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- Welcome to the DU Barack Obama Group Skinner Admin Wed Dec-06-06 04:09 PM0
- So how many of us are there? [View All] graywarrior Sun Feb-14-10 04:15 PM221
- BOG 2010 January Roll Call! [View All] FrenchieCat Thu Dec-27-12 04:48 PM167
- Well folks, it's all yours [View All] WeDidIt Fri Jan-08-10 10:04 PM131
- *** OFFICIAL BARACK OBAMA GROUP STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS THREAD *** [View All] DeepModem Mom Wed Jan-27-10 09:55 PM110
- *********Semi-Official State of the Union Thread Two********** [View All] SemiCharmedQu... Thu Jan-28-10 02:21 PM95
- Is it time for those who wish the President well to leave DU? (Poll) [View All] Jackeens Wed Jan-06-10 03:56 PM93
- We are over 100 people strong, new comers please check in [View All] NJmaverick Mon Jan-04-10 06:48 PM92
- When the word "Demcratic" becomes flame bait [View All] NJmaverick Sat Jan-09-10 03:57 PM90
- Helen Thomas's Third Strike [View All] berni_mccoy Sat Mar-13-10 11:07 AM87
- BOG 2010 February Roll Call! [View All] FrenchieCat Thu Feb-11-10 09:19 PM80
- Mr. Skinner I would like to pick a fight with you [View All] grantcart Wed Jun-23-10 03:52 PM79
- If Skinner or some Admin doesnt' make a statement or a decision soon, I may be gone [View All] demtenjeep Tue Jun-15-10 05:56 PM76
- Reality Countdown to the Vote Thread [View All] goclark Sun Mar-21-10 09:56 PM74
- Paul Wellstone was a "Pragmatist".. I love Pres Obama's Pragmatism [View All] Cha Wed Jul-28-10 11:09 PM74
- Obama Hate In Full Effect [View All] berni_mccoy Wed Jan-27-10 11:59 AM73
- Please Don't Leave On My Account ... [View All] NanceGreggs Sat Jan-23-10 05:48 PM71
- I am done with this place [View All] graywarrior Mon Jan-18-10 12:31 PM67
- Will you stop donating to DU if admins don't start cleaning up the hate? (Poll) [View All] Nicholas D Wo... Sun Jan-10-10 02:52 PM67
- 2pm ***LIVE*** Obama/Medvedev Press Conference on [View All] quiet.america... Thu Jun-24-10 04:49 PM63
- The Reflexive Anti Obama Syndrome and the trivialization of DU [View All] grantcart Tue May-25-10 08:40 PM61
- Has anyone noticed Skinner has changed the welcome message to this group? [View All] NJmaverick Fri Jan-08-10 12:24 AM56
- Pres. Obama is just an ineffective leader. [View All] Drunken Irish... Sat May-01-10 01:36 PM56
- I'll quit when the President quits [View All] grantcart Sat Mar-13-10 08:36 PM56
- GD & GDP [View All] graywarrior Tue Dec-29-09 09:48 PM55
- Du member rebel with a cause has passed away [View All] AbbeyRoad Thu Jul-01-10 07:37 PM55
- The DU Barack Obama Group is a Critical DU Asset, IMHO. [View All] NYC_SKP Sun Jun-13-10 05:47 PM55
- Another Hater Bites the Dust, admits he's a disrupter with sock-puppets [View All] berni_mccoy Sun Jan-10-10 07:21 PM55
- Now that I've found you, explain why the rest of DU has gone so bat shit anti Obama? [View All] Hamlette Sat Jan-16-10 11:01 AM55
- Just thought this was a good one! [View All] FrenchieCat Tue Jan-12-10 10:19 AM54
- Hey guys, don't forget Pres. Obama LIVE at 2pm today in Iowa. [View All] quiet.america... Thu Mar-25-10 04:42 PM53
- After thinking this over for many weeks and. . . [View All] graywarrior Sun Jun-27-10 10:40 AM53
- "New Rules" from Skinner, not yet implemented. Maybe civility will return... [View All] babylonsister Sat Jun-26-10 11:07 PM52
- Hey, y'all -- Pres. Obama LIVE today - 5:35p - Iowa town hall. [View All] quiet.america... Tue Apr-27-10 10:23 PM50
- Don't get sucked in [View All] grantcart Wed Jan-13-10 03:27 AM48
- I suggest that we start posting on this site, the good work done by this Administration..... [View All] FrenchieCat Tue Jan-12-10 09:50 PM46
- I think I figured out why there is rage against Obama [View All] Cary Sat Jun-12-10 07:02 PM46
- Was DU always this stupid? [View All] Drunken Irish... Sun Jul-11-10 05:08 PM45
