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- In case you missed it: Why this is the last DU fund drive ever. Skinner Admin Sun Jan-08-12 10:14 PM4
- Poll: Ron Paul best GOP candidate against Obama in Iowa in November 2012. [View All] Hart2008 Sat Dec-10-11 06:48 PM172
- Darcy Richardson, aide to Senator Eugene McCarthy to continue his tradition, challenges Obama in NH! [View All] Hart2008 Sun Jan-15-12 12:46 AM165
- [View All] dennis4868 Mon Nov-21-11 10:42 AM164
- "How Bullshit Magically Turns Into Fact" [View All] Pirate Smile Tue Nov-29-11 04:35 PM161
- TOON: Draft Hillary [View All] ellisonz Wed Nov-30-11 06:48 AM158
- W.H. with the '99 percent'-ers: Pres. Obama said he "sympathizes with protesters' broad grievances" [View All] ClarkUSA Mon Nov-21-11 09:35 AM140
- Rocky Anderson introduces the Justice Party... [View All] polichick Thu Dec-01-11 09:51 PM137
- I am a HUGE Cheerleader for President Obama - if you disagree then please tell me why.... [View All] Tx4obama Thu Nov-03-11 05:03 AM136
- New York Magazine: When Did Liberals Become So Unreasonable? [View All] dennis4868 Sun Nov-27-11 09:43 PM132
- So Michael Moore went on TV and implied the White House is coordinating the OWS crackdowns [View All] Adenoid_Hynke... Thu Nov-17-11 10:12 PM122
- I know this is the GDP, but isn't the most die hard Obama supporter upset by.... [View All] Logical Wed Nov-30-11 05:37 PM112
- Why do some people think that those with the weakest Democratic values are better Dems... [View All] ClassWarrior Sat Dec-03-11 11:11 AM107
- Ezra Klein: The incredible deal Republicans have accidentally offered the Democrats [View All] Pirate Smile Sun Nov-27-11 10:18 PM105
- Obama Legalizes Horse Slaughter for Human Consumption [View All] TeaBagsAreFor... Thu Dec-01-11 04:55 AM104
- "Obama Is About To Give A Huge Class Warfare Speech" [View All] Pirate Smile Tue Dec-06-11 07:02 PM104
- Obama now at 84% approval among liberal Democrats [View All] UrbScotty Tue Nov-29-11 04:09 AM103
- NY Times: Students Lose Zeal for Aiding Obama Again [View All] alp227 Sat Nov-19-11 05:50 AM102
- Heads Up! The GOP debate reality show starts at 9pm ET on [View All] Tx4obama Sat Dec-10-11 11:01 PM99
- I think Obama should follow Ron Paul's example and call for friendship with Iran [View All] Cali_Democrat Mon Nov-07-11 07:47 PM91
- "Ask Osama Bin Laden...whether I engage in appeasement." [View All] jefferson_dem Sat Dec-10-11 05:21 AM89
- Chris Mathews on Barack & Michelle Obama: "They don't look happy-like they enjoy the presidency." [View All] jenmito Mon Nov-21-11 05:37 PM86
- "if you are a Democratic President, Black people in this country have your back." [View All] Pirate Smile Sun Dec-11-11 05:46 PM82
- Obama is fine with New York's eviction of OWS protesters. [View All] FreeBillClint... Thu Nov-17-11 03:12 AM81
- Cain Accuser's Press Conference Thread [View All] Laura PourMeA... Tue Nov-08-11 07:26 AM78
- [View All] mikekohr Mon Dec-05-11 10:46 PM77
- The women accusing Herman Cain.. [View All] vaberella Tue Nov-08-11 07:40 PM73
- Al Sharpton is a ratings smash for MSNBC--move him to prime time! [View All] DuaneBidoux Tue Dec-06-11 12:26 PM73
- He shakes his head quietly as he passes by with two elementary school age children in tow. [View All] struggle4prog... Fri Dec-02-11 08:23 AM72
- What are the tenets of "centrism?" [View All] ClassWarrior Sat Dec-10-11 07:40 PM71
- Newt Gingrich Is Coming On in Florida [View All] oberliner Sat Nov-12-11 03:12 PM70
- Schoen & Caddell shovel more idiocy in Op-Ed: President Obama should step aside and let Hillary run. [View All] jefferson_dem Mon Nov-21-11 03:11 PM69
- Hillary to the rescue? State Department helping to reign in out of control drone strikes?!?!?!? [View All] Cali_Democrat Mon Nov-07-11 11:19 AM68
- The Great Rope a Dope trick [View All] babylonsister Fri Nov-25-11 04:10 PM66
- The Republican Civil War Has Begun [View All] Obamakarma Mon Nov-14-11 11:56 AM65
- Can you support both OWS and President Obama? (Poll) [View All] AtomicKitten Tue Nov-29-11 04:56 PM65
- It's early, I know, but what is your "dream team" for 2016? [View All] CTyankee Sat Dec-10-11 08:29 PM65
- Pollsters call on Obama to step aside, make way for Clinton [View All] oberliner Wed Nov-23-11 03:05 AM64
- Why Do Republicans Think Herman Cain Can Wrest African American Voters From President Obama? [View All] DemocratSince... Sun Nov-13-11 10:07 AM64
- Prediction: Cain collapses, Newt rises [View All] oberliner Fri Nov-25-11 08:14 AM62
