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- Welcome to the True Crime Group elad Admin Mon Feb-28-05 04:39 PM1
- New York Magazine: What Happened to Etan Patz Adelante Wed May-06-09 12:41 PM0
- Stop withholding evidence, judge orders Amanda Knox prosecution - Italy AmyStrange Wed Aug-03-11 11:50 PM3
- Any Court TV Fans? Blue Gardener Sat Mar-19-05 07:53 PM9
- This looks like a good book-Between Good and Evil Blue Gardener Fri Mar-25-05 11:23 PM1
- The death of Buddy Holly: accident, murder, more? BlueIris Mon Mar-06-06 10:46 PM9
- Snagged from LBN: New development in Michael Skakel story? BlueIris Fri Jun-30-06 04:45 PM1
- Book rec: "Howdunit: How Crimes Are Committed And Solved." BlueIris Tue Jul-11-06 02:57 AM0
- "I have to stop watching all these crime shows; I'm getting so paranoid." BlueIris Sat Jul-22-06 07:36 AM3
- Lizzie Borden: a take on this famous TC you may not have encountered. BlueIris Tue Apr-29-08 10:55 AM5
- Should Ann Rule write an autobiography? (Poll) BlueIris Fri Aug-11-06 08:43 AM1
- !! (Man admits killing JobBenet Ramsey.) BlueIris Thu Aug-17-06 11:33 AM3
- One of my favorite TC cases: The "Murder" of Nancy Lyon. BlueIris Fri Sep-01-06 05:37 PM3
- Just watched an interview with Gary Ridgeway (GRK). EW. BlueIris Tue Sep-19-06 07:09 PM7
- So...who's going to see "The Black Dahlia"? BlueIris Sat Sep-09-06 10:43 PM3
- I'm optimistic about the new movie about the Zodiac killer. BlueIris Wed Feb-14-07 05:51 PM4
- So, have we heard anything new about Scott Peterson? BlueIris Mon Jun-04-07 08:47 AM1
- Slightly OT, but I swiped this cool thread (on strange deaths) from the Lounge for us. BlueIris Sat Apr-28-07 11:22 PM0
- I just had a really BAD dream that I was the victim of a spree killer. BlueIris Thu May-17-07 09:56 AM1
- Any Scott Turnow fans here? BlueIris Sun Jun-17-07 05:21 AM0
- Been watching "CSI" reruns on the Spike channel. BlueIris Fri Aug-17-07 09:17 PM1
- Watched "CopyCat" on TNT last night. I had forgotten how much I loved that film. BlueIris Sun Sep-16-07 11:26 AM1
- This is a terrible story, (girl hanged in TX) but I'll probably keep up with it until it's resolved. BlueIris Sun Sep-16-07 11:25 AM1
- X-post from the Lounge: woman poisons 2 ex-husbands with anti-freeze and tries to kill daughter BlueIris Wed Oct-10-07 01:52 AM8
- BlueIris Wed Jan-02-08 07:26 PM7
- Watched a really interesting documentary on the History Channel about the Zodiac killer yesterday. BlueIris Thu Oct-18-07 05:42 AM1
- So, since Court TV is changing its name, should we change the name of the TC forum? BlueIris Fri Dec-14-07 09:15 AM1
- So did anyone get the Time Magazine "great unsolved crimes" issue? BlueIris Thu Dec-27-07 06:14 AM1
- From LBN: At least 6 dead in Carnation, WA BlueIris Fri Dec-28-07 10:58 AM0
- Hee. The Lounge posts about a true crime (Lizzie Borden). BlueIris Tue Apr-29-08 10:36 AM0
- Anyone going to see "The Strangers"? BlueIris Tue Jun-24-08 01:21 PM7
- Swiped from LBN: Disturbing murder in Greece. BlueIris Mon Aug-04-08 09:52 AM1
- Sunny von Bulow died. BlueIris Tue Dec-09-08 05:37 PM2
- Has anyone here read, "While They Slept," by Kathryn Harrison? BlueIris Thu May-14-09 01:55 PM2
- Swiped from GD: (Bizarre) Serial Killer Mystery Solved. BlueIris Sun Apr-05-09 07:51 AM1
- Here's a book suggestion for this group. BlueIris Fri Feb-11-11 07:31 PM3
- Betty Broderick denied parole. BlueIris Tue Jan-26-10 09:24 AM4
- TC-ers: How long have you been true-crimin'? BlueIris Tue Nov-09-10 06:08 PM4
- Amanda Knox has a new trial (ongoing.) BlueIris Fri Mar-18-11 07:05 AM0
