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- Welcome to the DU Native American Group Skinner Admin Tue Feb-22-05 04:10 PM0
- What tribes are represented at DU? [View All] petersond Fri Nov-19-10 03:13 AM46
- Welcome Native People and wellwishers, please introduce yourselves. [View All] mandyky Sun Mar-25-07 06:01 PM45
- Am I a "twinkie"? [View All] LittleClarkie Tue Feb-24-09 11:08 AM29
- Does anyone ever come in here? petersond Fri Dec-16-05 10:58 AM18
- How much Native American Blood discerning ch... Thu Dec-29-05 06:14 PM16
- Critique of "Dances With Wolves" Wetzelbill Mon Nov-27-06 03:24 PM16
- My Indian blood Tuesday After... Tue Feb-05-08 06:25 PM15
- here's my wife's grandpa cleofus1 Sun May-29-05 01:46 PM12
- Anyone familiar with HINU out there? turtlelowe Sat Sep-02-06 04:51 PM11
- Native American? The tribe says no Waya Mon Dec-11-06 07:27 PM11
- What are resources for Native American astrology? Metta Thu May-11-06 02:31 AM10
- Blood Quantum - Why It Matters, and Why It Shouldn't Waya Thu Apr-20-06 11:30 PM10
- Lincoln's grand-father was killed by Native Americans in 1786 Kire Sun Oct-09-05 09:30 AM9
- Looking for a great Native American quote fishnfla Sun Dec-18-05 02:28 AM9
- Here is a good Indian film recommendation Wetzelbill Mon Jul-03-06 12:26 PM9
- Opinions requested on History books I've recently read YankeyMCC Sun Aug-06-06 11:10 AM9
- Bush administration withholds $300M from Indian housing Waya Fri Sep-22-06 04:39 PM9
- 500 Nations DVD set CountAllVotes Fri Aug-31-07 01:22 PM9
- The Quest by Tom Brown CountAllVotes Sat Oct-01-05 12:53 AM8
- Anyone know what qualifications are necessary for registering for the Cherokee tribe? Zoigal Mon Mar-31-08 11:21 AM8
- at what age will you let your children dance/drum cleofus1 Tue Jan-31-06 09:31 AM7
- Action Needed Now for Uncle Leonard NightWatcher Tue Feb-24-09 11:12 AM7
- Feeling the pain of the earth CountAllVotes Sat Mar-12-11 02:50 PM7
- Who reads ICT? Kire Mon Dec-26-05 04:10 PM6
- Spirtual exploiters and newage frauds Iktomiwicasa Tue Nov-21-06 01:54 AM6
- Please DU this petition for the Lakota ... NVMojo Fri Jan-20-06 11:19 PM6
- were native americans miserable mysoginists? cleofus1 Sat Feb-04-06 01:14 AM6
- OPP INVADES SIX NATIONS Waya Sat Apr-29-06 03:51 PM6
- Seeking Advice About Visiting Black Hills and Devil's Tower Sacred Grounds Mister Ed Wed Nov-29-06 07:15 PM6
- HINU will be represented at Live Earth: Henri and Wildcat Mabus Sat Sep-01-07 07:21 PM6
- Question as to Lakota/Nakota/Dakota uppityperson Tue Jan-22-08 08:42 AM6
- Does anyone know when Native American History Month is? mandyky Sun Nov-20-05 11:00 PM5
- new DVD found - Trail of Tears: Cherokee Legacy CountAllVotes Tue Dec-12-06 11:35 AM5
- I'd like to move back and run for tribal council.... Wetzelbill Sat May-31-08 12:39 PM5
- I'm lost ByTheRiver Fri May-30-08 11:06 AM5
- Native American history and culture in the New York area in search of ... Mon Oct-13-08 10:57 AM5
- Redirect to DU LBN thread w/ recent Ward Churchill links struggle4prog... Sun May-29-05 01:48 PM4
- Spiritual connection between Black people and Native Americans. cleanheart.39... Thu Sep-29-05 01:03 PM4
