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- Welcome to the LGBT Civil Rights and Activism Group EarlG Admin Started: Jul-07 04:38 PM0
- App to alert you of a homophobic getting caught in a gay sex scandal ehrnst Started: Oct-20 06:04 PM0
- Facebook page for an anti-GLBT event - help us to report it. ehrnst Started: Jul-30 11:30 AM0
- New Gay and Lesbian Friendly Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts Online Directory Dave Caputo Started: Apr-23 07:18 PM1
- Maine Bill Would Repeal Protections for the Transgendered jpak Started: Apr-12 05:40 PM0
- Not really activism, but I know I can get an answer here. ok_cpu Started: Nov-16 06:42 PM3
- Anyone up to creating a FAQ on the LGBT movement for Democrats FreeState Started: Oct-29 07:14 PM5
- Hey everybody Sweet Charmin... Started: Oct-25 08:15 PM5
- Urgent Vote on Don't Tell Don't Ask TrogL Started: Sep-20 02:32 PM0
- Wrote my state reps about same gender divorce. No Elephants Started: Apr-06 11:16 AM0
- Obama elusive on about-face on same-sex marriage (San Francisco Chronicle 2/17/10) Duncan Grant Started: Feb-23 07:51 PM0
- Queer Rising II LGBT visibility demonstration in Albany NY adamuu Started: Feb-13 06:43 PM1
- Just dropping by with an invitation. No Elephants Started: Jan-22 07:26 PM0
- Help to preserve marriage equality in Washington, DC! racaulk Started: Dec-22 07:46 PM0
- Stop the h8 Behind the Ae... Started: Nov-17 01:10 AM0
- Origin of the Phobia to LGBT rights (and of course at GD it sank like stone) nadinbrzezins... Started: Nov-11 12:58 AM4
- Don't Ask, Don't Give (DNC/ boycott called) FreeState Started: Nov-09 03:21 PM1
- Why is this group not with the other identity groups? imdjh Started: Oct-06 09:38 PM4
- How are the posts here different from the posts at the GLBT Group? plantwomyn Started: Sep-25 12:11 PM5
- Census Count of Same-Sex Couples to Stir Policy Fights (Washington Post 9/13/09) Duncan Grant Started: Sep-15 03:06 PM1
- Atlanta police raid gay bar, arrest 8 Politicub Started: Sep-12 03:19 PM4
- I find the tone of the health care debate on DU very interesting La Lioness Pr... Started: Sep-03 02:10 PM4
- Maine Public Education Ad Launched Today mitchtv Started: Aug-22 02:49 PM0
- Ohio Joe Started: Aug-20 09:19 AM3
- Lutherans debate dropping celibacy requirement for gay clergy Ohio Joe Started: Aug-18 07:41 PM0
- Here are the benefits Pres. Obama still denies us. plantwomyn Started: Aug-17 01:07 PM1
- HRC chimes in on the National Equality March plantwomyn Started: Aug-13 10:15 AM1
- Report cites violations in raid of Texas gay bar Ohio Joe Started: Aug-06 06:13 PM2
- OK here is were I start getting pissed off [View All] plantwomyn Started: Jul-31 11:04 AM22
- FYI Parents: Gender Spectrum Family Conference (September 4-6, 2009: Seattle) Duncan Grant Started: Jul-28 06:33 PM0
- Senator wins review of 'don't ask, don't tell' redqueen Started: Jul-28 01:14 PM0
- Councilwoman Pushes Gay Rights Ordinance Ohio Joe Started: Jul-27 08:39 PM0
- Somewhat humorous article, quickly unrecced from Editorials/Other Articles FlyingSquirre... Started: Jul-21 02:07 AM1
- Episcopal Bishops Can Bless Gay Unions Ohio Joe Started: Jul-20 03:53 PM1
- Massachusetts v United States is one to watch. pinto Started: Jul-17 12:19 AM0
- What a fucking crock of shit. cboy4 Started: Jul-15 03:27 PM1
- "Dreams for the movement" mitchtv Started: Jul-14 09:43 PM0
- Thoughts? cboy4 Started: Jul-14 04:59 AM7
- Interesting how other militaries have managed wit serve-openly policies: cboy4 Started: Jul-12 01:41 PM2
- "The GLBT movement has done us a disservice for far too long..." lightningands... Started: Jul-12 01:04 PM4
- Civil rights group threatens to fire local leader for gay marriage endorsement Ohio Joe Started: Jul-11 01:05 PM9
- Rainbow Lounge Raid Rally info. FYI AspenRose Started: Jul-10 11:14 AM0
- Two gay men kicked out of Chico's Tacos restaurant for kissing tekisui Started: Jul-10 07:42 AM18
- Who wants to play?! cboy4 Started: Jul-10 03:16 AM1
- AIDS Activists Arrested After Shutting Down Capitol Rotunda FreeState Started: Jul-09 01:25 PM1
- LGBT rights map.... Where is the power of Federalism? I don't get it! aaaaaa5a Started: Jul-08 02:37 PM3
- Gay hate rears its ugly head in nation's capital (Bishop Harry Jackson and Minister Leroy Swailes) Duncan Grant Started: Jul-08 02:12 PM3
- Does Writing Your Congressman Actually Work? Yes, Sort Of FreeState Started: Jul-08 01:43 PM6
- Mass. sues feds over definition of marriage FreeState Started: Jul-08 01:13 PM0
- I am very happy to see this! MuseRider Started: Jul-08 08:37 AM7
- GLBTQ Online High School Duncan Grant Started: Jul-08 01:24 AM3
- In honor of this new awesome group, I'd like to introduce you to this other awesome group Downtown Houn... Started: Jul-07 07:09 PM7
- Fallen Idol: Why I won't automatically vote Obama in 2012 FreeState Started: Jul-07 05:05 PM15
- Gay Marriage Bill Takes Effect in Nation's Capital tekisui Started: Jul-07 04:48 PM2

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