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- Welcome to the DU Addiction/Recovery Group Skinner Admin Sat May-21-05 08:00 AM0
- I want to scream when I read some of the posts in this thread! [View All] Kajsa Wed May-16-07 09:41 PM117
- Hello, my name is.....oh, never mind. [View All] Steven_S Tue Apr-18-06 04:58 PM77
- The Surprising Truth About Addiction [View All] ellisonz Sat Jun-02-07 11:59 PM50
- The definition of a DU Group. [View All] Kajsa Mon May-21-07 11:08 AM48
- Confessions of an AA Terrorist [View All] Southpawkicke... Wed May-23-07 04:21 PM47
- 23 days [View All] mdmc Thu Jun-29-06 05:21 PM37
- Anyone else living through "W" sober? I am. Since Sept 1998 - [View All] texpatriot200... Thu Feb-23-06 12:05 PM36
- I'm a mess [View All] Droopy Sat Aug-27-05 09:26 PM35
- My Last Crutch [View All] stepnw1f Tue Aug-01-06 01:29 AM35
- Any friends of Bill W. here at DU? [View All] texpatriot200... Sat Jan-20-07 04:17 PM34
- Today I celebrate 17 years clean and sober - [View All] vademocrat Mon Mar-13-06 02:11 PM33
- I'm having trouble with the fourth step [View All] varkam Thu Jan-11-07 03:18 PM32
- I am in a Cult! I never knew! [View All] RetroLounge Wed May-16-07 01:17 AM32
- Scary Newsweek story [View All] FloridaJudy Tue May-22-07 08:39 PM29
- My story [View All] yardwork Wed Dec-07-05 02:44 PM28
- Lady Morphine is one toxic bitch [View All] Taverner Sat Jul-07-07 10:05 PM28
- I have a sponsor. Now the hard work begins. [View All] mycritters2 Wed Jan-23-08 02:04 PM28
- I relapsed. [View All] mutley_r_us Sat Apr-01-06 12:33 PM27
- It was friday morning, the check was deposited [View All] Roon Fri Nov-16-07 06:27 PM27
- "You Might Need to go to More Meetings!" [View All] RetroLounge Wed May-28-08 10:40 AM27
- I am a Sex Addict [View All] varkam Fri Apr-13-07 11:55 PM26
- I am so very afraid my [View All] laylah Thu May-29-08 05:52 AM26
- never started my own post before; wanna make sureit gets to right forum [View All] abq e streete... Thu Apr-30-09 07:56 AM26
- Thank you all who I've met on this Journey [View All] RetroLounge Tue Jul-26-05 07:13 AM25
- "The Sober Kitchen" by Liz Scott [View All] AZDemDist6 Sat Mar-22-08 09:17 AM25
- Today, June 1st, 17 Years Clean and Sober [View All] RetroLounge Fri Jun-08-07 12:23 PM24
- I am an alcoholic.where do I start? [View All] w8liftinglady Sun Jun-15-08 11:32 PM24
- Going To Cub Scout Meetings With My Son Is Triggering Some Issues For Me (warning may be graphic) [View All] Southpawkicke... Sun Jul-06-08 04:07 PM23
- I was at a party where people were smoking, and I had no desire to smoke. [View All] mutley_r_us Tue May-23-06 09:42 PM22
- My best friend's daughter (in AA) committed suicide yesterday [View All] LearnedHand Mon Nov-05-07 11:48 AM22
- It would have been 5 years in September if I hadn't gone out last night. [View All] arcadian Tue Aug-12-08 11:47 PM22
- Uh, guys? Tonight I've had to face the truth that I'm a stone Alchy, and if I don't stop drinking, [View All] Redstone Tue Oct-14-08 06:46 PM22
- Here we go [View All] Iggo Thu May-21-09 07:18 PM22
- Any children of alcoholics here? [View All] elleng Mon Aug-09-10 06:11 PM22
- Anyone here with problems besides the addiction/alcoholism codependency? [View All] KitchenWitch Sun Dec-14-08 08:07 PM21
- When we will stop needing gay AA groups [View All] dsc Mon Jan-26-09 10:39 PM21
- If somebody asked you, what's the difference between "spiritual" and "religious," how would you [View All] raccoon Tue Apr-12-11 08:09 PM21
