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- Welcome to the DU Barack Obama Group Skinner Admin Started: Dec-06 04:09 PM0
- Last BOG thread. DevonRex Started: Dec-10 10:44 PM2
- Hello BOGers. great white s... Started: Oct-29 03:47 PM1
- Obama, What a LOSER! (dial up warning: monster pic) NYC_SKP Started: Sep-27 07:44 PM0
- Steal my avatar! blogslut Started: Aug-21 12:53 PM0
- NYC_SKP Started: Aug-07 01:41 PM2
- Obama got Osama..... FrenchieCat Started: May-02 08:57 PM3
- UrbScotty Started: Mar-25 03:25 PM0
- VOTING is the Ultimate Collective Bargaining Power FrenchieCat Started: Mar-13 11:58 PM0
- Home Brewing in the White House! Raine1967 Started: Mar-04 10:03 AM1
- Anyone see Newsweek cover, 'How Obama messed up Egypt' elleng Started: Feb-24 07:54 PM4
- Anybody there? MadBadger Started: Feb-15 10:32 PM11
- No, I was not thrashing the President all over DU, but it seems as though akbacchus_BC Started: Feb-13 02:03 AM3
- Community Organizing & Social Media once again change the World FrenchieCat Started: Feb-12 09:24 PM2
- Did everybody abandon this Forum? akbacchus_BC Started: Feb-10 11:41 PM2
- Obama approval ratings on the rise UrbScotty Started: Jan-22 02:42 AM3
- heh Number23 Started: Jan-21 05:30 PM3
- Another one of those moments.... Clio the Leo Started: Jan-13 07:49 AM2
- President Obama has been deemed at the most admired Lindsey Started: Dec-27 05:27 PM2
- Proud Liberal... Started: Dec-24 11:24 AM0
- Anyone else feel like..... Clio the Leo Started: Dec-22 10:00 PM3
- Pretty pleased with the President's accomplishments in the lame -duck. bobburgster Started: Dec-22 03:52 PM2
- The good, the bad and the Ugly stevenleser Started: Dec-21 10:53 AM2
- End of DADT FrenchieCat Started: Dec-18 03:50 PM6
- WaPo-ABC News poll as of 12/15/10 - 49% approval for Pres. Obama FrenchieCat Started: Dec-15 03:35 AM1
- 'Swindle of the year goes to Obama' Number23 Started: Dec-14 03:55 AM4
- Here.... Clio the Leo Started: Dec-14 12:05 AM3
- The People's View: Let's Talk Some R-E-S-P-E-C-T FrenchieCat Started: Dec-13 06:52 PM7
- By the Numbers: 2011 Tax returns - Some Middle Class tax Scenarios (w/t & w/o) FrenchieCat Started: Dec-12 04:47 PM4
- Let's (take) a (tax cut) deal Proud Liberal... Started: Dec-12 11:17 AM3
- elleng Started: Dec-11 07:44 PM4
- Tax Debate Timeline - How the Right wouldn't budge, and the Left Blamed one man! FrenchieCat Started: Dec-11 05:32 PM4
- As of January 1, 2011........ FrenchieCat Started: Dec-09 11:53 PM3
- I can't take it anymore, where is everyone going for some sanity? Hamlette Started: Dec-09 11:16 AM9
- "I am bound to disappoint some, if not all" - Barack Obama FrenchieCat Started: Dec-09 03:19 AM4
- Gravity madamesilvers... Started: Dec-08 01:10 AM0
- Sure 'nuff madamesilvers... Started: Dec-07 01:15 PM2
- NYT: Some leaks show good handling by State Dept. treestar Started: Dec-07 11:47 AM3
- How are we tonight? Just checking. elleng Started: Dec-06 09:26 PM10
- Dessert madamesilvers... Started: Dec-03 06:03 PM4
- I just wanted to give a hug to any BOGGER who might happen by -- DeepModem Mom Started: Nov-30 01:38 PM3
- Another ally... madamesilvers... Started: Nov-24 03:25 PM14
