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- It's the last ever DU fund drive! What? Why?! [View All] Skinner Admin Started: Nov-13 07:01 PM580
- Why FOX News is poisonous to our discourse? kentuck Started: Sep-03 05:21 PM5
- So, do you think the GOP will eventually boot Dangerous Donny? Divine Discon... Started: Aug-09 10:56 PM0
- Supreme court blocks order to let transgender student use boys' bathroom Divine Discon... Started: Aug-03 10:03 PM0
- The Reagan and Clinton Backlash. kentuck Started: Apr-14 03:24 PM2
- Consumer Group claims many dark chocolate varieties have lead and cadmium Divine Discon... Started: Mar-25 04:26 PM3
- Newsweek: Right-Wing Extremists Are a Bigger Threat to America Than ISIS Divine Discon... Started: Mar-18 11:15 PM0
- Donald Sure Draws the Drama - gee, wonder what could cause that to happen? Divine Discon... Started: Mar-12 03:30 PM2
- Who is Trump most likely to choose as his running mate --- Divine Discon... Started: Mar-03 03:36 AM7
- The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster just appointed its first 'Ministroni' rpannier Started: Feb-29 02:27 AM1
- The Republican Debate rpannier Started: Feb-26 12:18 AM3
- My 20000th Post on the old, outdated, beloved and still functioning DU2 Divine Discon... Started: Feb-25 04:46 AM16
- Over 90% of Repubs reject the BCF! And it only took 3 awful candidates to make it happen... Divine Discon... Started: Feb-21 01:29 AM3
- Cruz going down the gutter of shame. Has Robocall decrying gay people are "tearing down our America" Divine Discon... Started: Feb-20 02:19 AM9
- Ronald Reagan in 1987: Filling Supreme Court Vacancy Is A Constitutional Obligation Divine Discon... Started: Feb-19 03:44 PM6
- An Imam in Istanbul has opened up his mosque as a warm home to the city's stray cats rpannier Started: Jan-28 08:04 PM1
- Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. rpannier Started: Dec-26 02:50 AM1
- Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, DU 2! NRaleighLiber... Started: Dec-25 11:42 PM0
- Getting kinda lonely in these here parts..... AverageJoe90 Started: Dec-12 02:57 AM0
- is An error occurred during processing. rpannier Started: Dec-08 03:56 AM0
- Would answer your posts but all I get rpannier Started: Dec-08 03:56 AM0
- I'm not seeing any way to reply to posts. WTF Skinner? NYC_SKP Started: Dec-08 12:11 AM0
- Check-in thread Leopolds Ghos... Started: Nov-29 02:10 AM0
- Can't find half the threads on DU2 :P Leopolds Ghos... Started: Nov-29 01:47 AM0
- Hi, anypony here at the moment? Also, where are the archives? Leopolds Ghos... Started: Nov-29 01:39 AM0
- To Quarantine Or Not Me. Started: Oct-27 03:41 PM0
- Thoughtg on the Christian Identity Movement rpannier Started: Sep-29 07:34 PM1
- Confront the voters with the truth. kentuck Started: Sep-29 02:47 PM0
- DU3 Epic thread. "Restaurant Pet Peeves" NYC_SKP Started: Sep-14 03:43 PM4
- Modern wage slavery kentuck Started: Sep-03 04:31 PM1
- Once more we are slow walking towards war MadHound Started: Sep-03 11:26 AM0
- The next time someone tells you the Nazi's were Socialists and leftists rpannier Started: Sep-03 02:57 AM0
- Sean Hannity speaks lies and it's so obvious rpannier Started: Aug-29 01:52 AM2
- Hello again old friend MadHound Started: Aug-28 11:19 AM11
- Hello! hello? Anyone home? NRaleighLiber... Started: Aug-20 11:55 PM14
- All heart and no cattle... kentuck Started: Jun-10 04:43 PM1
- Wash Post Media Critics accuse Al Jazeera network of supporting ousted elected leader Morsi Leopolds Ghos... Started: Jun-07 01:41 PM1
- Snowden journalist set to make "biggest" disclosure yet Leopolds Ghos... Started: Jun-06 06:10 PM2
- Operation American Spring has taken the first step in its goal to remove Obama from office rpannier Started: May-17 12:51 AM1