- What a bizarre case... BlueIris Tue Apr-05-11 04:36 PM0
- Natalie Wood Drowning Case Reopened. BlueIris Sun Nov-27-11 06:39 PM2
- Just saw the A&E documentary on the Long Island killer. Very well done. BlueIris Wed Dec-07-11 06:17 PM0
- So, is it safe to talk about Scott Peterson? Bunny Tue Mar-01-05 05:53 PM7
- In your opinion, what are the elements that make up a good Bunny Fri Mar-04-05 06:08 PM16
- I just have to vent here! Bunny Mon Mar-28-05 10:48 PM12
- Karla Homolka prison term nearing the end. Bunny Sat Jun-11-05 10:51 PM4
- BTK pleads guilty to ten counts of murder! Bunny Mon Jun-27-05 09:48 AM2
- Does anyone think that the sex offender who had Shasta Groene Bunny Sat Jul-23-05 09:08 AM6
- Slain doctor's will won't be settled for years. Bunny Sat Aug-13-05 01:22 PM8
- Whatever happened to Lee Harvey Oswald's calico1 Sat Dec-17-05 04:04 AM6
- I'm your Bernardo/Homolka information clearinghouse. CanuckAmok Fri Mar-18-05 01:09 PM5
- The Robin Hood Hills murders-the west Memphis 3--anybody? chimpsrsmarte... Fri Feb-02-07 11:45 PM5
- So what about the Lindbergh kidnapping? Did Bruno Hauptman do it? DemBones DemB... Fri Jan-09-09 10:36 AM19
- Ritualized serial killings of couples parked on lovers' lanes in Tuscany DemBones DemB... Sat Jan-10-09 03:37 PM3
- West Memphis Three case: Have you read Turvey's Crime Scene profile? Douglas Carpe... Sat Nov-26-05 11:51 PM7
- Is this one for you guys? elleng Tue Nov-24-09 05:54 PM2
- Theories on Natalee Halloway's disappearance? ernstbass Wed Jun-29-05 03:24 PM6
- Arrest made in murder of Christa Worthington (from LBN) flamingyouth Fri Apr-15-05 04:40 PM2
- Two men charged with deaths of seven in Richmond, Va. flamingyouth Sun Jan-08-06 10:36 PM2
- "CSI" provides killers with how-to guide flamingyouth Sat Feb-04-06 08:48 AM3
- A 30-year secret revealed (Double murder finally solved) flamingyouth Sat Mar-18-06 05:14 PM0
- What are some interesting, long-forgotten local crimes from your area? flamingyouth Fri Jun-23-06 09:38 AM9
- There's a new(ish) website devoted to the Original Night Stalker flamingyouth Thu Oct-19-06 11:52 PM9
- Seattle Police charge man with 1978 murder of 15-year-old flamingyouth Wed Dec-05-07 07:49 PM4
- Not a famous case frogmarch Tue Mar-07-06 02:56 PM2
- A bear lie (JonBenet case) frogmarch Sat Aug-26-06 09:42 AM1
- Patsy Ramsey's "q" frogmarch Sat Aug-26-06 05:10 PM1
- JonBenet case reopened frogmarch Sat Feb-28-09 06:04 AM3
- Natalee Holloway murder suspect named in another murder frogmarch Thu Jun-03-10 04:55 AM3
- Would anyone here be interested in developing or just helping run a website? Ghost in the ... Wed Jun-06-07 11:38 AM0
- Has anyone been following the 2 boys gizmo1979 Sat Apr-15-06 11:33 AM6
- The Mysterious Suicided of Gary Webb hang a left Wed Jun-01-05 03:45 PM0
- Dominatrix Alleges Bizarre Sexcapade With Cop IanDB1 Wed Dec-06-06 06:19 AM1
- Dead Animal Sex Update IanDB1 Tue Mar-06-07 11:43 AM0
- Are there any police officers or detectives in this group? Jamastiene Fri Nov-25-05 06:11 AM0
- Did they ever catch the Colonial Parkway killer? Jara sang Fri May-27-05 12:16 PM3
- Does anyone remember the serial killer from Delaware? Steven Pennell? JimmyJazz Sat Apr-23-05 08:52 PM18
- Ever read "Breaking Blue?" It's a fascinating combination John Q. Citiz... Tue Jan-03-06 05:20 AM0
- We have one of these now? JohnKleeb Fri Mar-18-05 01:51 PM6
- Does anyone else watch and enjoy A&E's cold case files? JohnKleeb Tue Jul-26-05 07:54 AM3
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