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- Welcome to the DU Cancer Support Group Skinner Admin Thu Jun-22-06 01:11 PM0
- Experts crack cancer 'gene codes' Lars39 Wed Dec-06-06 03:37 PM3
- "Morning After Pill" Stops Tumors in Mice LeighAnn Sat Dec-02-06 11:11 AM5
- "My cancer diagnosis" babylonsister Fri Nov-12-10 06:06 PM2
- "Somebody's Bright Balloon," new book of poems about cancer katinmn Sat Oct-07-06 10:31 PM2
- "Subscribe" to your favorite groups on DU3 ASAP! maddezmom Sat Dec-10-11 01:08 PM0
- *Update* [View All] FuzzySlippers Sun Jun-17-07 12:47 AM20
- 14-year survivor is living proof cancer can be fought flamingyouth Mon Mar-26-07 02:11 AM5
- 17 Years Later, Stage 4 Survivor Is Savoring a Life Well Lived babylonsister Tue May-17-11 02:01 PM4
- 21yo friend of the family was diagnosed with Stage 3 ovarian cancer noiretextatiq... Fri Nov-12-10 06:09 PM6
- A DU member is asking for support--breast cancer. JohnnyLib2 Mon Sep-22-08 08:30 PM2
- A friend has breast cancer shrike Wed Dec-20-06 10:56 AM9
- A message from Longhorn's family [View All] Longhorn Wed Mar-11-09 05:58 PM21
- After 5 years of seizures... sellitman Wed Jan-09-08 08:53 PM7
- Alternative or CAM therapies pecwae Tue Jun-27-06 11:11 AM11
- Alternative treatments: success stories? wiggs Sat Aug-26-06 08:01 PM7
- Another 14hr day at MD Anderson. Cetuximab/Bevacizumab question. MsRedacted Fri Sep-21-07 09:04 PM3
- Another surgery for me. Tracer Wed Jul-22-09 02:23 PM7
- Any other long term survivors here? KitchenWitch Mon Jul-24-06 06:12 PM17
- Any people here on Myspace? I have a great person to add if you are. Forkboy Sun Apr-26-09 11:15 AM2
- Anybody here take tamoxifen? FuzzySlippers Sat May-26-07 10:27 PM9
- Anyone else notice this (chemo infusion + radiation) Tab Mon Dec-15-08 09:09 AM2
- Anyone else participating in the Relay for Life? KitchenWitch Fri Jun-01-07 02:14 PM4
- Anyone had a Cyberknife treatment? Tracer Thu Aug-27-09 06:00 PM1
- Are these people crazy? wildbilln864 Wed Mar-25-09 11:50 PM2
- Are things always that slow? I got a breast cancer diagnosis in October, Mass Mon Dec-07-09 11:19 PM1
- Argh. Dad's cancer came back. (Lymphoma) HawkeyeX Wed Mar-19-08 06:29 PM6
- Article about Curcumin LeighAnn Tue Aug-01-06 08:17 PM3
- As if it didn't cost too much already. no_hypocrisy Thu Dec-01-11 01:32 PM0
- Avon Walk for the Cure, Denver RadFemFL Mon Jun-26-06 08:07 AM1
- Bone drugs may help prevent cancer Forkboy Fri Dec-11-09 01:21 AM0
- Breast cancer research nears $1B spent flamingyouth Sun May-13-07 09:18 PM5
- Breast cancer survival linked to inflammation Forkboy Wed May-27-09 05:19 PM0
- Breast Reconstruction with Allo Derm pecwae Mon Aug-11-08 04:09 PM14
- Can anyone point me to good info on breast cancer in the fragile elderly? hedgehog Thu Oct-29-09 04:46 PM5
- Can I ask a favor? pecwae Wed Feb-14-07 08:17 AM10
- Cancer question. philboy Fri Jan-11-08 12:38 PM2
- Cancer Treatment Center of America no_hypocrisy Sat Nov-12-11 06:53 AM2
- Cancer Treatment Centers of America pecwae Sat Jun-02-07 12:26 PM17
- Cancer's Unrecognized Toll: Time Lost flamingyouth Tue Jan-09-07 10:43 AM6
- Chemo-induced diabetes? Common? Tab Fri Mar-12-10 10:41 AM3
