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- Welcome to the DU Football Group Skinner Admin Tue Aug-02-05 03:42 PM0
- Now that the Rams are 0-6 AllegroRondo Mon Oct-15-07 02:16 PM0
- WHOOHOO!!! I won my fantasy final game by 1 point!!!!!! amyrose2712 Mon Dec-22-08 07:23 AM0
- GO EAGLES! amyrose2712 Sun Oct-18-09 06:22 PM16
- 49er's Bruce reaches milestones in beating Rams 17-16 AsahinaKimi Tue Dec-30-08 08:50 AM2
- Cleveland trades troubled Tight End Kellen Winslow to Tampa Bay Auggie Fri Apr-24-09 09:56 AM1
- The Genius -- Autobiography of Bill Walsh Auggie Sun Aug-23-09 03:31 PM0
- NFL Power Rankings, Week 7 Auggie Fri Oct-22-10 04:51 PM0
- Direct TV users! Channel 212 has a program called babylonsister Fri Sep-30-05 12:57 PM10
- Anyone watching the Giants-NO game? Is this a babylonsister Mon Sep-19-05 08:03 PM0
- Michael Strahan retires months after Super Bowl win babylonsister Fri Jul-25-08 01:47 PM2
- Damn! Giants suspend Burress for insubordination babylonsister Wed Sep-24-08 09:50 AM0
- I see this forum is dying. Well, too bad. And the Giants SUCKED! If babylonsister Sun Dec-14-08 10:42 AM8
- Hines Ward to end hold out - reporting to camp Baclava Sun Aug-21-05 10:48 AM3
- You know you're a Browns fan when: Baclava Wed Aug-17-05 04:27 PM0
- Woohoo! The Giants finally have a kicker!!! BattyDem Fri Aug-26-05 08:42 PM1
- My Bears sure did let me down. bearfan454 Thu Jan-26-06 09:02 AM4
- It's Chicago Bear football tonight. bearfan454 Mon Oct-16-06 07:13 PM1
- My Bears got the win bearfan454 Sun Jan-28-07 04:53 PM1
- Cowboys-Pack Thread benny05 Sun Sep-21-08 08:36 PM1
- Fantasy Football, the KO Way BerryBush Tue Sep-04-07 06:26 AM0
- VIKINGS WIN Berserker Sun Jan-17-10 11:21 PM0
- GO VIKINGS Berserker Sat Jan-23-10 11:17 PM0
- OK, sign in and own up to your favorite team(s)! [View All] Beware the Be... Fri Sep-02-05 06:22 PM36
- Is anyone else watching the TO press conference? bkcc Sun Nov-13-05 03:10 PM6
- was W booed at the halftime at the NFL opener? bobbieinok Sat Sep-10-05 05:22 PM0
- what does 'the Big Game' phrase mean to you?? bobbieinok Wed Dec-14-05 09:12 AM4
- Redskins get stuffed at the goal-line by Giants' 'D'! brentspeak Mon Oct-01-07 11:39 PM1
- Steelers' Offensive Coordinator To Stay In Pittsburgh BurgherHoldth... Thu Feb-09-06 07:22 PM0
- GO COLTS... Bzzzz Sun Sep-10-06 08:03 PM0
- Way to go Steelers. Way to go! carolinalady Tue Feb-07-06 11:08 AM5
- anyone interested in a yahoo fantasy basketball league??? charlie and a... Fri Dec-15-06 12:05 PM0
- Raiders fans, i need some advice on a gift--please chimpsrsmarte... Fri Dec-15-06 04:25 PM3
- lookout for Julius Jones.... Cowboys RB n/t cloud75 Tue Sep-06-05 08:33 PM6
- Police mace Chiefs tight ends coach before loss dad Tue Oct-04-05 12:25 PM0
- Carolina Panthers cheerleaders arrested dad Wed Nov-09-05 10:32 AM3
- Clinton Portis didn't have sex wMonica Lewinsky, but he definitely inhales dad Wed Nov-23-05 07:49 PM0
- NFL players who are Bush-loving Repukes dad Sun Dec-04-05 04:30 PM6
- Does anyone want to join my website's Deadpool season 4... ? dad Wed Dec-07-05 02:08 PM0
- Prez Dubyah stopped in Tampa to give the Bucs a kiss of death. dad Mon Sep-25-06 01:25 PM1
