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- Welcome to the DU Joe Biden Supporters Group Skinner Admin Wed Aug-29-07 08:27 AM0
- Skinner has announced that we will have a user name amnesty, [View All] CrispyQGirl Mon Jan-19-09 01:39 PM55
- Joe got his puppy, a German Shepherd [View All] Jennicut Wed Dec-17-08 11:01 PM49
- My request to all of you..... [View All] bobbolink Mon Sep-01-08 12:31 PM48
- omg - I did it. [View All] jillan Sun Jan-25-09 02:25 PM47
- So Nero bit me. [View All] gateley Wed Oct-01-08 10:41 AM40
- Biden's going to Pakistan. [View All] pirhana Thu Jan-08-09 03:56 PM40
- Did you guys see this? [View All] gateley Wed Jan-13-10 11:08 PM39
- Hi my wonderful friends -- and thank you! [View All] gateley Wed Oct-15-08 02:41 PM36
- Hey! Don't you people come here anymore? I need an Echo similie.... nt [View All] gateley Thu Aug-20-09 09:25 PM34
- Jim is working with Sarah Silverman today -- [View All] gateley Fri Oct-23-09 03:21 PM34
- Hi All - I Missed You n/t [View All] Steely_Dan Tue Sep-07-10 01:25 PM34
- Pirhana-- I totally keep forgetting to answer a question you asked [View All] 1corona4u Fri Sep-19-08 01:02 AM33
- remember that great news photo site [View All] JoeIsOneOfUs Sun Oct-05-08 07:38 AM33
- Opening up a can of worms here.... [View All] Debi Wed Nov-19-08 01:43 AM33
- I'm a little disappointed... [View All] 1corona4u Thu Aug-28-08 02:42 PM32
- Wow, we've really come a long way [View All] tsegat01 Sun Oct-26-08 11:25 AM32
- Ever wonder what it felt like to kiss a cupcake??? [View All] Debi Tue Sep-09-08 03:20 PM31
- Pinch me ---- [View All] jillan Sun May-03-09 03:15 PM31
- VP Joe Biden came to Iowa.....and guess who joined him??? [View All] Debi Mon Nov-30-09 12:32 PM31
- Joe on Rachel show tonight!!! [View All] elleng Thu Sep-16-10 06:35 PM31
- NYT small bit on Bidens' move [View All] JoeIsOneOfUs Tue Nov-11-08 09:32 PM29
- Jean Biden seriously ill [View All] PatSeg Fri Jan-08-10 02:36 AM29
- Has anyone heard from Gately? [View All] livvy Sat Dec-27-08 01:19 PM29
- Debi's never here anymore, she's always on.... [View All] 48percenter Tue Dec-23-08 01:05 PM29
- Hey y'all BIDENITES!! [View All] Eurobabe Wed Apr-22-09 07:20 PM28
- Goodmorning - Biden is getting crap this morning already [View All] jillan Fri May-01-09 02:27 PM28
- It's Joe. [View All] 48percenter Wed Aug-27-08 03:38 AM28
- I need to get this off my chest. [View All] Bellator Mon Jan-26-09 12:10 PM28
- Was I the only one that was yelling at Brian Williams when he interviewed Joe [View All] jillan Fri Jun-12-09 05:33 PM27
- Hellllo Bidneites! I may be spending less time on here.... [View All] 48percenter Fri Nov-07-08 11:17 AM27
- Can I just say [View All] gateley Sun Jul-25-10 03:01 PM26
- Pics (finally) Oh and did I tell you Debi, Jr. got to see Dr. Jill Biden too?? [View All] Debi Mon Sep-15-08 12:22 PM25
- I got one!!!!! [View All] pirhana Wed Sep-17-08 06:52 PM25
- I can't believe how stupid people are.... [View All] 1corona4u Wed Sep-03-08 05:58 PM25
- Arrrgh! [View All] gateley Thu Oct-22-09 06:32 PM24
- Anyone else just getting OFF, seeing Joe AGAIN?? [View All] 48percenter Sun Aug-24-08 09:38 PM24
- Haha! Joe's tie has chickens on it! Go to [View All] 48percenter Wed Aug-27-08 01:47 AM24
