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- Welcome to the DU Baseball Group Skinner Admin Thu Mar-10-05 11:25 PM0
- Bonds: Giants won't bring me back in '08 oberliner Fri Sep-21-07 06:32 PM3
- "Inaugural World Baseball Classic to be played in March 2006" cruadin Mon May-30-05 09:39 PM4
- "Let's try killing them with hits instead of hitting home runs..." Winebrat Mon Apr-21-08 11:02 AM0
- *sigh* He's coming to taint our new stadium... deadparrot Sun Apr-09-06 10:17 PM1
- 12 of the 14 AL teams are 2-2 this morning! GOPFighter Sat Apr-09-05 08:11 AM0
- 19,000 attend Cleveland Indians Home opener in cmt928 Tue May-01-07 11:18 AM3
- 2005 Cubs - I'm hatin' it. CubsFan1982 Thu May-05-05 10:58 PM1
- 2007 a Red Sox-Mets rematch! JackRiddler Sun Apr-01-07 12:33 AM2
- 2008 MLB Team Payrolls Winebrat Wed Apr-02-08 10:58 AM0
- 2009 MLB Team Payrolls Auggie Mon Apr-13-09 07:35 PM0
- 2010 MLB Payrolls Auggie Thu Oct-21-10 11:39 PM2
- 2011 MLB Team Payrolls Auggie Thu Apr-07-11 01:35 PM0
- 30 wins tonight! My prediction. cherokeeprogr... Fri May-22-09 06:15 PM0
- 48 games into the season and My Boys are the only team with a winning percentage over .600 cherokeeprogr... Thu May-28-09 12:30 AM0
- 54 games. Exactly 1/3 of the season has come and gone... cherokeeprogr... Wed Jun-03-09 04:42 PM0
- 60 wins. 26 games over .500 cherokeeprogr... Thu Jul-23-09 01:52 PM1
- 9 Straight! The Indians are on a roll! GOPFighter Fri Jun-24-05 01:46 AM6
- 92 wins, 60 losses. XNASA Sat Jul-02-05 06:19 AM2
- A Dodger Poem. I think it's apropos cherokeeprogr... Tue Oct-20-09 12:30 AM0
- A message to both Yanks and Sox fans JohnKleeb Thu Mar-17-05 04:21 PM12
- A's To Retire Rickey Henderson's 24 Kadie Tue Jul-14-09 02:33 AM2
- A-Rod back with Yankees? Counciltucky Tue Apr-08-08 10:26 AM1
- Ah, its baseball season dr.strangelov... Thu Apr-06-06 07:48 AM4
- AL All-Star pitchers and reserves CubsFan1982 Sun Jul-03-05 06:57 PM0
- AL All-Star starters CubsFan1982 Sun Jul-03-05 06:49 PM0
- AL Central Fans - Check in! GOPFighter Sun Mar-19-06 01:23 AM4
- ALDS: Did Joe Torre err in starting Wang for game 1 rather than Pettitte? Winebrat Tue Oct-09-07 10:38 AM0
- All Star Picks NJ Democrats Tue Jul-11-06 02:16 AM8
- am I the only one with no opinion on the whole Bonds/steriods issue?? LSK Sun Apr-23-06 12:10 PM2
- Any other Met fans against the Delgado trade? sellitman Sun Dec-04-05 10:23 PM2
- Any Red Sox fans ever venture to the Boston Globe discussion group? NRaleighLiber... Sun Jun-14-09 10:27 PM0
- Anyone else fans of a team ChoralScholar Sat Apr-09-05 01:32 AM11
- Anyone else sick to death of the ass kissing of the Moneyball strategy? KitchenWitch Tue Apr-25-06 04:52 AM6
- Anyone home? elleng Mon Oct-27-08 07:56 PM0
- Anyone read "The Yankee Years" by Joe Torre & Tom Verducci? Auggie Fri Mar-06-09 06:46 PM0
- AP: Bonds says he may be out until next season following knee surgery CubsFan1982 Tue Mar-22-05 06:22 PM3
- Apologies to the Cubs, Brewers, Pirates, Reds, and Astros. Gore1FL Fri Feb-19-10 12:47 AM0
- Apparently Kansas City has found life since Tony Pena resigned KitchenWitch Wed Jun-08-05 01:59 AM0
- Are they dismantling the Braves KitchenWitch Sun Mar-26-06 10:44 PM11