- Can alcoholics ever drink socially again? [View All] Heddi Sun Aug-07-05 03:42 PM20
- the crying game... [View All] northamerican... Mon Jul-30-07 10:53 AM20
- My brother apparently is in end stage alcoholism [View All] dsc Sun Feb-11-07 08:03 PM20
- "God save me from being angry.... " [View All] AZDemDist6 Mon Feb-25-08 12:29 PM20
- Well, I lasted 5 days... [View All] laylah Fri Jun-13-08 10:26 PM20
- I still have a problem with the idea of alcoholism as a disease. [View All] raccoon Thu Jun-16-11 03:31 AM20
- Thanking God for my seventh sober year! [View All] Fire Walk Wit... Mon Nov-15-10 06:48 AM20
- The Recovery Process votesomemore Mon Jan-08-07 11:28 AM19
- 2-28-1992 AZDemDist6 Fri Mar-02-07 01:49 AM19
- Let's sound off and give newcomers some hope AZDemDist6 Tue Mar-20-07 08:17 PM19
- On Being a Sex Addict varkam Sun Feb-17-08 11:01 PM19
- What should I do if I want to go clean without a 'Higher Power' Taverner Tue Jan-18-11 05:51 PM19
- I have one year of sobriety under my belt now. bearfan454 Wed Sep-28-05 10:13 AM18
- I'm having a terrible problem with my 20 year old son. tibbir Sun Jul-31-05 05:32 PM18
- I am celebrating my anniversary today KitchenWitch Wed Dec-07-05 03:56 PM18
- First post in this group. 10 days without a drink today. KyndCulture Wed Aug-23-06 01:06 PM18
- Feeling as though I've been kicked in the solar plexus Southpawkicke... Sat Jun-16-07 07:40 PM18
- Another AA is/isn't a cult thread in the lounge! RetroLounge Tue Dec-02-08 08:56 PM18
- I'm not in AA or anything but I quit drinking 2 1/2 weeks ago FlyingSquirre... Tue May-19-09 11:24 AM18
- No affordable drug rehab - victims are caught in the cycle merh Sat Dec-31-05 05:13 PM17
- Step One Kire Sat Jul-29-06 09:21 PM17
- Hey..need some help finding a group that is not religious-centered. lildreamer316 Sat Mar-17-07 10:27 PM17
- Craig F. shares his experience, strength and hope. Kajsa Mon Apr-09-07 07:01 PM17
- Jihad varkam Mon Apr-16-07 05:02 PM17
- I got a sponser over the weekend!! commander bun... Sat Jun-02-07 12:32 AM17
- Happy Birthday, Southpawkicker! Kajsa Wed May-16-07 06:40 PM17
- I ordered a new book called Addiction and Grace. wildeyed Tue Jun-05-07 08:09 PM17
- A book that changed my life votesomemore Wed Nov-21-07 07:11 PM17
- ignorance about 12-step programs is so grating ....... kwassa Wed Nov-28-07 11:16 PM17
- My Name is RetroLounge and I'm an Alcoholic... RetroLounge Sun Feb-17-08 10:57 PM17
- Alcohol withdrawal questions Holly_Hobby Sat Mar-01-08 06:11 PM17
- 16 years today AZDemDist6 Wed Mar-12-08 07:07 PM17
- When starting AA, do I have to believe in god? Is there any way around this? applegrove Fri Oct-14-11 02:49 AM17
- Recovering pot addicts check in here. HawkeyeX Sat Jan-20-07 04:35 PM16
- Tonight I had to call a paramedic. Robb Sat Dec-31-05 05:27 PM16
- So what about surgery during sobriety? wildeyed Tue Jan-30-07 11:35 AM16
- Hi, I need help. Holding onto my sanity by the skin of my fingernails... MediumBrownDo... Mon Mar-19-07 09:31 PM16
- We've been having some good meetings here lately. Old Broad Mon Jun-04-07 12:35 AM16
- About the Addiction/Recovery Group. Skinner Admin Mon Jun-04-07 06:00 PM16
- Am I allowed to post in here when I have an addiction to something that is Bullwinkle925 Sat May-26-07 07:53 AM16
- Just wanted to say Happy 4th to all the good people here. Old Broad Sun Jul-08-07 04:32 PM16
- My Name is Retro and I'm An Alcoholic... RetroLounge Mon Jul-16-07 10:03 PM16
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