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- Welcome to the DU Anthropology Group Skinner Admin Mon Jun-11-07 04:33 PM0
- Adsos Letter Sat Feb-14-09 12:21 AM0
- High-tech Tests Allow Anthropologists To Track Ancient Hominids Across The Landscape Adsos Letter Sat Feb-14-09 01:11 AM0
- Uncovered bones are a hot find from the Ice Age Adsos Letter Mon Feb-16-09 08:34 PM0
- Physicist Uses Radio Signals to Search Downtown Las Vegas for Signs of Ancient Pit Houses Adsos Letter Mon Feb-16-09 08:35 PM0
- Nighthawks hitting historic UK sites Adsos Letter Mon Feb-16-09 08:56 PM0
- Remains of ancient monolithic temple found in Himachal Adsos Letter Mon Feb-16-09 08:58 PM0
- Archaeologists dig up rare medieval waterwheel Adsos Letter Mon Feb-16-09 09:01 PM0
- Maccabee-era relics found near Jerusalem shed light on ancient Jewish warriors Adsos Letter Wed Feb-18-09 10:13 PM0
- Computer technology plus archaeology equals enhanced knowledge of the past Adsos Letter Wed Feb-18-09 10:16 PM0
- Adsos Letter Fri Mar-06-09 06:16 PM1
- Drought might have collapsed Cambodian Angkor city Adsos Letter Wed Feb-18-09 10:47 PM0
- Dig Uncovers Spanish Settlement Adsos Letter Wed Feb-18-09 10:52 PM0
- Hunt for the Codex Cardona Adsos Letter Fri Feb-26-10 02:26 PM0
- Dig uncovers 1642 Montreal site applegrove Fri Aug-24-07 09:46 PM5
- 80,000 year old Bling! AZDemDist6 Mon Jun-18-07 05:02 PM1
- The Soviet Roadside Bus-stop bananas Tue Jun-26-07 05:55 PM1
- Dead Sea Scrolls in San Diego bananas Wed Aug-01-07 05:33 AM0
- Berkeley Anthropology Study on News-Comedy Looking for Participants to Interview. berkeleynewsc... Sat Mar-08-08 10:01 PM1
- University of Michigan researchers find clues at bottom of Lake Huron to ancient hunters Bozita Wed Jun-17-09 01:16 PM1
- cally Sat Apr-04-09 04:47 AM2
- Stone Age Color, Glue 'Factory' Found (58,000 yrs ago) cally Mon Jun-07-10 04:49 PM1
- It's all about ME, doncha know? canetoad Mon Sep-10-07 02:47 AM3
- Hi there. I don't have anything well researched to post right now. Cleita Mon Jun-18-07 09:06 PM4
- Clue to Egypt's Gold Source Discovered Cleita Tue Jun-19-07 11:26 AM2
- Just finished an interesting book, "The Quest For the Shaman" Cleita Thu Jul-26-07 11:41 AM5
- The Journey of Mankind DemReadingDU Sun Jun-17-07 11:32 PM1
- Scientists hail stunning fossil dipsydoodle Tue May-19-09 02:11 PM0
- Giant rat found in 'lost volcano' dipsydoodle Fri Nov-13-09 03:00 PM2
- Etched ostrich eggs illustrate human sophistication dipsydoodle Tue Mar-02-10 03:07 PM0
- Missing link between man and apes found dipsydoodle Sat Apr-03-10 05:45 PM0
- Dry weather reveals archaeological 'cropmarks' in fields dipsydoodle Sat Sep-11-10 09:39 AM2
- 'First west Europe tooth' found edwardlindy Sun Jul-01-07 07:00 PM6
- Lost towns' discovered in Amazon edwardlindy Tue Nov-11-08 04:49 AM4
- Drought Bares Okeechobee's Bottom, Reveals Old Finds eleny Tue Jun-12-07 08:30 PM4
- Do you like to watch anthro related tv programs? eleny Tue Jun-19-07 11:24 AM9
- You know you're an anthro geek when... eleny Sun Jul-13-08 10:55 PM7
- Did you see this Science group post about the baby mammoth found eleny Fri Jul-27-07 07:05 PM6
- A posting of interest over at General Discussion eleny Mon Sep-24-07 04:01 PM0
- Ruins of 7,000-year-old city found in Egypt oasis eleny Wed Jan-30-08 02:00 PM0
