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- It's the last ever DU fund drive! What? Why?! [View All] Skinner Admin Fri Dec-09-11 02:13 AM580
- Getting kinda lonely in these here parts..... AverageJoe90 Fri Dec-12-14 02:57 AM0
- got my rebate check Betty Mon Jul-09-12 02:10 PM4
- The Function of the Democratic Party in the Political System blindpig Wed Jul-10-13 04:39 PM3
- Mohammed retakes top spot in English baby names Contrary1 Tue Aug-14-12 02:33 PM0
- Aw...Mitt likes 100% of us now. Contrary1 Fri Oct-05-12 07:53 AM2
- Probation fees rise, firms profit and poor jailed Contrary1 Tue Jul-03-12 02:39 AM0
- Contrary1 Sun Jul-29-12 04:29 AM2
- Oops! Photo reveals UK police arrest plan for Assange Contrary1 Sun Aug-26-12 06:29 AM1
- Police: Moviegoer accidentally shoots himself in the rear Contrary1 Thu Aug-16-12 06:40 AM1
- Hard to believe how quickly the years pass. Contrary1 Mon Sep-03-12 06:06 PM7
- Phyllis Diller has died Contrary1 Mon Aug-20-12 07:37 PM1
- Unbelievable. "White Baptist church in Mississippi bans black wedding" Contrary1 Sat Jul-28-12 03:53 AM5
- Romney: Gene Hackman should play him in a movie Contrary1 Mon Sep-17-12 04:40 AM8
- Akin: "I misspoke". (A commentary from The Onion News Network) :) Contrary1 Tue Aug-21-12 06:18 AM2
- Contrary1 Fri Aug-31-12 03:25 AM3
- Band Demands Romney Campaign Stop Using Its Song Contrary1 Thu Aug-16-12 02:16 PM1
- A woman I met through Freecycle here in Indy is breaking my heart... Contrary1 Thu Nov-29-12 07:16 AM7
- Contrary1 Sat Jul-07-12 12:11 AM4
- Some advice to my friends out there who are approaching senior-citizenship Contrary1 Mon Dec-10-12 02:24 AM5
- Girl accuses father of waterboarding her Contrary1 Thu Aug-09-12 02:23 AM0
- Neil Armstrong has died Contrary1 Sun Aug-26-12 05:56 AM2
- Contrary1 Wed Aug-22-12 08:38 AM2
- Romney says he paid at least 13% in taxes for last ten years Contrary1 Fri Aug-17-12 01:58 AM1
- When I find myself stressed out, visiting with Matt Harding helps Contrary1 Wed Oct-24-12 10:15 AM2
- The hypocrisy is staggering Contrary1 Sun Aug-12-12 06:23 PM2
- Jon Stewart on Clint Eastwood: "The Old Man And the Seat" Contrary1 Mon Sep-03-12 12:36 AM8
- An in-depth look at which foods are gay Contrary1 Tue Aug-14-12 12:23 PM13
- Shout out to No Elephants... Contrary1 Sat Nov-24-12 02:38 AM11
- Purdue Protesters Decry Daniels As 'Inbred' Choice Contrary1 Sun Jul-01-12 02:06 AM0
- 'Green Mile' actor Michael Clarke Duncan dead at age 54 Contrary1 Tue Sep-04-12 03:38 AM2
- They are forecasting that the Midwest heat wave will be traveling East in a couple days... Contrary1 Wed Jul-11-12 01:15 AM6
- Looks like the view counter here is working again. n/t Contrary1 Fri Oct-05-12 03:00 PM4
- Contrary1 Sun Nov-04-12 04:29 AM2
- "The Campaign" features the Motch brothers who buy elections. The Koch Bros. are not amused... Contrary1 Fri Aug-10-12 05:19 AM2
- Eastwood explains his RNC speech Contrary1 Sun Sep-16-12 04:46 AM2
- My Finances: An Explanation from Mitt Romney (Borowitz) Contrary1 Tue Jul-10-12 07:46 PM0
- Borowitz: Ryan Launches Campaign Theme of Lying About Everything Contrary1 Thu Aug-30-12 01:56 PM1
- Video: Jerry Springer on why Obama must be re-elected... Contrary1 Fri Aug-24-12 03:08 PM4
- Wow! I missed this one: Judge strikes down Wis. law limiting union rights Contrary1 Sun Sep-16-12 03:38 AM5
- Hello. Is anybody there? Well; unfortunately... Contrary1 Tue Jul-10-12 06:50 AM2
- Battleground polls: Is Romney's path to the White House now more difficult? Contrary1 Sun Sep-16-12 04:56 AM5
