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- Welcome to the DU Joe Biden Supporters Group Skinner Admin Wed Aug-29-07 08:27 AM0
- Joe's staff to play a part in getting the SC confirmation through Congress Jennicut Wed May-27-09 12:50 PM2
- ! DesertedRose Fri Sep-19-08 10:17 PM4
- ".....since I was, like, in the second grade." Palin Debi Tue Sep-30-08 02:38 PM16
- "...and the Vice President!" pirhana Tue Jan-20-09 02:35 PM0
- "Amtrak Joe No More" For some reason this article made me tear up Jennicut Sun Nov-23-08 12:02 AM9
- "Best Dressed" V.P. in History, elleng Sat Sep-27-08 08:39 PM1
- "Biden misleads elleng Tue Sep-23-08 03:59 PM13
- "Cheney/Biden differences are visibly clear" jillan Thu Jan-29-09 11:32 AM9
- "I've had it up to HERE!" DesertedRose Sun Oct-12-08 01:35 PM1
- "Joe the Fighter" PatSeg Sun Aug-29-10 06:57 PM2
- "Ladies And Gentlemen- Ladies And Gentleman..." I do so very much stlsaxman Wed Aug-27-08 02:16 PM5
- "Obama loved it" PatSeg Thu Mar-25-10 09:37 PM6
- "THE SKY IS FALLING!!!!!" DesertedRose Fri Sep-05-08 02:01 AM9
- "There is nobody in Washington, D.C., with the heart that Joe Biden has,'' jillan Thu Oct-08-09 03:42 AM1
- "We love Vice President Joe Biden" PatSeg Fri Mar-26-10 12:30 AM9
- "we thought it was Brangelina," gateley Mon Feb-08-10 08:18 PM1
- "Why I Like Joe." elleng Wed Oct-29-08 01:00 AM1
- "With Biden now on the Democratic ticket, elleng Mon Aug-25-08 12:40 AM1
- (Speechwriter) Neil Kinnock welcomes (plagiarist) Joe Biden nomination Kire Sun Aug-31-08 10:56 PM4
- *cough* DesertedRose Wed Nov-26-08 08:37 PM7
- *sigh* AspenRose Sun Feb-08-09 03:03 PM5
- *sigh* [View All] Debi Sat Nov-08-08 07:33 PM22
- ---I've got something to say to the fucker who brought the monkey--- 1corona4u Sun Oct-12-08 01:57 PM3
- --Just wondering, is Liberty dead in this country, or did it ever exist?-- (Poll) 1corona4u Mon Nov-10-08 08:26 PM7
- 3 Biden events in NC Thursday JoeIsOneOfUs Wed Oct-22-08 07:02 PM1
- 5th Grade Reporter Interviews Senator Joe Biden tsegat01 Sat Oct-25-08 09:36 PM3
- 6;49 PM. NT (JUST A NOTE TO MYSELF) gateley Thu Jan-07-10 10:09 PM1
- >>> [View All] The Village I... Sun Sep-28-08 02:47 PM21
- ???????????????? pirhana Sun Nov-30-08 11:30 PM2
- A beautiful piece of Biden writing on the separation of powers JoeIsOneOfUs Thu Sep-18-08 11:12 AM4
- a bit of sarcasm from me... JoeIsOneOfUs Wed Oct-01-08 07:46 PM0
- A Bittersweet Oath for Biden Jennicut Wed Jan-07-09 06:13 PM4
- A call to action for my fellow Bidenites- pirhana Mon Aug-25-08 05:10 PM8
- A clip from Joe in Montana - gateley Mon Sep-08-08 01:55 PM6
- A couple of Bideny things to share. pirhana Mon Jan-12-09 09:47 PM15
- A must read - jillan Tue Jan-26-10 06:01 PM7
- A new Biden Biography??? gateley Sun Oct-03-10 05:59 AM4
- A new life, but she's still Jill...really nice article Jennicut Mon May-04-09 09:36 PM3
- A nice little clip on Joe vs Cheney. I didn't know Joe was on two shows! gateley Mon Feb-15-10 05:06 PM1
- A nice little surprise from Clio: gateley Sat Jan-23-10 12:49 AM4
- A really memorable year tsegat01 Wed Jan-07-09 01:33 PM8