- Armando Galarraga is a classy guy totodeinhere Thu Jun-03-10 02:16 PM0
- Astros likely to move to AL West in 2013 KatyMan Wed Nov-16-11 10:51 AM0
- At least something good happened tonight JohnKleeb Sun Apr-10-05 08:45 AM5
- Awww....I have to wait all the way til March.... WannaBeGrumpy Mon Oct-15-07 10:25 AM0
- Baseball book recommendations? [View All] Telly Savalas Mon May-09-05 12:16 PM25
- Baseball Forever: Reflections on Sixty Years in the Game by Ralph Kiner Auggie Thu Apr-08-10 09:12 AM1
- Baseball pioneer Buck O'Neill dead at 94... Richardo Sun Apr-22-07 09:57 PM2
- Baseball predictions (warning very short) JohnKleeb Tue Oct-11-05 12:58 AM12
- Baseball salaries are out of control Winebrat Mon Mar-17-08 10:32 AM3
- Baseball to Launch Steroids Investigation Chi-Town Exil... Sat Apr-08-06 03:31 PM2
- Best Baseball I've watched in years. WeRQ4U Sat Aug-27-05 09:58 PM3
- Best League (Poll) pres2032 Sat Mar-12-05 12:51 AM4
- Best MLB ballpark? (Poll) [View All] CubsFan1982 Thu Oct-05-06 05:04 PM29
- Best retired players not in the HOF KitchenWitch Wed Jun-29-05 09:43 PM16
- Bob Casey the "voice of the Minnesota Twins" died today dflprincess Wed Mar-30-05 10:19 PM1
- Boston Herald: Nomar a Happy Camper in 1st Spring with Cubs CubsFan1982 Sun Mar-13-05 11:42 PM1
- Break up the METS? (Poll) burythehatche... Thu Apr-20-06 09:06 AM2
- Broxton. Broxton, Broxton broxtonbroxtonbroxton. I'm afraid that's all she wrote. Good Season. cherokeeprogr... Mon Oct-19-09 11:01 PM0
- Buh Bye Home Field Advantage... cherokeeprogr... Fri Nov-06-09 12:47 AM3
- can I listen to a W. Series audiocast online? villager Tue Oct-24-06 06:32 PM0
- can someone bring me down to earth about the Tigers? banjosareunde... Mon Apr-04-05 01:23 PM3
- Cardinals expected to draw 3.3 million attendance this year. Gogi Sat Oct-10-09 08:31 PM1
- Cardinals pitcher killed in auto accident this morning DesertRat Tue May-01-07 11:17 AM3
- CARL Yastrzemski's grandson just got drafted by the Boston Red Sox!! MADem Thu Jun-11-09 11:50 PM0
- Carlos Silva just pitched a 74 pitch complete game KitchenWitch Sat Jun-04-05 03:35 AM10
- Chicago Cubs fans check in here! CubsFan1982 Wed Apr-06-05 09:39 PM9
- Classic baseball broadcasts enigmatic Thu Apr-21-05 10:38 PM0
- Cleveland/N.Y. Yankees playoff -- who do you like? Winebrat Fri Oct-05-07 06:53 PM6
- Clevelands Cliff Lee wins 2008 AL Cy Young Award Winebrat Fri Nov-14-08 10:24 AM0
- Congrats Mark Buehrle! cherokeeprogr... Thu Jul-23-09 07:50 PM0
- Congratulations Phillies! DesertRat Wed Oct-29-08 10:10 PM0
- Could anything be sweeter.... MissMillie Tue Mar-29-05 09:41 PM2
- Critique my fantasy baseball team Tweed Mon Jun-13-05 02:04 AM3
- Derrek Lee for All-Star NL 1B CubsFan1982 Thu Jun-30-05 05:57 PM0
- Derrek Lee: Triple Crown Threat (Poll) CubsFan1982 Wed Jul-13-05 07:48 AM3
- Did anyone else totally enjoy that MissMillie Mon May-14-07 08:28 AM0
- Do they expect the Nationals to impact Orioles attendance much?.. Princess Tura... Fri Apr-29-05 01:24 AM6
- Do you know when Spring Training and Regular Seaon Tix go on sale? bertha katzen... Wed Oct-31-07 11:19 AM1
- DODGERS IN THE NLCS cherokeeprogr... Mon Oct-12-09 10:06 PM3
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