- firedupdem Started: Nov-18 09:23 PM4
- Number23 Started: Nov-16 11:33 PM11
- Is anybody from an area where they are doing "coordinated campaigns"? LoZoccolo Started: Nov-16 10:47 AM1
- Awesome RoyGBiv Started: Nov-14 12:06 AM3
- Obama is one of the best presidents we've had in a long time Kaleva Started: Nov-12 06:06 AM10
- "Goodnight My Friends.... Where ever you are?" Peacetrain Started: Nov-11 06:25 PM1
- Bernie Saunders: On making SS strong and solvent for the next 75 yrs, Obama has the right solution. FrenchieCat Started: Nov-10 05:33 PM8
- Jon Stewart seemed positively giddy over the GOP victory NJmaverick Started: Nov-05 09:00 AM6
- "A Surprise Call From The President".. Cha Started: Nov-05 01:09 AM3
- How'd That Pissing on Obama Thing Work Out for You? Bobbie Jo Started: Nov-04 11:15 PM19
- Extreme Liberal's Blog: Let The Finger Pointing Begin! SeattleGirl Started: Nov-04 10:06 PM11
- Will someone tell me when its safe on DU again? You know, when we blame the GOP not the dems for [View All] Hamlette Started: Nov-04 06:01 PM25
- "Gay Friendly Abercrombie Wins in Hawai'i"..something else to be grateful for! Cha Started: Nov-03 05:49 PM4
- Neil Abercrombie running on Hope & Change is the next Gov of Hawai'i!! Cha Started: Nov-03 03:39 AM9
- The Huffington Post is Anti-Obama liberalmuse Started: Oct-28 06:22 PM14
- Number23 Started: Oct-28 12:38 AM15
- I think it's great the President is out there with the Dem candidates. jaxx Started: Oct-23 02:55 PM4
- Los Angeles Loves President Obama! Born_A_Truman Started: Oct-22 03:15 PM12
- This is a BFD! babylonsister Started: Oct-21 09:14 PM7
- Daily Show: President Barack Obama on October 27th Born_A_Truman Started: Oct-20 05:41 PM4
- Frank Schaeffer I love you! goclark Started: Oct-20 12:48 PM7
- I just watched the Presidents speech in Ohio again. jaxx Started: Oct-17 10:33 PM5
- Kelly School and the deranged shooter. grantcart Started: Oct-14 12:40 AM0
- firedupdem Started: Oct-12 07:42 PM6
- someone gave me a star, so before i do anymore at DU, i nofurylike Started: Oct-12 02:59 AM10
- Who do you support for Senator of Florida? (Poll) grantcart Started: Oct-10 06:06 AM4
- 108 Things President Obama Has Accomplished HuckleB Started: Oct-09 01:11 PM3
- In praise of Steve Benen...a favorite excerpt from his postings today.... quiet.america... Started: Oct-05 10:04 PM3
- quiet.america... Started: Oct-04 10:00 PM2
- Obama stands firm...wealthy don't need tax cuts Born_A_Truman Started: Oct-04 06:23 PM4
- The One Nation Rally firedupdem Started: Oct-02 12:31 PM0
- "Obama endorses Stewart's Rally".. Cha Started: Oct-01 08:58 PM3
- Hey guys - be sure to participate in the survey Skinner has Lindsey Started: Oct-01 01:51 AM7
- Another of the WH's 1001 progressive initiatives that's not sexy enough to attract a 'hate-on' quiet.america... Started: Sep-30 12:13 AM1
- Another Obama bashing thread....ho hum.... bobburgster Started: Sep-29 03:57 PM6
- Obama in Command: The Rolling Stone Interview Born_A_Truman Started: Sep-28 11:18 AM8
- Musician Charlie Daniels: Obama's actions 'disastrous' Number23 Started: Sep-25 12:32 AM11
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