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- Welcome to the DU Cancer Support Group Skinner Admin Started: Jun-22 01:11 PM0
- "Subscribe" to your favorite groups on DU3 ASAP! maddezmom Started: Dec-10 01:08 PM0
- As if it didn't cost too much already. no_hypocrisy Started: Dec-01 01:32 PM0
- Looking for a second opinion. no_hypocrisy Started: Nov-21 12:12 PM5
- Cancer Treatment Center of America no_hypocrisy Started: Nov-12 12:46 AM2
- I'm rocking back and forth involuntarily cmd Started: Oct-24 10:10 AM2
- Is there such a thing as "slow" breast cancer? no_hypocrisy Started: Oct-22 08:11 AM2
- The google isn't helping me. My stepmother is dying and my little sister in Fairfax CA needs help Exultant Demo... Started: Sep-17 12:18 AM7
- My brother has cancer of the esophagus and no health insurance. alstephenson Started: Jul-15 06:09 PM6
- Just starting down this unwanted road ... Husband has cancer Arugula Latte Started: Jun-17 01:52 PM7
- Help for a friend... peacefreak Started: Mar-09 05:22 PM1
- October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! MidwestRick Started: Oct-06 06:00 PM0
- I need fashion advice from women who've had a mastectomy. hedgehog Started: Oct-03 11:56 AM5
- Need info on alternative therapies for Hodgkins lymphoma. Liberty Belle Started: Sep-20 09:50 PM2
- "My cancer diagnosis" babylonsister Started: Aug-13 08:27 PM2
- 21yo friend of the family was diagnosed with Stage 3 ovarian cancer noiretextatiq... Started: Jun-25 01:28 PM6
- Have any of you had to deal with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center? Did you have problems? Sub Atomic Started: May-14 08:39 PM0
- Has anyone worked with an anti-dumping or post-gastrectomy diet? Sub Atomic Started: May-12 05:42 PM3
- My brother has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. (Reposted by request from Sub Atomic) Hawkeye-X Started: May-11 09:02 PM6
- Has anyone gone through colon cancer? donco6 Started: May-01 07:04 PM8
- 17 Years Later, Stage 4 Survivor Is Savoring a Life Well Lived babylonsister Started: Apr-28 05:32 AM4
- Colonoscopy shows new cancer (but confined and removed) Tab Started: Apr-20 09:12 PM1
- Does anyone know what the B.A.R.T. screening costs? HereSince1628 Started: Apr-08 08:06 PM2
- Today would have been his 42nd birthday Tripper11 Started: Apr-06 04:29 PM2
- I'm soon to get a CT scan screening for lung cancer HereSince1628 Started: Mar-18 10:40 AM9
- New to this group - Dad's cancer is end-stage lukasahero Started: Dec-29 08:30 PM13
- Chemo-induced diabetes? Common? Tab Started: Dec-24 03:37 PM3
- Sleep Therapy elleng Started: Dec-23 03:14 AM0
- Gall Bladder Cancer Update From Upfront Upfront Started: Dec-17 01:50 PM5
- Bone drugs may help prevent cancer Forkboy Started: Dec-11 01:21 AM0
- Are things always that slow? I got a breast cancer diagnosis in October, Mass Started: Dec-07 09:23 PM1
- Just diagnosed with very early breast cancer shrike Started: Oct-30 04:14 PM17
- Can anyone point me to good info on breast cancer in the fragile elderly? hedgehog Started: Oct-23 10:10 PM5
- Hi guys - a brief update on my dad. Hawkeye-X Started: Jul-28 12:01 AM4
- Just diagnosed with fibrosarcoma for the second time. [View All] Redbear Started: Jul-27 03:18 PM23
- Another surgery for me. Tracer Started: Jul-14 01:59 PM7
- Anyone had a Cyberknife treatment? Tracer Started: Jun-09 07:37 AM1
- Gall Bladder Cancer Upfront Started: Jun-02 05:06 PM3
- Does anyone here have experience with breast cancer that has moved to the lungs? liberalmuse Started: May-30 11:38 AM8