- OK, I waded into the shark infested waters of GD to ask for name amnesty [View All] 48percenter Sat Jan-17-09 01:48 PM23
- Help me, I never get anything done anymore, I am a FACEBOOK addict... [View All] Eurobabe Thu Jan-29-09 11:26 AM23
- Here's the last pic of Nero before he died (my brother entitled it Evil Eye) [View All] gateley Sat Aug-22-09 01:04 AM23
- OMG, I really understand now why we need [View All] PatSeg Sun Feb-28-10 12:54 PM23
- Gateley, Gateley!!!!! [View All] tsegat01 Tue Oct-28-08 09:38 PM23
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute - (HCR question) [View All] gateley Sun Mar-07-10 02:19 PM23
- You guys - [View All] jillan Wed Mar-24-10 01:30 PM23
- Bidenites - IS anyone here? Joe might be in danger in Iraq [View All] jillan Wed Sep-16-09 09:05 PM22
- I've fallen in love... [View All] gateley Thu Sep-10-09 08:05 AM22
- Who said it....about who???? [View All] Debi Wed Oct-01-08 07:49 PM22
- I think it's hysterical... [View All] 1corona4u Sat Oct-04-08 04:35 PM22
- *sigh* [View All] Debi Sat Nov-08-08 07:33 PM22
- LOL Biden! [View All] tsegat01 Thu Nov-20-08 12:28 PM22
- Happy New Years BIDENITES!! 2009 is almost here... [View All] 48percenter Thu Jan-01-09 05:50 PM22
- Happy New Year to the Biden Brigade!! [View All] gateley Sun Jan-04-09 03:22 AM22
- Heads up Bidenites - Joe will be on in 1/2 hr (10 EST) [View All] pirhana Thu Jan-15-09 02:46 PM22
- You are NOT going to believe who called today! [View All] Debi Mon Dec-22-08 10:50 AM21
- Here, guys -- this is nice... [View All] gateley Thu Aug-27-09 05:12 PM21
- Don't forget - The Daily Show tonight! [View All] PatSeg Thu Nov-19-09 01:03 PM21
- Anybody else beside me glued to the tv watching the "summit" all day? [View All] gateley Mon Mar-01-10 03:25 AM21
- >>> [View All] The Village I... Sun Sep-28-08 02:47 PM21
- So what do you think is going thru Joe's head in this picture? [View All] jillan Fri Sep-04-09 10:03 AM21
- Happy Thanksgiving [View All] muddrunner17 Sat Nov-29-08 10:48 PM20
- Hello? Is there anybody in there? [View All] WheelWalker Sun Jan-25-09 02:05 AM20
- Boy, it sure is quiet around here! [View All] PatSeg Wed Sep-09-09 04:06 PM20
- I made a group on Facebook. [View All] livvy Wed Jan-28-09 10:38 PM20
- I just got my copy of Newsweek in the mail! [View All] PatSeg Mon Oct-19-09 03:16 PM20
- JBSG "formerly known as (name change amnesty results)" for the Terminally Confused [View All] Eurobabe Mon Jan-26-09 04:11 PM20
- So - who's brave enough to watch? pirhana Sat Sep-20-08 09:26 PM19
- Hi guys -- gateley Fri Oct-03-08 03:47 AM19
- Uh oh ! jillan Wed Mar-04-09 06:36 PM19
- Are you guys following the Rove vs Biden story? jillan Mon Apr-13-09 11:32 AM19
- Cnn showing cupcake cruising around the floor of the Pepsi Stadium pirhana Wed Aug-27-08 04:49 PM19
- Just some things I wanna get off my chest.... pirhana Wed Sep-10-08 04:53 PM19
- Oh my god. pirhana Tue Nov-11-08 11:01 PM19
- It's official.... DesertedRose Wed Sep-17-08 01:38 PM18
- You guys, the oddest thing happened here in Clayton (and surrounding gateley Mon Sep-08-08 11:50 PM18
- CNN - omg - pirhana Wed Sep-17-08 10:18 AM18
- SOS gateley Thu Sep-18-08 01:13 PM18
- Pirhana--- 1corona4u Sun Sep-21-08 08:45 PM18
- Hi everyone. I am new to this group. I love Joe. Jennicut Fri Sep-26-08 08:49 AM18
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