- Clinical Trials for Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer Ilsa Thu Apr-30-09 09:12 AM0
- Clinton speech about his mom & breast cancer OzarkDem Tue Oct-17-06 06:44 PM0
- CNN: Saving Your Life LeighAnn Sun Jan-14-07 08:16 PM0
- Colonoscopy shows new cancer (but confined and removed) Tab Wed Apr-28-10 10:59 AM1
- Conquer Childhood Cancer Act LeighAnn Thu Oct-18-07 11:51 PM0
- Could there be any more crap in my life? Tracer Mon Dec-31-07 07:11 PM8
- Count me in to the statistics. I have breast cancer. There....I've said it. Democrat 4 Ev... Sat Sep-22-07 07:48 PM8
- Dad's Life with Lymphoma - Part 3.. HawkeyeX Tue Apr-01-08 02:30 PM10
- Damn, My hubby's kidney cancer is back again!!... It's now in his lungs. [View All] Auntie Bush Wed Jan-14-09 03:07 PM38
- decadren/dexamethasone elleng Wed Jun-11-08 07:25 PM3
- Democrat 4 Ever may be starting chemo today. Imalittleteap... Fri Oct-26-07 08:21 PM12
- Does anyone here have experience with breast cancer that has moved to the lungs? liberalmuse Mon Sep-07-09 03:25 PM8
- Does anyone know anything about cancer clusters in Phoenix Arizona Ecumenist Sat Jul-08-06 11:20 PM1
- Does anyone know what the B.A.R.T. screening costs? HereSince1628 Thu Apr-29-10 08:27 AM2
- DUers are the best - bar none - in the entire "internets" Democrat 4 Ev... Thu Oct-18-07 07:50 PM10
- FDA seeks to improve access to experimental drugs OzarkDem Tue Dec-12-06 04:10 PM1
- Fighting Cancer ~ Free Book (or read it online) LeighAnn Tue Mar-31-09 11:55 AM8
- Find could mean better cancer treatments flamingyouth Tue Dec-12-06 02:36 PM1
- Freaking here! KitchenWitch Tue Aug-08-06 01:46 AM17
- Friend just diagnosed with ovarian cancer; need info. Liberty Belle Fri Sep-26-08 02:53 AM13
- From a nurse: babylonsister Tue Jul-29-08 10:29 PM5
- Gall Bladder Cancer Upfront Sat Jun-06-09 04:06 PM3
- Gall Bladder Cancer Update From Upfront Upfront Tue Dec-29-09 03:36 PM5
- Getting nervous about surgery Tab Fri Feb-27-09 09:08 AM17
- Going to San Antonio Breast Cancer Conference OzarkDem Thu Nov-30-06 09:41 PM6
- Good idea! Uben Fri Jun-23-06 06:12 AM3
- good thoughts requested for an 8-month old ulysses Tue Oct-07-08 06:15 AM2
- Got a double dose today Uben Sun Dec-07-08 07:49 PM11
- Great news about breast cancer & environment OzarkDem Mon Jul-10-06 08:23 AM3
- Great news today!!! Skidmore Wed Aug-30-06 03:47 PM5
- Growth Factors Given W/ Chemo Increase Risk of Blood Diseases OzarkDem Sat Mar-24-07 07:30 AM5
- Hair. Tracer Mon Oct-30-06 11:56 AM7
- Happy Thanksgiving! JohnnyLib2 Wed Dec-26-07 01:15 PM3
- Has anybody here undergone radiation treatments for tonsil/neck/throat cancer? What were the side sinkingfeelin... Mon Jul-11-11 11:54 AM8
- Has anyone gone through colon cancer? donco6 Mon Sep-19-11 11:51 PM8
- Has Anyone Here Ever Had Prostate Cancer? Dinger Thu Dec-02-10 12:22 AM4
- Has anyone here heard of the Budwig Diet? madmax Wed May-20-09 06:44 PM0
- Has anyone worked with an anti-dumping or post-gastrectomy diet? Sub Atomic Mon May-17-10 07:01 PM3
- Have any of you had to deal with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center? Did you have problems? Sub Atomic Fri May-14-10 08:39 PM0
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