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- Welcome to the DU Jewish Group Skinner Admin Started: Mar-08 08:53 AM0
- Happy (early) Chanukah! Behind the Ae... Started: Dec-07 04:21 PM0
- Progressive Chanukah songs? Ian David Started: Dec-03 03:56 PM0
- Does anyone know what these mean? ohnoyoudidnt Started: Nov-24 01:51 AM0
- Yom Kippur Kol Nidre Service at Occupy Wall Street Ian David Started: Oct-07 03:35 PM0
- Rosh Hashanah Rock Anthem Ian David Started: Sep-28 07:32 PM0
- Anti-Semitism On The Rise, State Dept. Warns (x-post) Behind the Ae... Started: Sep-19 02:28 AM0
- Koch May Test His Political Voice on National Stage. elleng Started: Sep-16 10:49 AM0
- It Gets Better - Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism Ian David Started: Sep-14 08:55 AM0
- Orthodox Rabbinical Edict: It Is Against Torah Law To Vote For David Weprin Ian David Started: Sep-09 01:14 PM0
- Yo Mir Kenen Yes We Can Obama Ian David Started: Aug-17 07:44 PM0
- New Jewish group wants to restore polygamy Ian David Started: Jul-11 06:52 AM0
- Dog sentenced to death by stoning Ian David Started: Jun-18 07:00 AM4
- Harry Bernstein, Writer Who Gained Fame at 96, Dies at 101. elleng Started: Jun-07 01:19 PM0
- Antisemitism survey expected to collect data for book Behind the Ae... Started: May-26 04:51 PM0
- The Full-Blown Return of Anti-Semitism in Europe Behind the Ae... Started: May-20 03:08 AM0
- Rabbis slam attack on Reform synagogue Ian David Started: Apr-24 08:18 AM0
- Homophobia Is Not Kosher Ian David Started: Apr-11 02:29 PM6
- Wow. Just wow Very_Boring_N... Started: Apr-10 07:20 PM4
- Survival and Salvation Meshuga Started: Apr-10 12:00 AM0
- Google Exodus (What if Moses had Facebook?) Ian David Started: Apr-08 06:48 PM0
- Best Bar Mitzvah Speech Ian David Started: Mar-26 10:51 PM1
- However, you'd like to spell it.... Behind the Ae... Started: Dec-02 01:18 AM0
- To Revive Jewish Dishes, Some Cooks Look to the Shtetl. elleng Started: Nov-29 04:35 PM0
- ADL Protests Archbishop's Outrageous Remarks About Judaism Ian David Started: Oct-26 09:27 AM0
- Gays in Updated Jewish Prayer Book Ian David Started: Sep-17 04:22 PM0
- L'Shana Tovah, Everyone....z Zoigal Started: Sep-08 05:49 PM0
- L'Shana Tova Behind the Ae... Started: Sep-08 12:34 PM0
- Black and Jewish, and Seeing No Contradiction elleng Started: Aug-30 12:40 AM0
- Confronting 'history's longest hatred' Behind the Ae... Started: Jul-23 11:10 PM0
- Kosher is becoming all-American. elleng Started: Jul-04 04:43 PM0
- Hijacking Their Way Out of Tyranny elleng Started: Jun-18 12:06 AM0
- Oopsies: Globe sent an Israel hater to cover Israeli ambassador's commencement speech at Brandeis Ian David Started: Jun-14 08:23 AM0
- We really ARE all cousins! marybourg Started: Jun-09 09:29 PM0
- Helen Thomas Has Apologized; When Will Mike Huckabee? Ian David Started: Jun-06 08:04 AM2
- Non-Profit Job Opening: Community Organizing for Justice - Jewish Organizing Initiative of Boston Ian David Started: May-11 08:33 AM0
- Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague, on PBS now. elleng Started: Apr-16 09:09 PM0
- Can someone here please explain to me why. . . Cary Started: Apr-07 08:43 PM2
- Traveling rabbi serves tiny Southern congregations DeeDeeNY Started: Mar-31 01:25 PM2
- Happy Passover. Behind the Ae... Started: Mar-29 12:29 AM0
