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- Welcome to the DU Joe Biden Supporters Group Skinner Admin Started: Aug-29 08:27 AM0
- Attention Bidenites... livvy Started: Dec-10 01:31 AM1
- VP's BIRTHDAY coming up! Sign his card!!! elleng Started: Nov-19 03:21 AM0
- Thought you guys would get a kick out of this.... livvy Started: Jun-16 03:28 PM3
- Just found out that Joe was in Nashua PatSeg Started: May-26 01:16 AM0
- Does anyone drop by here anymore? PatSeg Started: Apr-07 12:41 PM2
- This is cute... livvy Started: Feb-22 08:47 AM2
- Biden: The Onion Parodies Of Me Are 'Hilarious' nyc 4 Biden Started: Jan-31 09:38 AM1
- I checked out the DU3Preview PatSeg Started: Jan-22 01:14 PM10
- Too funny PatSeg Started: Jan-16 10:41 AM0
- Merry Christmas Everyone! PatSeg Started: Dec-26 12:18 PM0
- I don't know about you guys - but I have had it with Obama - and I can't help but wonder jillan Started: Dec-03 09:28 PM4
- Holiday decor at the White House and Bidens' house: Simple and frosted elleng Started: Dec-02 12:10 AM3
- Biden GQ interview PatSeg Started: Nov-21 06:59 AM0
- This picture is so sad... jillan Started: Nov-20 12:00 AM0
- Exclusive interview with our VP PatSeg Started: Nov-18 03:59 PM4
- Biden Bio book review elleng Started: Nov-08 11:29 AM5
- Wheel Walker PatSeg Started: Oct-29 12:53 AM0
- Look at Jilly jillan Started: Oct-27 08:34 PM4
- WheelWalker's had a setback... PhillyGurl Started: Oct-25 02:29 PM5
- Biden to campaign for Rep. Grayson! elleng Started: Oct-23 03:53 PM4
- Don't want you guys to miss this - it's wonderful gateley Started: Oct-22 08:46 PM0
- Holy shit! Obama was in my old neighborhood this morning! If I'd have known gateley Started: Oct-21 06:08 PM0
- VP BIDEN: 'I've had it up to here' PatSeg Started: Oct-20 03:58 PM1
- Go as fast as you can to GD, great, great pic of our Joe running monmouth Started: Oct-07 07:41 AM4
- Well Andrea Mitchell said it today.... jillan Started: Oct-05 09:37 PM7
- Jill and WH Community Colleges Summit on C-Span now. elleng Started: Oct-05 02:32 PM1
- A new Biden Biography??? gateley Started: Oct-01 08:55 PM4
- Here's a thread for Arizonans, Jill -- gateley Started: Oct-01 10:40 AM1
- Hi kids! nt gateley Started: Sep-30 12:13 PM1
- Stop Whining!! jillan Started: Sep-28 03:02 PM1
- Facebook people - Beau needs friends jillan Started: Sep-26 09:57 PM1
- Join VP at PennState! elleng Started: Sep-26 12:13 PM1
- dupe elleng Started: Sep-26 12:13 PM0
- And whom is going to be Lawrence O'Donnell's very first guest on his new show?? jillan Started: Sep-23 07:51 PM4
- O. M. G.!!!!!!!! jillan Started: Sep-23 07:42 PM5
- Me thinks Rachel Maddow is becoming a Bidenite... jillan Started: Sep-22 08:17 PM6
- Joe may be a lot of things, but I don't think "hip" tops the list. gateley Started: Sep-20 12:04 AM0
- How was part 2 of the interview? I was lying down but I DVR'd it -- won't be gateley Started: Sep-16 10:53 PM4
- Randi Rhodes was singing Joe's praises tonight and played lots of clips from gateley Started: Sep-16 10:50 PM2
- Did you guys see Obama's statement (re: small biz, tax cuts) from the Rose Garden gateley Started: Sep-15 03:59 PM8
