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- Welcome to the DU Bereavement group Skinner Admin Started: Mar-23 09:35 AM0
- Please join us over on the new DU3 .. we're there for you. auntAgonist Started: Dec-14 12:39 AM0
- Thinking of each and everyone of you as we near the holidays. auntAgonist Started: Nov-20 11:07 AM1
- has anyone hinted at "get over it" yet? DollyM Started: Oct-13 01:50 AM2
- My husband died in August, and I am devastated. rhiannon55 Started: Oct-07 08:46 PM15
- Remembering Bobbie Nell yellerpup Started: Sep-29 08:35 PM4
- One year ago today my Dad told me he'd see me in the morning. polly7 Started: Sep-22 03:21 PM5
- today I have eaten 8 Reece cups and a cup of peaches . . . DollyM Started: Sep-03 07:48 PM6
- I'm sick with grief for my "Wendy" salinen Started: Jul-25 03:15 PM3
- today's verdict tore the heart of every mother who ever lost a child . . . DollyM Started: Jul-06 12:38 AM2
- Three years today. It is not getting any better. Paper Roses Started: Jun-27 03:22 PM2
- Please help keep this group on DU3 orleans Started: May-21 01:14 AM1
- how is everyone doing? orleans Started: Mar-16 02:44 AM4
- What has happened to DemWing? DollyM Started: Feb-09 05:45 PM4
- Happy Birthday, Dad. RevCheesehead Started: Feb-08 12:22 AM4
- this is what we would be doing orleans Started: Feb-01 11:52 PM2
- excerpt from "graveyard song" orleans Started: Jan-12 03:14 AM0
- a great surprise that came too late orleans Started: Jan-12 03:07 AM1
- I just lost my parents this past year 2010, is it common to dream about you parents. texanwitch Started: Jan-05 10:01 PM8
- "Backward, turn backward, O Time, in your flight, orleans Started: Dec-28 03:15 AM3
- I'm not going to ask how you're doing this Christmas, I'm just auntAgonist Started: Dec-13 11:22 AM4
- the other side orleans Started: Nov-14 05:11 PM3
- My sister ceveritt Started: Nov-07 07:09 PM6
- I wanted to share this Patti Smith song with you all.. it touches me auntAgonist Started: Nov-06 02:46 PM4
- Can I talk a minute? Something very strange happened last night. Paper Roses Started: Oct-29 11:11 AM4
- I miss my Dad polly7 Started: Oct-23 12:41 AM6
- del. sorry polly7 Started: Oct-21 10:55 PM0
- I just visited my uncle today astral Started: Oct-10 08:03 PM15
- changing seasons . . . DollyM Started: Sep-22 11:00 PM5
- "Them that die don't create the agony and strangeness of life. Only the living do that." orleans Started: Sep-14 04:01 PM1
- Need advice, support or just hugs ..... livetohike Started: Sep-04 11:26 AM8
- He was "just" a dog housewolf Started: Aug-31 05:14 PM12
- "Life has to end," she said. "Love doesn't." orleans Started: Aug-30 03:01 AM4
- Do members of this group read these posts on a daily basis? Paper Roses Started: Jul-28 10:36 AM7
- Does Anyone Ever Look At the Clock On the Anniversary orleans Started: Jul-27 10:47 PM3
- You know what really sucks about being widowed? derby378 Started: Jul-25 03:12 PM8
- It's the little things that seem to upset me the most . . . DollyM Started: Jul-20 07:21 PM14
- I am so grieved and upset by this thread in the health forum auntAgonist Started: Jul-01 03:21 PM1
- just checking in to see how everybody is havocmom Started: Jun-28 01:57 PM3
- My Dad died a week ago today. RevCheesehead Started: Jun-22 05:11 PM13
- Well, my life is changing.... RevCheesehead Started: Jun-02 12:29 PM8
- It has been a long day. I was at the cemetery at 6:15 today. Paper Roses Started: May-31 05:17 PM2