- Breast cancer survival linked to inflammation Forkboy Started: May-27 05:19 PM0
- What is BCG katmondoo Started: May-21 12:53 PM1
- Has anyone here heard of the Budwig Diet? madmax Started: May-20 06:44 PM0
- Haven't posted for a long time on bladder cancer progress katmondoo Started: May-19 02:01 PM4
- Help on chemo from the spice rack Forkboy Started: May-15 05:03 AM6
- Tab ... check in with us when you're feeling up to it. Tracer Started: May-12 08:46 AM14
- What was the FDA thinking? bluescribbler Started: May-06 10:46 AM2
- With colorectal cancer, have your eating habits changed? Tab Started: May-03 03:36 PM1
- Clinical Trials for Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer Ilsa Started: Apr-30 09:12 AM0
- If you'd like to post here but don't have a star, please PM me. nt I Have A Drea... Started: Apr-29 06:53 AM1
- Any people here on Myspace? I have a great person to add if you are. Forkboy Started: Apr-05 03:58 AM2
- Journey Forward seemunkee Started: Apr-02 07:11 AM0
- Surgeries, Platelet counts, and Endoscopies, oh my! Tab Started: Mar-31 01:19 PM14
- Are these people crazy? wildbilln864 Started: Mar-25 09:26 PM2
- This is probably going to be a hit and run. To All Cancer Survivors and Supporters: Donate your hair Sub Atomic Started: Mar-04 03:38 AM2
- Has anybody here undergone radiation treatments for tonsil/neck/throat cancer? What were the side sinkingfeelin... Started: Mar-02 04:51 PM8
- My husband was just diagnosed with a typical carcinoid tumor of the lung....... Klukie Started: Feb-04 04:46 PM12
- A message from Longhorn's family [View All] Longhorn Started: Feb-02 08:29 PM21
- Music to listen to Tab Started: Jan-12 04:05 PM4
- I'm off to Chicago tomorrow! [View All] Longhorn Started: Jan-09 10:22 PM62
- I have a bump/lump right next to where my tumor was removed 11/07 Redbear Started: Jan-05 05:04 PM18
- Hi Everyone, I just found out my aunt has secondary liver cancer. sparosnare Started: Jan-03 11:19 PM4
- Getting nervous about surgery Tab Started: Jan-01 10:30 PM17
- Anyone else notice this (chemo infusion + radiation) Tab Started: Dec-10 03:58 AM2
- My dearest cousin had surgery yesterday for her colon cancer. sfexpat2000 Started: Nov-22 06:44 PM6
- Got a double dose today Uben Started: Nov-10 06:13 PM11
- My cancer is showing progression. [View All] Longhorn Started: Nov-03 03:32 PM45
- Hello my fellow cancer friends! HawkeyeX Started: Oct-28 07:48 PM3
- My story in today's New York Times noiretblu Started: Oct-27 11:29 AM5
- Some cool pics from Hockey Fights Cancer Night in Boston last week. Forkboy Started: Oct-27 07:00 AM0
- Hey guys - help me. [View All] madmax Started: Oct-22 02:44 PM33
- Testicular cancer Uben Started: Oct-07 06:11 AM14
- My dad has lung cancer lebkuchen Started: Oct-04 03:30 PM4
- good thoughts requested for an 8-month old ulysses Started: Oct-03 04:47 PM2
- Just diagnosed Tab Started: Sep-30 03:22 PM7
- I am having an ultra sound fine needle asperation of Robyn66 Started: Sep-23 12:24 PM9
- A DU member is asking for support--breast cancer. JohnnyLib2 Started: Sep-22 07:44 PM2
- Friend just diagnosed with ovarian cancer; need info. Liberty Belle Started: Sep-13 01:35 AM13
- Sad news (sorry to say) Tripper11 Started: Aug-16 06:50 AM9
- Raffle to support the American Cancer Society tburnsten Started: Aug-05 01:15 PM3
- I posted this on GD earlier today, hoping to increase awareness. JohnnyLib2 Started: Jul-12 12:20 PM2
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