramaged Tue Jul-24-12 10:49 PM17
- Um, yeah, so... almost nobody replies to me on DU3 so I think I'm gonna hang out here instead. Leopolds Ghos... Sun Nov-11-12 03:17 AM17
- The gunnie nuts mock us, and I violate TOS on 3 DainBramaged Wed Jul-25-12 08:34 AM17
- Happy Thanksgiving Everyone Me. Fri Nov-23-12 11:46 PM17
- Was the 2004 Presidential Election Stolen Too? Time for chan... Tue Jul-03-12 01:59 PM16
- For Divine Discontent No Elephants Thu Aug-09-12 05:24 AM16
- I decided to ask DU3 for moral support Leopolds Ghos... Mon Oct-14-13 03:08 AM16
- I miss you, Old DU the other one Tue Feb-19-13 12:40 AM16
- wth Divine Discon... Fri May-10-13 03:29 PM16
- My 20000th Post on the old, outdated, beloved and still functioning DU2 Divine Discon... Mon Sep-05-16 03:31 PM16
- War on Christmas Planning Committee Cronus Protag... Fri Nov-16-12 06:50 PM15
- Government is not a choice. Government is a necessity. kentuck Fri Jun-14-13 03:47 AM15
- Was this really the "single largest failure" of President Obama's first 2 years? kentuck Mon Jul-30-12 07:49 AM15
- So yeaah.... I'm just gonna leave this here. (contains only minor quantities of ponies) Leopolds Ghos... Fri Nov-02-12 11:28 AM15
- Romney's VP Search Down To Three Divine Discon... Fri Aug-10-12 01:20 AM15
- Arne all excited that Obama and Christie agree so much on education. madfloridian Sat Aug-11-12 06:47 PM15
- When did political parties become cult-like? No Elephants Thu Jan-10-13 07:52 AM15
- For the life of me, I cannot figure out why so many rank and file Democrats have taken to No Elephants Thu Jan-17-13 06:59 AM15
- Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist: Here's why I'm backing Barack Obama seafan Fri Sep-07-12 12:26 PM14
- Romney "Join me in welcoming the next president of the United States, Paul Ryan!" Divine Discon... Sun Aug-12-12 03:56 PM14
- Has the format of DU2 posts changed? No Elephants Mon Sep-10-12 02:05 AM14
- Your Random Pony for 11/12/13 (backdated) Leopolds Ghos... Thu Nov-21-13 03:50 PM14
- Hay All, I'm back Leopolds Ghos... Wed Jul-25-12 08:22 AM14
- How about some "love" and attention... madfloridian Wed Dec-05-12 04:38 AM14
- Just so you know, I cannot bring myself to post on some of the No Elephants Sun Jan-13-13 08:20 AM14
- Attention blood pressure sufferers. Hug someone you know and trust. No Elephants Sat Jan-26-13 03:41 AM14
- Are you permitted to say anything controversial over here?? kentuck Wed Jan-30-13 03:02 PM14
- Pope Benedict: Hamba kahle, or good riddance? rpannier Tue Feb-19-13 05:18 AM14
- Hello! hello? Anyone home? NRaleighLiber... Sat Nov-29-14 01:49 AM14
- Cost of shutdown $200 million a day, by one estimate No Elephants Wed Oct-09-13 06:41 AM13
- Bradley Manning not guilty of aiding the enemy, but guilty of enough charges to No Elephants Fri Aug-02-13 02:17 PM13
- An in-depth look at which foods are gay Contrary1 Tue Aug-14-12 12:23 PM13
- We heart liars and plutocrats. (Pardon the redundancy.) No Elephants Wed Oct-16-13 06:26 AM13
- Obama team tries again for Grand Bargain No Elephants Mon Jul-29-13 08:19 AM13
- The Powell Memo No Elephants Sun Nov-25-12 09:41 AM13
- Neither RFK Or RFKjr. Believed The Lone Gunman Theory Me. Sun Jan-20-13 05:11 AM13
- A truly dramatic change. No Elephants Mon Feb-18-13 02:36 PM13
- Mitt Rmoney's Poutrage On The Evening News Me. Sun Jul-15-12 02:38 AM12
- I used to feel kind of down when I thought about the Supreme Court eleny Tue Nov-13-12 03:47 AM12
- Etch a Sketch Mitt! Shake for new positions! Divine Discon... Mon Oct-08-12 08:20 AM12
- Happy New Year from Ms. Liberty No Elephants Wed Jan-02-13 11:44 AM12
- Obama taps Hagel for Pentagon, Brennan for CIA No Elephants Mon Jan-14-13 10:07 AM12
- Lie #3 that media tell about the Tea Party. No Elephants Tue Feb-04-14 05:17 AM11
- Boston Teachers Union takes out ad against Rahm for his untruths about their contract. madfloridian Sun Sep-16-12 12:21 PM11
- Explosive allegations from Harry Reid: Bain investor said Romney paid no taxes for 10 years Divine Discon... Sun Aug-05-12 12:46 AM11
- Fact Checking the Presidential Debates No Elephants Fri Oct-05-12 02:18 PM11
- So It Won't Change Medicare For Those 55 & Older? Really? Me. Mon Aug-13-12 11:51 PM11
- Ezra Klein Doesn't Think Romney Is A Racist...Just Privileged Me. Mon Aug-27-12 01:28 AM11
- Ireland probes death of miscarrying woman who sought abortion (allegedly, doctors refused) No Elephants Sat Nov-17-12 07:05 AM11
- Chicago principals told to report all union activity by teachers. madfloridian Fri Aug-24-12 05:04 PM11
- There's harm in the false centrism of Third Way policies. madfloridian Sat Dec-15-12 04:46 AM11
- Shout out to No Elephants... Contrary1 Sat Nov-24-12 02:38 AM11
- long time life partners, Barney Frank and Jim Ready, wed this weekend. No Elephants Wed Jul-11-12 12:03 AM11
- My friend from DU3 just had a massive flame-out IRL Leopolds Ghos... Sat Nov-17-12 07:00 AM11
- Michelle Rhee's group to show Parent Trigger movie Won't Back Down at DNC convention. Unforgivable. madfloridian Mon Sep-03-12 12:12 AM11
- Pope Says Christian Calendar Based on Miscalculation No Elephants Sun Nov-25-12 03:08 PM11
- COUNTDOWN to NOVEMBER: I'm Sorry I've been Out of Touch, You Guys -- Leopolds Ghos... Wed Oct-31-12 06:37 AM11
- Dunning-Kruger effect formercia Sun Jan-20-13 09:54 AM11
- February Celebrations. No Elephants Wed Jan-30-13 02:19 PM11
- Hello again old friend MadHound Sun Jan-04-15 01:29 AM11
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