- Stop the Presses! Sherriff Joe has "breathtaking" news regarding the birth certificate Contrary1 Mon Jul-16-12 09:37 PM3
- Multiple people shot near Texas A&M University Contrary1 Tue Aug-14-12 06:37 PM4
- Let's see how Romney/Ryan dance around this one... Contrary1 Tue Aug-21-12 04:43 AM4
- Breaking: Romney to announce his losing mate Saturday in Virginia Contrary1 Tue Aug-14-12 01:39 AM1
- Study: Fox News Viewers Know Less Than People Who Don't Watch Any News Contrary1 Sat Nov-24-12 09:54 AM5
- Republican likens contraceptive mandate to Pearl Harbor, 9/11 Contrary1 Sun Aug-05-12 05:07 PM5
- "Legitimate Rape" by the Renegade Raging Grannies Contrary1 Sat Aug-25-12 12:15 AM1
- Rolling Stone: What Part of 'Austerity Isn't Working' Don't People Get? Contrary1 Sun Aug-12-12 03:55 AM1
- Happy New Year! Peace on Earth in 2013 Contrary1 Tue Jan-01-13 10:36 PM6
- I got a personal email from Hillary Clinton today! Contrary1 Sun Jan-20-13 03:16 AM6
- Man accidentally shoots himself at Indy 1500 Gun and Knife Show Contrary1 Mon Jan-21-13 06:56 AM8
- High school senior identifies as 'LGBT teen' while accepting award for Class Actor Contrary1 Sun Jan-27-13 12:17 AM6
- VIDEO: Hitchhiker uses hatchet to save woman from bear hug attack, gives best NSFW interview ever Contrary1 Wed Feb-06-13 09:09 AM2
- These people outside the embassy are so very concerned about the image of Islam Cronus Protag... Wed Sep-12-12 08:11 PM0
- Here's a representative sample of the iPhone 5 customer base Cronus Protag... Wed Sep-26-12 02:40 AM4
- New taxes. Right before the general election too... Cronus Protag... Wed Jul-04-12 02:49 AM6
- War on Christmas Planning Committee Cronus Protag... Fri Nov-16-12 06:50 PM15
- ZIMBO: Trying to groom the jury pool Cronus Protag... Thu Jul-19-12 02:35 AM0
- I think Romney looks a whole lot better with a little color in his face Cronus Protag... Thu Sep-27-12 10:07 AM7
- Toothless Bludgeon Killer Dies In Chicken Choking Incident Cronus Protag... Fri Aug-17-12 12:36 AM2
- I got one year FREE healthcare and dental care - no copays, no prescription fees!! [View All] Cronus Protag... Tue Aug-07-12 11:43 AM21
- On the merits and morals of a benign fascism Cronus Protag... Fri Aug-17-12 12:47 AM5
- Obama could just have Assange killed right in the window of the embassy Cronus Protag... Tue Aug-21-12 11:59 PM1
- Johnson! (Now that Ron Paul's kaput) Cronus Protag... Wed Aug-29-12 10:14 AM1
- Finances Plague Company Running Halfway Houses (Cristie's buddy) DainBramaged Tue Jul-17-12 01:02 PM0
- To the Democrats who railroaded AG Holder with your contempt of Congress vote DainBramaged Mon Jul-09-12 03:27 PM5
- Now ads for Concealed carry are heartlessly appearing on DU DainBramaged Mon Dec-17-12 05:51 AM2
- To all the pearl-clutching, bigotry-sniffing, finger-wagging Thought Sanitizers on DU... [View All] DainBramaged Sat Sep-15-12 09:13 PM38
- Reince Priebus DainBramaged Mon Jul-09-12 03:53 PM6
- The link to DU3 is gone DainBramaged Tue Jul-24-12 10:49 PM17
- ROFLMAO DainBramaged Sun Aug-12-12 04:07 AM2
- "Listen you draconian puke" [View All] DainBramaged Sun Sep-16-12 08:16 AM40
- Little Eric Finds Freedom DainBramaged Thu Jul-26-12 08:01 AM3
- EPIC My Little Pony hoodies!!! DainBramaged Wed Aug-08-12 12:10 PM7
- If this is the end, my friends, what a long strange trip it's been DainBramaged Tue Sep-25-12 02:05 PM1
- Your Monday smart kitteh moving pictures DainBramaged Tue Jul-31-12 03:45 AM6
- NAACP impressions of Romney speaking today DainBramaged Thu Jul-12-12 06:07 AM4
- AAARrrgghhh yayayayayaya yayay DainBramaged Fri Aug-03-12 10:05 AM3
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