- A thread on Biden-Durbin judiciary bill JoeIsOneOfUs Sat Sep-13-08 04:42 PM1
- A tribute thread to Livvy PatSeg Tue Jul-13-10 04:14 PM7
- ABC (bastards) cancelled Boston Legal tsegat01 Thu Dec-11-08 12:46 AM3
- Access Is Cut at Community Colleges. elleng Wed Jun-23-10 08:59 PM1
- Adorable picture of Barack and Michelle Eurobabe Sat Jan-24-09 03:28 AM12
- After reading some of those posts over in GD-P We're gonna have to change the name of this group Debi Sat Sep-06-08 12:08 PM17
- Ah hah - Jared Bernstein doesn't fall for Andrea Mitchell's bullcaca. jillan Tue May-05-09 09:21 PM5
- Ah, good times! gateley Tue Oct-13-09 08:48 PM0
- Aha! tsegat01 Thu Dec-04-08 01:38 PM10
- ahem. DesertedRose Wed Nov-19-08 09:00 PM13
- ALERT: Biden on Colbert Report on Wednesday (tonight!!) nt gateley Mon Sep-13-10 05:40 PM9
- Alito jabs at Biden..... tsegat01 Fri Dec-05-08 10:50 PM11
- all right, what critters are on his tie this time? JoeIsOneOfUs Fri Jan-02-09 01:17 PM6
- All the post in GD-P about Palin 'going after' our Cupcake Debi Sun Oct-05-08 06:55 AM4
- Am I the only one that thinks Palin is going to come out of this ok? 1corona4u Mon Sep-01-08 11:36 PM5
- Amtrak is happy that their loyal customer is going to be in the WH. pirhana Fri Nov-14-08 03:13 PM9
- An hour and a fucking half!!!!! 1corona4u Fri Oct-03-08 09:07 AM16
- An interesting read - jillan Fri Oct-23-09 12:01 PM2
- and damn, he should be president susanwy Thu Aug-28-08 04:10 AM7
- And there's this -- jillan Mon Aug-31-09 02:43 PM1
- And they're OFF! 48percenter Tue Jan-20-09 02:19 PM3
- And whom is going to be Lawrence O'Donnell's very first guest on his new show?? jillan Fri Sep-24-10 08:39 PM4
- Andrea Mitchell is going to be with Biden tomorrow in Pa jillan Sun Mar-01-09 01:32 AM3
- Anna Marie Cox is DEAD to me - jillan Fri Apr-02-10 01:27 AM9
- Another reason to hate Karl Rove Debi Tue Sep-02-08 06:12 PM4
- another source on Biden's vote totals JoeIsOneOfUs Wed Sep-03-08 11:36 PM0
- Any other Jon Stewart junkies in this group besides me? jillan Sun Aug-23-09 06:18 PM3
- Any other This American Life fans? JoeIsOneOfUs Wed Oct-08-08 03:39 PM0
- Anybody else beside me glued to the tv watching the "summit" all day? [View All] gateley Mon Mar-01-10 03:25 AM21
- Anybody else get the email from Joe? gateley Thu Dec-03-09 04:11 PM3
- Anybody have a few minutes to do something constructive today? pirhana Sun Aug-31-08 10:54 PM3
- Anybody here going to Denver? Or know someone going to 48percenter Tue Aug-26-08 10:15 AM9
- Anybody know anyway to watch the Biden dinner tonite? pirhana Mon Jan-19-09 07:34 PM2
- Anybody watch the 20/20 full interview with Palin and Charlie Gibson? gateley Fri Sep-12-08 10:41 PM1
- Anyone catch Entertainment Tonight last night? Jennicut Wed Oct-01-08 02:12 PM4
- Anyone else annoyed to hear Clinton get credit for the term "smart power"? JoeIsOneOfUs Wed Jan-14-09 03:13 PM5
- Anyone else bawling like a baby?? 48percenter Wed Nov-05-08 09:40 AM6
- Anyone else just getting OFF, seeing Joe AGAIN?? [View All] 48percenter Sun Aug-24-08 09:38 PM24
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