- Just finishing Guns Germs and Steel elfin Wed Sep-05-07 04:18 PM5
- US hands back artefacts to Peru (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Fri Jun-15-07 11:30 AM1
- Reed boat sets off on ocean trip (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Sun Jul-15-07 02:04 PM3
- Yale to return Peruvian artefacts (BBC) eppur_se_muov... Mon Sep-17-07 09:39 AM0
- Uncontacted tribes to the rest of the world--please go away and leave us alone eridani Mon Jun-23-08 12:35 PM2
- Hello everyone! [View All] FLDem5 Mon Jun-18-07 07:33 PM31
- Vanity Fair: Out of Africa FLDem5 Fri Sep-28-07 09:30 PM13
- How disasters doomed early Americans foxfeet Thu Jan-22-09 05:32 AM5
- Anyone reading anything interesting right now? Me: Anthropology & Africa HamdenRice Mon Jun-18-07 07:41 PM6
- Folklore question: Pananunda HamdenRice Fri Jul-06-07 08:05 AM1
- Apes, Old World Monkeys May Have Split Later Than Thought Ignis Mon Jul-19-10 09:30 PM3
- World's Oldest Ritual Discovered (70k years old) Ignis Sun Nov-27-11 02:01 AM1
- Pleistocene carvings found in East Timor intaglio Mon Apr-11-11 10:46 AM2
- Don't be afraid to start threads here! Jed Dilligan Tue Jun-26-07 05:56 PM5
- Time travel in ancient myths Jed Dilligan Tue Jun-19-07 02:50 PM1
- Just for fun... (Poll) [View All] Jed Dilligan Fri Jul-27-07 12:04 PM23
- Cross-post: Porn/alcohol banned for aborigines Jed Dilligan Tue Jun-26-07 05:51 PM3
- I think we're getting close... Jed Dilligan Sat Jun-30-07 07:00 AM1
- Cross-post: Dinosaur bones eaten in China Jed Dilligan Sun Aug-12-07 04:16 PM3
- Cross-post: Interesting GD thread on being scared. Jed Dilligan Fri Jul-06-07 08:09 PM0
- Debunking article on bonobos in this week's New Yorker Jed Dilligan Tue Aug-07-07 04:26 PM1
- Weird random thought on primate communication Jed Dilligan Sun Sep-09-07 01:30 AM6
- "Ten Canoes": great ethnographic film Jed Dilligan Sat Aug-25-07 10:33 PM0
- Cross-post: Neanderthal climate change link debated Jed Dilligan Thu Sep-13-07 12:42 PM0
- GD cross-post: Anthropologists as counter-insurgents Jed Dilligan Fri Sep-28-07 05:08 PM0
- Mungo Jim Warren Tue Jun-19-07 06:21 PM4
- Sites close by Jim Warren Wed Jul-04-07 01:15 PM6
- Ancient squash seeds found in Peru Judi Lynn Mon Jul-02-07 03:29 AM3
- Egypt's Oldest Known Art Identified, Is 15,000 Years Old Judi Lynn Thu Jul-12-07 07:01 AM2
- Aztec ruins found in Mexico City Judi Lynn Sat Aug-04-07 07:23 PM0
- Ancient Ruler's Tomb, Gold Trove Found in Bolivia Pyramid Judi Lynn Tue Aug-07-07 01:20 PM1
- Stone Age Settlement Found Under English Channel Judi Lynn Fri Aug-10-07 05:44 PM2
- Argentina Museum Displays Incan Mummy Judi Lynn Tue Sep-11-07 07:09 PM1
- 80 Ancient "Cloud Warrior" Skeletons Found in Peru Fort Judi Lynn Fri Sep-28-07 03:15 AM0
- Chinese farmers grew rice 7,700 years ago Judi Lynn Wed Oct-03-07 02:45 PM5
- Ancient boats surface as lake dries Judi Lynn Wed Oct-10-07 04:57 PM1
- A little-known language survives in Colombia Judi Lynn Sun Oct-28-07 08:44 AM1
- GUATEMALA: Mayan Manuscript Returned (In Replica) Judi Lynn Sat Oct-27-07 03:55 PM0
- Italy regains looted ancient treasures Judi Lynn Wed Nov-07-07 03:44 AM0
- Ancient Peru temple, mural excavated Judi Lynn Mon Nov-12-07 07:06 PM1
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