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- Welcome to the DU Smoking Cessation Group Skinner Admin Wed Mar-30-05 02:39 PM0
- Current non smoking thread... [View All] petersond Mon Jul-30-07 08:10 AM45
- 4 days clean [View All] TransitJohn Sat Dec-19-09 01:21 PM38
- electronic cigarettes [View All] AZDemDist6 Tue Sep-20-11 08:27 AM25
- only twelve and a half hours so far. sadinred Wed Dec-21-05 02:06 AM17
- Here we go again... RetroLounge Thu Jun-30-05 09:49 PM15
- Chantix anyone? yasmina27 Wed Oct-10-07 07:12 PM15
- Antidepressants and Smoking Cessation Enraged_Ape Fri Jun-24-05 12:45 AM14
- I haven't smoked in 55 hours, and so far I feel pretty good Don Claybrook Wed Apr-26-06 12:26 PM13
- Want to try....AGAIN. Some suggestions please..pretty please? jojo54 Mon May-14-07 09:40 AM12
- Hi Y'all! Been 2 years and 2 months... BiggJawn Tue Nov-08-05 10:05 PM11
- Recommendations for e-cigarettes Why Syzygy Thu Sep-15-11 04:24 PM11
- It's mighty quiet in here. I have a confession. swimboy Sat Dec-31-05 12:06 AM10
- Nicotine gum chewers-past and present-check in there-s a Mon Jan-03-11 10:18 PM10
- At Last! there-s a Fri Jul-15-05 08:09 AM9
- 4 DaveJ Mon May-16-11 08:45 AM9
- I am in the process of quitting Jersey Devil Fri Apr-01-05 02:44 PM8
- I just smoked my last cigarette Taverner Tue Feb-07-06 02:40 AM8
- Day 16 and steeling myself for the weekend. swimboy Sat Jan-14-06 01:21 PM8
- I'm quitting in October. It's my birthday gift to myself. Maddy McCall Tue Aug-23-05 10:42 PM8
- Today it has been 2 years since I quit smoking. rinsd Wed Jul-23-08 01:30 PM8
- Who remembers, or knows what it's like to need a cig first thing in the morning? Dr_eldritch Thu Dec-23-10 11:23 PM8
- I smoked for 42 years, quit for 15+ months and relapsed early in rzemanfl Tue Apr-05-05 07:34 PM7
- Tomorrow's my day, folks Enraged_Ape Mon Apr-04-05 08:14 AM7
- I'm thinking of quiting again. Anyone want to join me? sadinred Wed Nov-09-05 01:38 AM7
- It's been THREE YEARS. BiggJawn Tue Apr-18-06 11:57 AM7
- Feb 8 - 2 packs a day. Feb 9 - Heart attack. Feb 15 - 6 ciggies ........... Husb2Sparkly Fri Mar-30-07 04:40 PM7
- Frank's Original RedHot Sauce as Cigarette Substitute Enraged_Ape Tue Apr-05-05 07:29 AM6
- Day 1 1/2. Beware the Be... Sat Jul-16-05 10:06 AM6
- Checking in to see how all recent quitters gizmo1979 Sat Apr-15-06 07:18 PM6
- I continue to smoke because wings of prog... Sat Feb-06-10 11:16 PM6
- Day 1 Earth_First Wed Mar-04-09 11:32 PM6
- Quiting cold turkey....going on day three....wish me luck Alameda Sat Dec-05-09 12:52 AM6
- Should of quit years ago. Now I have to. Kaleva Sun Jul-24-11 10:49 PM6
- I had some success with Smoke Away.... Digit Tue Apr-12-05 05:45 AM5
- Today is my first day without ciggarettes Zuni Mon Jun-27-05 06:27 PM5
- Within 20 Minutes of Quitting deminks Thu Mar-09-06 04:23 AM5
- Ok I think I need a kick in the @%$ Langis Tue Aug-16-05 10:17 PM5
- Addicted to the Gum MiwSher Thu Feb-16-06 08:22 PM5
- My biggest difficulty TransitJohn Wed Aug-22-07 08:22 PM5
- Questions about Day 5 on Chantix djohnson Wed Jan-06-10 07:03 PM5