- [My Exclusive Sunday Ticket 1PM game analysis] dad Sun Jan-14-07 02:25 AM2
- How Hurt is Moss? Danger Duck Fri Oct-21-05 02:17 PM2
- Giants finally beat the Jets in Preseason DaveinMD Fri Aug-26-05 10:33 PM0
- Need help, I'm looking for a copy of a couple of games davidpdx Tue May-20-08 08:08 AM1
- NFL 2006/07 Week One Predictions!!!!!!!!!!!!! wtf????? devilgrrl Wed Sep-13-06 09:22 AM17
- Week one results/winners devilgrrl Wed Sep-13-06 12:42 PM4
- NFL 2006/07 Week Two Predictions! devilgrrl Fri Sep-15-06 01:28 AM16
- Week two results/winners devilgrrl Tue Sep-19-06 08:12 AM2
- NFL 2006/07 Week Three Predictions! devilgrrl Sun Sep-24-06 06:16 AM11
- NFL 2006/07 Week Five Predictions! devilgrrl Tue Oct-10-06 07:28 AM11
- Who win will? Falcons or Bills (Poll) dhinojosa Wed Sep-21-05 10:46 AM0
- Who win will? Panthers or Dolphins (Poll) dhinojosa Fri Sep-30-05 01:08 PM8
- Who win will? Bengals or Bears (Poll) dhinojosa Wed Sep-21-05 01:30 PM6
- Who will win? Browns or Colts (Poll) dhinojosa Wed Sep-21-05 10:49 AM1
- Who will win? Jags or Jets (Poll) dhinojosa Wed Sep-21-05 10:48 AM0
- Who will win? Saints of Vikes (Poll) dhinojosa Wed Sep-21-05 10:49 AM0
- Who will win? Eagles or Raiders (Poll) dhinojosa Wed Sep-21-05 10:58 AM1
- Who will win? Bucs or Packers (Poll) dhinojosa Wed Sep-21-05 10:50 AM0
- Who will win? Titans or Rams (Poll) dhinojosa Wed Sep-21-05 10:57 AM1
- Who will win? Cards or Seahawks (Poll) dhinojosa Thu Sep-22-05 12:44 AM1
- Who will win? Cowboys or Niners (Poll) dhinojosa Thu Sep-22-05 08:36 PM1
- Who will win this awesome game? Pats or Steelers? (Poll) dhinojosa Sun Sep-25-05 02:47 PM1
- Who will win? Giants or Chargers (Poll) dhinojosa Wed Sep-21-05 10:53 AM0
- Who will win? Chiefs or Broncos (Poll) dhinojosa Wed Sep-21-05 10:58 AM1
- Titans Owner fined $250,000 for offensive gesture to Bills fans! Divine Discon... Mon Nov-16-09 07:37 PM0
- I just want to say, there are times we all must unite behind a great leader, and that time is now dmesg Sat Dec-29-07 05:07 PM0
- Wellington Mara - RIP dr.strangelov... Wed Oct-26-05 06:58 PM1
- ** Week 13 Predictions ** dr.strangelov... Tue Dec-06-05 08:44 AM17
- The NFL Draft - predictions dr.strangelov... Sat Apr-29-06 12:01 PM15
- NFL Draft - Discuss your team dr.strangelov... Sat Jul-08-06 10:04 PM9
- Big Ben a Big Mess dr.strangelov... Tue Jun-13-06 09:29 AM0
- What games are you looking forward to this year? dr.strangelov... Sun Sep-03-06 03:05 PM4
- DUCKS v. SOONERS [View All] dr.strangelov... Sat Sep-23-06 10:50 AM23
- NFL 2006/07 Week Four Predictions! dr.strangelov... Mon Oct-02-06 07:43 AM12
- NFL - Pick the winners Week 6 dr.strangelov... Sun Oct-15-06 03:54 PM4
- NFL - Pick the winners Week 7 dr.strangelov... Sun Oct-22-06 06:24 PM6
- NFL - Pick the winners Week 8 dr.strangelov... Sat Oct-28-06 08:33 PM4
- NFL - Pick the winners Week 9 dr.strangelov... Sat Nov-04-06 11:20 AM2
- NFL - Pick the winners Week 10 dr.strangelov... Fri Nov-10-06 10:16 AM1
- I'm going to Ann Arbor to see the Ducks play Michigan dr.strangelov... Tue Oct-02-07 08:20 AM7
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