- The political leanings of the Obama Group (Poll) [View All] Kaleva Mon Jan-11-10 10:56 PM45
- Nance rocks....... [View All] firedupdem Wed Jan-06-10 04:39 PM43
- I notice several "locks" here in the Obama Group today -- [View All] DeepModem Mom Mon Jan-04-10 09:22 PM43
- "...he's just a man, albeit a latte colored man" [View All] Jackeens Tue Jan-12-10 01:13 PM43
- How big is your ignore list? [View All] WeDidIt Mon Jan-18-10 10:10 AM43
- Sorry, but DU is fucked. It's the sad truth. [View All] berni_mccoy Thu May-27-10 02:29 AM42
- Increasingly, I am being driven into refuge in this topic forum [View All] bluestateguy Tue Jul-13-10 04:47 PM42
- Whew ! I was just about to leave DU. [View All] jaysunb Tue Dec-29-09 11:13 PM42
- IRC Chat [View All] RoyGBiv Sat Jul-10-10 04:05 PM42
- YES! My work has been recognized! [View All] NJmaverick Wed Jan-06-10 03:06 PM41
- This group apears to be a hornets nest. [View All] arcadian Wed Jan-06-10 04:38 PM41
- I've noticed a lack of reactions to the spending freeze proposal [View All] FrenchieCat Tue Jan-26-10 04:18 PM41
- Hey, Heads Up for the Kennedy Center Honors 12/29/09 9pm~CBS [View All] Cha Thu Dec-31-09 03:59 PM40
- Okay, I just heated the stray-cat-in-the-back-garden's Snugglesafe [View All] Jackeens Mon Jan-18-10 10:44 PM40
- Okay I am just not buying this anymore... [View All] Peacetrain Mon Dec-28-09 12:06 AM40
- Obama Vents (Andrew Sullivan) [View All] Born_A_Truman Tue Jan-26-10 07:53 PM39
- A little Humor for the Day Off [View All] grantcart Sun Feb-26-12 10:40 AM39
- Maybe it's time we help the moderators by using the alert button [View All] NJmaverick Tue Sep-21-10 10:22 AM39
- The legislative accomplishments of Sir Dennis Kucinich. [View All] Drunken Irish... Wed Mar-10-10 09:24 AM39
- A hard core "conservative" friend just told me she's nearing 1000... [View All] Cary Sat Feb-13-10 10:13 AM38
- Getting to know you... [View All] SemiCharmedQu... Thu May-27-10 02:11 PM38
- Sometimes I can't stand this place. [View All] Arkana Thu Feb-11-10 05:11 PM38
- Congrats!, NYC_SKP, on becoming a moderator. [View All] quiet.america... Wed Mar-31-10 09:17 PM38
- We should support good Democratic Websites that generally support this President [View All] FrenchieCat Sun Jan-10-10 10:12 PM37
- It feels just like its the Primaries again, and yet, we have 3 years to go! [View All] FrenchieCat Wed Jan-06-10 06:40 PM37
- How do non-DU Democrats you know rate Obama? [View All] liberalpragma... Wed Jan-13-10 03:14 PM37
- Rachel Maddow is giving out information others are ignoring [View All] rebel with a ... Tue Feb-02-10 01:54 PM36
- I am not as strong as some of you. [View All] Texasgal Mon Dec-28-09 07:13 AM36
- Any of my fellow Obama supporters want to reclaim our liberal banner? [View All] NJmaverick Tue May-25-10 02:18 AM36
- Prosense Appreciate Thread [View All] berni_mccoy Sun Mar-21-10 11:11 PM35
- I didn't like the speech [View All] grantcart Thu Jun-17-10 01:04 PM35
- Stop the hate. [View All] Kind of Blue Wed Mar-24-10 09:17 PM34
- I echo Bernie McCoy's recent statement about the problems around here. [View All] stevenleser Wed Jun-09-10 11:01 PM34
- I think we are gonna be just fine...... [View All] FrenchieCat Fri Jan-22-10 11:26 AM33
- Whew, I made it. So glad to see all of you people I've missed the [View All] monmouth Mon Jan-04-10 11:56 AM32
- Lots of good news today [View All] grantcart Fri Jan-15-10 08:23 AM32
- Posting this in the let everyone know how [View All] Cha Thu Mar-25-10 09:16 PM32
- The worst sin [View All] grantcart Mon Mar-08-10 06:55 PM32
- [View All] firedupdem Wed Aug-11-10 09:00 PM32
- Best Daily Kos article EVER [View All] NJmaverick Mon Jan-25-10 09:27 PM31
- If I could give every BOGger here 100 Hearts, I'd do it! [View All] FrenchieCat Mon Feb-15-10 06:54 AM31
- DU is becoming nearly intolerable for me [View All] berni_mccoy Mon Mar-08-10 04:06 PM31
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