- Bundy, Dana Loesch is right (sort of), Andy Warhol and why the mark is missed rpannier Started: Apr-28 03:42 AM0
- Hi, No Elephants Leopolds Ghos... Started: Apr-25 12:06 AM2
- Sorry I've been Out Of Touch Lately. Leopolds Ghos... Started: Apr-25 12:01 AM2
- Impeachment is the only cure for the Supreme Court PurgedVoter Started: Apr-17 07:42 PM0
- Mulayam Singh Yadav: Boys err at times, wrong to hang rapists rpannier Started: Apr-12 05:16 AM1
- Did "NoElephants" pass away?? kentuck Started: Mar-23 08:45 AM4
- Could the next British election be the Lib Dems swan song? rpannier Started: Mar-08 07:11 PM2
- A Giant Union Is Planning to Protest the Oscars rpannier Started: Mar-02 09:44 PM2
- This banker turned whistleblower has a revolutionary message for Nigeria rpannier Started: Mar-02 09:18 PM2
- Happy Valentines Day, old friends! Zorra Started: Feb-14 05:13 PM3
- A short-lived icon of Virginia Politics passed away rpannier Started: Feb-14 07:57 AM1
- Former MLB Manager Jim Fregosi removed from life support rpannier Started: Feb-14 01:45 AM1
- NEVER trust government. nt No Elephants Started: Feb-11 09:21 AM2
- Shirley Temple-talented phenom and more, gone at 86 No Elephants Started: Feb-11 07:54 AM1
- Asian markets okay with recent disappointing American jobs report and Yellen's appointment. No Elephants Started: Feb-10 05:47 AM6
- Another kind of Cold War No Elephants Started: Feb-10 05:30 AM3
- I'm Gay (Michael Sam) rpannier Started: Feb-09 08:29 PM4
- Federal government will recognize same gender marriage. No Elephants Started: Feb-09 06:20 AM2
- Forbes' World's Most Powerful Man-Putin No Elephants Started: Feb-08 01:52 AM7
- Judge rules drivers can flash lights to warn of police presence rpannier Started: Feb-07 01:06 AM2
- Watching the National Prayer Breakfast. No Elephants Started: Feb-07 12:25 AM2
- What I have heard of the Congressional hearings so far is depressing No Elephants Started: Feb-06 09:50 PM2
- Citgo (Venezuela) again the only oil company to donate to Joe Kennedy, Jr. s charity. No Elephants Started: Feb-06 05:40 AM3
- Errrrr....... No Elephants Started: Feb-06 05:38 AM1
- Remember Senator Blanche Lincoln (Ark-D)? No Elephants Started: Feb-06 04:53 AM1
- Former White House Officials Back Keystone No Elephants Started: Feb-06 04:32 AM1
- Carney: Obamacare worth it, even if Dems lose Senate, but they won't. No Elephants Started: Feb-06 04:21 AM1
- Fears of slowdown sharpen focus on US jobs report No Elephants Started: Feb-06 04:04 AM1
- German charged over Islamic extremist postings No Elephants Started: Feb-06 03:51 AM1
- House conservatives rule out immigration this year No Elephants Started: Feb-06 03:34 AM2
- Lights out for 1M as winter storm slams Northeast No Elephants Started: Feb-06 03:23 AM3
- Pope pressured to act on abuse after UN rebuke No Elephants Started: Feb-06 03:07 AM5
- UN chief denounces attacks on LGBT people No Elephants Started: Feb-06 03:01 AM3
- Pat Robertson's clock has struck twice. I guess nothing more to see here rpannier Started: Feb-06 01:51 AM6
- Hagel adds urgency to push for ethics crackdown No Elephants Started: Feb-06 01:44 AM3
- We missed No Pants Subway Ride Day No Elephants Started: Feb-05 05:25 AM4
- NYC Mayor Strikes a Major Blow to Charter Schools, Cuts $210 Million from Their Budgets rpannier Started: Feb-04 07:03 PM2
- Feds want cars to be able to talk to each other, to prevent accidents No Elephants Started: Feb-04 08:35 AM4
- Why are ads for plus sized outfits appearing on my computer? No Elephants Started: Feb-04 07:45 AM4
- PSA: How to reduce your chances of dying from an accidental heroin overdose. No Elephants Started: Feb-04 05:30 AM2
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