- Joe on Rachel show tonight!!! [View All] elleng Started: Sep-15 10:39 AM31
- I think Joe should pull Dodd aside and tell him to knock it off. I can't believe gateley Started: Sep-14 09:38 PM4
- Wow - another great article! And lotsa Joe lovers! :-) nt gateley Started: Sep-14 05:55 PM2
- Biden article - God I love that man! gateley Started: Sep-14 05:30 PM1
- Send in "Crazy Uncle Joe" jillan Started: Sep-08 08:17 PM2
- ALERT: Biden on Colbert Report on Wednesday (tonight!!) nt gateley Started: Sep-08 10:51 AM9
- I think I found the perfect job for Joe, when he's done being VP, that is. jillan Started: Sep-07 06:07 PM11
- Gateley??? Where are you???? jillan Started: Sep-03 10:36 PM5
- Hi All - I Missed You n/t [View All] Steely_Dan Started: Aug-30 01:38 AM34
- "Joe the Fighter" PatSeg Started: Aug-25 06:00 PM2
- I have no idea what is going on in the world PhillyGurl Started: Aug-24 09:49 PM10
- Go get 'em Tiger! jillan Started: Aug-20 10:39 PM16
- Just received this from DNC: elleng Started: Aug-19 12:48 PM4
- Check it out you guys -- a beautiful glimpse of the Joe we know and love! gateley Started: Aug-18 09:45 PM7
- Goddess... I love you all. I just needed to tell you. Blessings. WheelWalker Started: Aug-14 01:56 AM4
- Hi y'all! How's life on the farm? gateley Started: Aug-13 12:04 PM4
- In case you guys didn't see this one PatSeg Started: Aug-03 03:08 PM7
- Today on Ed's TV show, he said "I know Joe Biden would give the shirt off his gateley Started: Jul-30 12:38 AM2
- Can I just say [View All] gateley Started: Jul-21 12:12 PM26
- More Biden, Please gateley Started: Jul-20 11:28 AM8
- Biden's influence is everywhere! jillan Started: Jul-19 10:27 PM7
- Biden Hammers Republican spending PatSeg Started: Jul-18 01:07 AM5
- Joe's been fined by the FEC gateley Started: Jul-17 06:10 PM1
- Sunday! Biden on ABC This Week!! jillan Started: Jul-17 12:54 AM3
- Have you guys seen this?? gateley Started: Jul-12 10:00 PM4
- Is this guy any where around you Jill? gateley Started: Jul-10 12:57 PM6
- SPOILER -- a little taste of Biden on Leno. nt gateley Started: Jul-09 10:16 PM3
- I need math help. gateley Started: Jul-09 08:39 PM12
- A tribute thread to Livvy PatSeg Started: Jul-09 02:47 PM7
- Biden ALERT!!! jillan Started: Jul-09 01:02 PM15
- Biden going to Iraq. gateley Started: Jul-03 03:55 PM3
- Senator Byrd's memorial is on C-Span2 right now, Joe will be speaking. gateley Started: Jul-02 11:22 AM0
- Delaware Grapevine: The return of Beau Biden, Part II (I guess I missed Part I) gateley Started: Jul-01 10:21 PM0
- Joe and Obama will be speaking at the service for Byrd tomorrow. I'm so glad gateley Started: Jul-01 12:34 PM2
- Frankly I got tired of all the coverage of Joe's trip to the Gulf, didn't you? gateley Started: Jul-01 12:27 PM8
- Biden reflects on GOP party ... gateley Started: Jun-30 02:39 PM2
- Omg Biden!! jillan Started: Jun-28 04:42 PM12
- MSNBC just said Joe will be giving a statement about Senator Byrd shortly. Was gateley Started: Jun-28 10:07 AM2
- Joe's going to the Gulf on Tuesday! gateley Started: Jun-25 06:00 PM1
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