- Bill Clinton, President for Eight Years, Still Not Totally Familiar With Filibuster [View All] Pirate Smile Fri Nov-11-11 02:48 PM61
- Remember all those discussions of Obama playing multi-dimensional chess? [View All] hedgehog Fri Nov-25-11 12:08 PM59
- The First Minute of This VIDEO Marks the End of Herman Cain's Campaign - A MUST SEE [View All] Tx4obama Wed Nov-16-11 07:53 PM59
- Why are Right-Wingers So Obsessed with Michelle Obama? [View All] LAGC Thu Nov-17-11 09:57 PM59
- Joe Madison: All three woman Cain harassed are white blond and blue eyed [View All] bigdarryl Mon Nov-07-11 10:44 PM58
- On Horse Slaughter: Real Information/The Realities [View All] jsmirman Wed Nov-30-11 07:38 PM58
- Question; Barack Obama will win next year because... [View All] center rising Thu Dec-01-11 11:30 PM58
- How would Barack Obama fare against Newt Gingrich? [View All] boxman15 Fri Dec-02-11 08:45 AM57
- So Obama got mic checked just now in NH and handled it well. . . [View All] wndycty Wed Nov-23-11 10:06 AM57
- Fucking Obama, the Fucking Nerve of This Man. I've Fucking Had it. [View All] NYC_SKP Mon Nov-28-11 04:28 AM57
- If anyone is watching this Republican debate tonight, and has an opinion [View All] teddy51 Fri Nov-25-11 08:06 PM57
- This APEC summit in Hawaii is a disaster. They're trying to ram free trade down our throats. [View All] Cali_Democrat Wed Nov-16-11 03:24 AM57
- Why has POTUS NOT commented on Police actions ...?!!? [View All] FirstLight Wed Nov-16-11 10:45 PM57
- I'm terrible, but I shamelessly teased my conservative relatives after the debate [View All] Aerows Sun Nov-27-11 11:55 AM57
- Can Herman Cain win? [View All] BrentWil Wed Nov-09-11 10:18 AM55
- Assuming a Romney Repub Nomination, which running mate would make the R ticket most formidable? (Poll) [View All] Skip Intro Fri Nov-04-11 09:37 AM55
- Is there a red state Mc.Cain won in 08 that Obama can win?? [View All] center rising Sun Dec-04-11 11:10 PM54
- Pelosi To Newt: I Don't Need Secret Documents To Embarrass You [View All] ProSense Wed Dec-07-11 11:49 AM53
- Did I miss it? Is Obama supporting Occupy? [View All] MannyGoldstei... Sun Nov-20-11 02:28 PM53
- Defeated, Health Insurers Cut Lobby Costs, Thank You Obamacare! [View All] SpartanDem Thu Dec-08-11 04:43 AM52
- I'm making a bet for anybody interested: If I lose, I will never post on DU Again. [View All] Tiggeroshii Tue Nov-08-11 02:14 PM52
- Pictures of the line of people in Kansas who waited all night to get tickets to see Obama [View All] proud2BlibKan... Mon Dec-05-11 03:49 PM52
- Photo: What the hell is wrong with Boehner? [View All] ProSense Fri Nov-18-11 11:49 AM52
- [View All] ProSense Wed Dec-07-11 06:34 PM52
- Who else is sick of Chris Matthews comparing Obama to JFK? [View All] Nancy Waterma... Fri Nov-04-11 08:25 PM52
- Super Committee Going After Your Social Security? That Was the Point. (SS is on the table) [View All] Cali_Democrat Thu Nov-03-11 08:28 AM52
- Bachmann calls on Obama to apologize to Israel [View All] oberliner Fri Nov-11-11 11:07 PM52
- Can someone explain Chris Christie's appeal to people? Because I just don't get it. [View All] Tommy_Carcett... Fri Dec-30-11 08:00 PM51
- Colin Powell on CNN Thurs: There might be more GOP candidates [View All] grasswire Mon Nov-14-11 02:51 PM51
- Republicans' mission is almost accomplished. [View All] jenmito Tue Nov-08-11 03:21 PM50
- Pennsylvania becomes major battleground for Obama in 2012 [View All] alp227 Fri Dec-02-11 04:43 PM50
- Mitch McConnell: Obama jobs bill was designed to make Republicans look bad for rejecting it [View All] ProSense Thu Nov-10-11 06:10 AM49
- Unemployment rate drops to 8.6%, lowest since March 2009. 120,000 payrolls added in November. [View All] jefferson_dem Sat Dec-03-11 10:50 PM49
- Paul Krugman: "Newt Gingrich is a stupid person's idea of what a smart person sounds like." [View All] TheWraith Wed Dec-07-11 04:19 PM48
- Don't Blame Obama For This Mess [View All] babylonsister Wed Nov-30-11 06:54 AM47
- Do You Think "Herb" Cain Is Sane? (Poll) [View All] DemocratSince... Fri Nov-11-11 02:29 PM46
- The President needs a Super Majority in both Congress and Senate [View All] Hutzpa Fri Nov-11-11 05:43 AM46
- Look who voted for the indefinite detention act. Any American can be disappeared.... [View All] midnight Mon Dec-05-11 03:03 PM46
- Breakin' News From Politico for Tomorrow.... [View All] FrenchieCat Thu Nov-17-11 08:27 PM45
- Who would you rather Obama faced in the General Election? (Poll) [View All] Onlooker Tue Dec-06-11 09:09 AM45
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