- New OAS report expresses concern about anti-Semitism in Venezuela Behind the Ae... Started: Mar-09 05:02 AM0
- The Ultra-Orthodox Continue to Destroy Jewish Life by Outlawing Lox Ian David Started: Mar-08 04:21 PM0
- Global Anti-Semitism Still Potent Behind the Ae... Started: Feb-12 04:53 AM0
- England's not so pleasant aspect Behind the Ae... Started: Feb-05 04:26 AM0
- Auschwitz liberator: Prisoners saved from hell IndianaGreen Started: Jan-27 06:41 PM0
- What Non-Jews May Think of Some Jewish Rituals Ian David Started: Jan-26 05:29 PM0
- Indiana survivor of Holocaust leads trip to Auschwitz IndianaGreen Started: Jan-25 05:24 PM0
- Israeli aid arrives in Haiti, field hospital set up IndianaGreen Started: Jan-19 12:47 AM0
- Jewish communities mobilize following devastating Haiti earthquake Behind the Ae... Started: Jan-13 04:24 PM1
- elleng Started: Jan-12 10:22 PM0
- The Jews are an indigenous people Ian David Started: Jan-03 07:34 AM0
- It's Christmas Time for the Jews Betsy Ross Started: Dec-24 04:46 PM0
- US Army Band playing a Hannukah song? question ever... Started: Dec-20 11:21 PM0
- Only in SoCal question ever... Started: Dec-19 03:07 PM1
- The Hanukkah Story elleng Started: Dec-11 06:28 AM0
- Washington Fuss Over White House Hanukkah Party elleng Started: Dec-11 06:00 AM0
- elleng Started: Dec-08 09:04 PM1
- Hanukkah flash mob? question ever... Started: Dec-03 11:50 AM2
- Discovering Jewish Music question ever... Started: Nov-28 10:22 PM1
- Movie details rising tide of anti-Semitism in Europe (xpost from EOA) Behind the Ae... Started: Nov-27 04:20 AM7
- Where Tech Keeps Booming question ever... Started: Nov-24 12:05 PM0
- I don't know about everyone else... Meshuga Started: Nov-22 09:44 AM1
- Snorkel Bob's in Hawaii question ever... Started: Nov-21 10:30 PM0
- La inseguridad is pushing the Jews out of Venezuela Behind the Ae... Started: Nov-20 09:36 PM0
- Will Lieberman attend? question ever... Started: Nov-20 12:25 PM3
- Israeli Documentary Challenges Jewish Responses to Anti-Semitism Behind the Ae... Started: Nov-18 04:02 AM1
- Jewish x-post Hate Crimes Against LGBT-Americans and Jews Rose In California in 2008 Behind the Ae... Started: Nov-16 04:39 PM0
- To Serve Jews Ian David Started: Nov-15 06:36 PM2
- How To Handle Hate: Jews Debate Response to the Westboro Road Show Meshuga Started: Nov-10 11:53 AM0
- Elie Wiesel, the teabaggers and anti-Semitism question ever... Started: Nov-09 03:38 PM0
- 'Crystal Night': Anti-Semitism then and now Behind the Ae... Started: Nov-06 11:03 PM1
- British MP: Data suggesting rise in U.K. anti-Semitism are misleading Behind the Ae... Started: Nov-03 04:02 PM0
- Secret Mission Rescues Yemen's Jews question ever... Started: Oct-31 12:32 PM0
- Heads Up: J Street Conference replay on C-span right now (Sat. am) Misskittycat Started: Oct-31 10:58 AM0
- Where Do Jews Come From? question ever... Started: Oct-30 01:13 PM0
- Anti Semitism in Egypt question ever... Started: Oct-30 12:33 PM0
- Anti-Semitism on the rise in France: Jewish community group Behind the Ae... Started: Oct-27 04:07 PM2
- A Bar Mitzvah for an 83-year old DeeDeeNY Started: Oct-24 11:48 AM3
- What can be done to stop the rise of anti-Semitism in Argentina? Behind the Ae... Started: Oct-24 04:39 AM2
- (X-post) Students should take stand against anti-Semitism, other horrible Behind the Ae... Started: Oct-19 03:35 PM2
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