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- Welcome to the DU Addiction/Recovery Group Skinner Admin Started: May-21 08:00 AM0
- Al Anon membership demographics. In my area, most Al Anon meetings raccoon Started: Nov-28 10:23 AM0
- Al Anon'ers, I wish FDR was Conference Approved Literature. raccoon Started: Nov-16 09:02 AM0
- cry for help. Withywindle Started: Oct-24 12:59 PM11
- Would love to go to a meeting today, but not feeling well enough the last few days. MrsBrady Started: Oct-18 06:57 PM2
- When starting AA, do I have to believe in god? Is there any way around this? applegrove Started: Aug-26 10:44 PM17
- I thought maybe some folks here would find this useful... varkam Started: Aug-06 08:48 PM0
- fell off wagon last night Taverner Started: Aug-03 12:16 PM9
- God has given me 8 years clean and sober, July 31. Gratitude! Fire Walk Wit... Started: Aug-01 01:02 PM5
- One year abstinence in Overeaters Anonymous.. Stuart G Started: Jul-16 06:19 PM5
- A gal from my Monday AA group committed suicide Friday night. Lil Missy Started: Jun-26 10:22 PM6
- Armor as chains varkam Started: Jun-26 12:57 AM3
- My son is an alcoholic ismnotwasm Started: Jun-06 07:03 PM8
- Character and Fitness varkam Started: Jun-03 02:52 AM5
- Fourth Day off Morphine (If you give a shit) Taverner Started: May-29 04:54 PM4
- Second day off Morphine Taverner Started: May-27 06:18 PM2
- With Fortitude and Grace varkam Started: May-27 03:33 AM6
- I'm doing okay. varkam Started: May-04 03:54 PM5
- Pain that I don't know how to deal with varkam Started: May-01 01:20 PM9
- Breaking the law varkam Started: Apr-13 09:53 AM1
- All most 170,000 members. Tripod Started: Apr-10 04:50 AM9
- I want to drink still. Tripod Started: Mar-23 11:59 PM14
- 3-10-2011....23 years today. old mark Started: Mar-10 02:07 PM11
- Next two weeks I'm going of vikeys Taverner Started: Mar-08 08:25 PM3
- 19 years today NMDemDist2 Started: Feb-28 05:05 PM15
- I feel like my eyes are being scratched out.. Tripod Started: Feb-28 12:56 AM2
- Someone here tell me why I have to stop taking opiates? Taverner Started: Feb-04 02:10 PM1
- A new publication that might interest you... Redstone Started: Jan-31 05:53 PM3
- If you're in an Al Anon meeting, and someone presents a program that is based on what is raccoon Started: Jan-28 10:34 AM3
- Greetings varkam Started: Jan-08 03:10 AM13
- Just wondering about my brother.... LiberalLoner Started: Dec-05 09:26 PM7
- My jaw hurts I've been crying so much Taverner Started: Dec-03 05:29 PM12
- What should I do if I want to go clean without a 'Higher Power' Taverner Started: Dec-02 08:07 PM19
- I am stepping down on Morphine today. This sucks. Taverner Started: Dec-02 06:48 PM2
- To all you people, and all the people just like you... Iggo Started: Oct-29 06:45 PM3
- naltrexone mattvermont Started: Oct-23 09:45 PM10
- If somebody asked you, what's the difference between "spiritual" and "religious," how would you [View All] raccoon Started: Oct-14 09:27 AM21
- ACOA meetings--remember those? raccoon Started: Sep-14 02:05 PM1
- Thank you varkam Started: Sep-08 09:34 AM4
- Recovery from alcoholism and pain medication. no_hypocrisy Started: Aug-23 11:15 AM5
- I saw my psychiatrist last week and she answered my question Roon Started: Aug-19 04:39 PM4
- it's a succussful intake assessement when..... joneschick Started: Aug-09 03:05 PM7
- going for intake assessment joneschick Started: Aug-04 08:43 AM4
- Thanking God for my seventh sober year! [View All] Fire Walk Wit... Started: Aug-03 05:20 PM20
- how about talking about MJ nightrain Started: Jul-30 06:28 PM2
- Just checking in. varkam Started: Jul-26 04:42 AM6
- Anyone else have a spouse / SO who accuses you of drinking, Redstone Started: Jul-10 09:20 PM1
- After 75 years, we still don't know how it works demosincebirt... Started: Jul-02 09:57 PM2
- Bill Wilson's Gospel demosincebirt... Started: Jul-01 02:41 PM2
- All right-- Who's gonna be in San Antonio for AA's 75th Birthday International Party?? NMDemDist2 Started: Jun-28 11:59 PM1
- What is a nice, inexpensive, gift for a sponsor on her 30th sobriety birthday? Lil Missy Started: May-29 11:06 AM3
- I almost forgot, 5/18/79 was the last day I... demosincebirt... Started: May-22 09:04 PM5
- is the day!!! BJ10 IS DONE!!! BJ10 Started: May-16 06:17 PM3
- A little fuel for the Higher Power controversy? Very interesting, in any case. A Guardian article. Joe Chi Minh Started: May-16 05:46 PM8
- I keep dreaming that I am drinking again Roon Started: May-01 11:45 AM14
- Any children of alcoholics here? [View All] elleng Started: Apr-30 11:39 PM22
- Hi, my name is Roon and I am an addict Roon Started: Apr-26 11:13 PM4
- Last minute alert- 'When Love is not Enough' Kajsa Started: Apr-25 07:50 PM3
- A sober reminder. Kajsa Started: Mar-29 05:58 PM2
- An Atheist's Interpretation of the Twelve Steps (x-posted in Atheists and Agnostics) qb Started: Mar-26 11:17 AM5
- Hi DUers in Recovery! RevolutionSta... Started: Mar-20 08:10 PM4
- Thanks to you all, I have 22 years today - 3-10-10. old mark Started: Mar-10 11:49 AM2
- A cartoon for us. Stuart G Started: Mar-09 06:11 PM0
- Thought I'd check in a let you all know I got a new chip NMDemDist2 Started: Mar-07 03:06 PM3
- Are you in your last 30 days? Fire Walk Wit... Started: Feb-27 05:40 PM0
- I'm back. varkam Started: Feb-27 01:29 AM8
- Anyone see this, yet. Rent a Sponsor demosincebirt... Started: Feb-21 07:23 PM2
- I still have a problem with the idea of alcoholism as a disease. [View All] raccoon Started: Feb-17 09:39 AM20
- APA likely to combine substance dependence and abuse usregimechang... Started: Feb-16 11:54 PM0
- i have a new addiction NMDemDist2 Started: Feb-10 09:57 PM1
- What have I become Fire Walk Wit... Started: Feb-01 05:15 PM8
- January 14th 2000 jschurchin Started: Jan-14 05:22 PM4
- I have been totally clean for 2 weeks.... w8liftinglady Started: Jan-03 11:30 PM6
- Happy Sober New Year! Kajsa Started: Dec-31 02:07 PM6
- The 12 Principles Fire Walk Wit... Started: Dec-14 03:35 PM3
- Anonymity get the red o... Started: Dec-11 11:55 AM5
- Today I have 28 years, Kajsa Started: Nov-27 07:10 PM16
- Politics in 12-step meetings? Anyone else run into this sort of thing? raccoon Started: Nov-19 11:30 AM8
- Doing amends via Facebook is really weird. wildeyed Started: Oct-21 09:09 AM6
- for the 12 steppers in da' house, practicing the 12 traditions in your relationship NMDemDist2 Started: Oct-13 10:35 PM1
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