- What about getting cranky? votesomemore Sat Feb-06-10 11:31 PM5
- What finally worked for me was... WheelWalker Sun Aug-09-09 12:08 PM5
- How do you fill the Empty Spaces??? RetroLounge Tue Aug-09-05 08:50 PM4
- Someone Suggested That You Sufferers Of Withdrawl Could Use A Laugh! DistressedAme... Wed Nov-09-05 04:47 PM4
- Am I missing the Peter Jennings thread here? Don Claybrook Mon Aug-08-05 02:22 PM4
- I am almost 3 days smoke free Biased Libera... Tue Aug-16-05 09:30 PM4
- I am going to the doctor tomorrow morning. murielm99 Sat Jan-14-06 01:18 PM4
- i used Meditation to Quit Smoking,.. you learn to disassociate the sam sarrha Thu Nov-17-05 02:35 AM4
- Smoke Out Day - Feb, 13th Synnical Tue Feb-14-06 09:09 PM4
- I am about to smoke my last cigarette. Katherine Bre... Sat Mar-18-06 07:45 PM4
- I really missed smoking this weekend. swimboy Fri Jan-05-07 01:24 AM4
- Day nine cold turkey. truebrit71 Wed Dec-23-09 12:21 AM4
- I'm having really vivid dreams that I started smoking again... Violet_Crumbl... Wed Feb-23-11 11:41 PM4
- Wellbutrin -vs- Chantix dogday Thu Jan-28-10 10:58 PM4
- I am going in for my third cold laser treatment. murielm99 Mon Dec-27-10 02:41 AM4
- Does anyone else experience depressive moments? im10ashus Thu Aug-04-05 10:48 AM3
- Congratulations to everyone who's quitting! BikeWriter Fri Aug-12-05 10:18 PM3
- I have just finished week 3. Incitatus Mon Sep-05-05 02:08 PM3
- Tommorrow is my quit day. gizmo1979 Mon Mar-27-06 04:51 PM3
- I've made it 21 hours if I gizmo1979 Thu Mar-30-06 05:30 PM3
- Smoke free for 3 weeks Karl_Bonner_1... Sun Oct-19-08 10:23 PM3
- I thought that the risk would be much higher safeinOhio Tue Feb-09-10 11:42 PM3
- In the last month, I have had one cigarette. murielm99 Sat Jun-05-10 02:17 AM3
- Study: Smoking and suicidal thoughts? katinmn Fri Apr-01-05 02:17 PM2
- After We Quit Smoking... There's Been NO NEED For Viagra Any More... arwalden Sat May-21-05 08:18 PM2
- Lots of chat in the Lounge today but no one here . . . . swimboy Mon Aug-01-05 01:26 PM2
- 6 months,,,,,no problem! Uben Tue Aug-23-05 10:36 PM2
- quitting when you live with a smoker shugah Sat Jan-14-06 01:15 PM2
- any people who quit and posted months ago still checking sadinred Mon Nov-14-05 03:59 AM2
- 8 years without smoking so far lazarus Sun Nov-20-05 01:31 AM2
- I posted in June about quitting. Failed attempt. redwitch Fri Jan-06-06 02:35 AM2
- I want to start my first serious attempt at quitting. rhino47 Fri Feb-03-06 01:26 PM2
- Ok I'm trying again Alleycat Wed Mar-22-06 01:18 PM2
- Okay, I did it. murielm99 Thu May-11-06 10:30 AM2
- Did the idea of quitting ever scare you? cynatnite Thu Dec-07-06 08:50 AM2
- So, the patch landed me in the hospital in March..and.. TexasLady Fri Jun-08-07 07:25 PM2
- I was going to get Chantix to quit and then I heard about Varenicline.. Lindsey Wed Jul-18-07 11:01 PM2
- Has anyone bought nicotine over the web? Hatchling Wed Dec-05-07 06:40 PM2
- Need Post Quitting Advice DaveJ Mon Aug-22-11 08:13 AM2
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