- One year ago today . . . DollyM Started: May-30 04:59 PM6
- Does anger have to be part of the grieving process? theNotoriousP... Started: May-29 08:49 AM13
- Tomorrow is his birthday and I know his mother will be sobbing until she falls into sleep havocmom Started: May-17 12:49 PM13
- mother's day blues . . . DollyM Started: May-08 07:10 PM4
- incredible story . . . DollyM Started: Apr-26 12:03 AM5
- How do you do it? auntAgonist Started: Apr-17 02:16 PM11
- How do you grieve for someone who is not physically dead, but is dead to you? Ineeda Started: Apr-07 09:29 AM6
- Can I chat a minute? Bad day here. I need to get through to tonight. Paper Roses Started: Apr-04 06:10 PM11
- books of comfort orleans Started: Apr-03 01:56 AM3
- Are there national groups which have helped you? OneGrassRoot Started: Apr-02 05:03 AM0
- Is it ok for me to come here? lukasahero Started: Mar-07 09:39 PM6
- Haunted by a dream of my deceased wife. Pryderi Started: Feb-26 10:32 PM3
- On Feb 21st, 2007 my wife had surgery and died on March 29th, 2007. Pryderi Started: Feb-09 08:13 PM2
- my son's birthday is January 30th, I am coming to terms with that . . . DollyM Started: Jan-15 08:13 PM5
- I'm burying my beloved HerrHerr on Monday theNotoriousP... Started: Jan-13 06:27 PM14
- My Mom & I need different things from Dad's Memorial service.. annabanana Started: Dec-29 08:50 AM5
- I didn't know this group existed until havocmom told me . . annabanana Started: Dec-27 01:40 PM5
- The second Christmas without my husband. Paper Roses Started: Dec-24 02:28 PM7
- I am looking for help in dispositioning an estate. Is there a better forum? nt rhett o rick Started: Dec-24 12:33 PM4
- To each and everyone one of you who have suffered loss auntAgonist Started: Dec-24 10:30 AM5
- A toast to share with all my Bereavement Group Loved Ones: havocmom Started: Dec-21 01:13 PM9
- "What are you doing for Christmas?" "Is family coming?" "What, you're alone?" havocmom Started: Dec-20 01:43 PM2
- This Saturday will be my parents' 50th anniversary. RevCheesehead Started: Dec-16 05:07 PM14
- Is death real or just illusion? havocmom Started: Dec-09 01:21 PM5
- How's everyone doing today? RevCheesehead Started: Nov-27 01:56 AM3
- Five year anniversary since I lost my Dad (Nov. 8, 2004) livetohike Started: Nov-08 11:09 AM4
- Our first Halloween alone demwing Started: Nov-02 11:10 AM3
- demwing, raccoon, Dolly ... how are you all doing? auntAgonist Started: Sep-01 07:45 PM6
- I lost my son, and my self [View All] demwing Started: Aug-21 12:08 PM37
- When does the hurting stop? raccoon Started: Aug-19 10:02 AM6
- Hospital called today wanting money . . . DollyM Started: Jun-22 07:09 PM14
- My teenage son died in a car wreck Saturday . . . DollyM Started: Jun-08 12:23 AM12
- My Stepdad's obituary. Odin2005 Started: Jun-06 06:59 PM4
- They read his name today. They read the names of all who yy4me Started: May-25 01:51 PM2
- Hello Friends! On this Mothers Day auntAgonist Started: May-10 11:55 AM2
- If you'd like to post here but don't have a star, please PM me. nt I Have A Drea... Started: Apr-29 06:54 AM0
- Ask Facebook to add "Widow/er" to relationship options Bertha Venati... Started: Apr-13 12:53 PM0
- I just buried my lifelong best friend of nearly 30 years, need some help liberalhistor... Started: Mar-02 05:54 PM2
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