- Sioux Indian writer and activist Vine Deloria Jr. died yesterday Wetzelbill Sat Dec-17-05 12:28 PM4
- Haskell Indian Art Market Sept. 9 & 10 Mabus Sat Sep-02-06 05:08 PM4
- Tim Giago: R-word just as insulting as the N-word Waya Wed Jun-27-07 10:05 AM4
- Any suggestions on where to find good kinnickinnick? itsmesgd Fri Feb-02-07 11:52 PM4
- Activist's concern Waya Fri May-11-07 12:28 AM4
- they call enemy zones "indian territory" knowbody0 Wed Feb-23-05 06:08 PM3
- Hate crime shocks Paiute reservation IanDB1 Mon Mar-14-05 04:20 PM3
- Gay Native Americans Rediscover 'Two-Spirit' Identity Kadie Wed Apr-06-05 01:29 AM3
- Tattoo question DinoBoy Wed Aug-24-05 02:24 PM3
- Pueblo, Arizona 1888 ? CountAllVotes Wed Sep-28-05 12:45 PM3
- Native American Resource Groups turtlelowe Fri Dec-02-05 07:53 PM3
- yatta hey! all you knuckleheads! Merry Christmas! cleofus1 Tue Dec-27-05 11:55 AM3
- For boy wounded at Red Lake and family, lives forever changed NVMojo Mon Mar-27-06 04:46 AM3
- doing genealogy has led me to examine realities and attitudes bobbieinok Sat Apr-08-06 11:04 AM3
- something entirely different cleofus1 Sun Apr-23-06 03:54 AM3
- Genealogy with a purpose BlackVelvet04 Tue May-23-06 10:32 PM3
- selling Indian artifacts on eBay!! CountAllVotes Tue May-23-06 01:00 PM3
- Leonard Peltier Quote ....... Waya Sun Jun-18-06 11:30 PM3
- So what do you think of GUN? turtlelowe Wed Sep-06-06 11:38 PM3
- A peril that dwelt among the Navajos Waya Wed Nov-22-06 06:13 PM3
- need help identifying the authenticity of an arrowhead *HELP* wildhorses Mon Dec-25-06 01:36 AM3
- REFLECTING ON TRIBES AND GOVERNMENT Wetzelbill Thu Mar-08-07 10:38 AM3
- Money awaits American Indians Waya Sat Mar-10-07 11:50 AM3
- CSPAN2 Sunday 10:35pm The Day The World Ended At Little Bighorn: A Lakota History Viva_La_Revol... Thu May-31-07 11:07 AM3
- Do any of you remember this case/issue? petersond Mon Nov-12-07 06:02 PM3
- Vernon Bellecourt dies at 75 NightWatcher Mon Oct-15-07 01:16 PM3
- What do YOU do on 11/22? NightWatcher Fri Mar-21-08 09:53 AM3
- Remembering Robert F. Kennedy - Forty years later, family members come to Pine Ridge Waya Tue Feb-24-09 11:19 AM3
- Obama just met with Native American leaders this morning Ojai Person Mon Sep-22-08 07:05 AM3
- "We Shall Remain" On PBS Dinger Mon Jun-22-09 09:35 AM3
- Seek and ye shall find CountAllVotes Mon Apr-20-09 09:59 PM3
- Is Anyone Here Going To The NIEA Convention In Milwaukee? Dinger Sat Oct-24-09 10:07 PM3
- Wilma Mankiller passes... yellerpup Mon Jun-07-10 12:24 PM3
- Wetlands Preservation Organization and Haskell Indian Nations University Mabus Tue Nov-22-05 11:22 PM2
- Tribal member chronicles ancient tales with anime-style artwork Astarho Thu Jun-02-05 01:03 AM2
- Looking for progressive bloggers of faith GreenPartyVot... Sun May-29-05 06:54 AM2
- Desertrose Sun May-29-05 01:54 PM2
- What is the origin of the "Ten Indian Commandments" Kire Sun May-29-05 01:53 PM2
- Ralph Reed Kire Sun May-29-05 01:45 PM2
- NA Music recommendations, please! :D NuttyFluffers Mon Jun-13-05 09:22 AM2
- Why race and class matter to the environmental movement Kire Wed Jun-08-05 02:13 PM2
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