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- Welcome to the DU Languages and Linguistics Group Skinner Admin Fri Feb-11-05 10:10 AM0
- German speakers, out there? Help? 48percenter Wed Aug-20-08 06:49 AM9
- Is anyone else out there annoyed at the misuse of "literally?" ailsagirl Wed Aug-25-10 08:10 AM4
- Guten Tag,,, and-justice-f... Wed Sep-24-08 08:36 PM5
- I found a tutor service that is excellent.. and-justice-f... Mon Apr-21-08 03:12 AM0
- Nihongo o wakarimasu ka? AsahinaKimi Sat Nov-15-08 06:17 PM5
- Benefits of learning Latin Astarho Thu Jun-28-07 03:41 AM6
- Icelanders on a mission: Fighting English invasion Astarho Sun Mar-20-05 08:30 PM0
- Vin Deisel wants ancient languages in Hannibal Astarho Tue Jun-28-05 10:57 PM6
- The Indo-European thread Astarho Thu Apr-05-07 05:56 PM8
- 'It's early to declare Ladino dead' Behind the Ae... Thu Feb-15-07 03:54 AM0
- A gift for Ralph Nader and others Boojatta Mon Jul-07-08 10:50 AM0
- Does Adobe Systems Inc understand the Korean language? Boojatta Sat Dec-19-09 04:46 AM2
- Human knowledge eroded as endangered languages die Book Lover Sun Feb-18-07 03:01 PM0
- Spanish cbear70 Sun Dec-18-05 12:17 PM3
- Any Arabic speakers out there? chatnoir Mon Mar-03-08 08:03 PM0
- Does anyone know how to read Chinese Symbols? darmok167 Mon Sep-08-08 10:24 PM2
- Attention Francophiles! davidwparker Sat Jul-28-07 07:17 PM0
- Why is there animosity toward modernizing English spelling? [View All] DinoBoy Wed May-18-11 01:15 PM21
- I want to learn Spanish!! driver8 Mon Sep-17-07 04:38 AM5
- May I remind all the French-speakers in the room Ellen Forrada... Fri Jan-20-06 12:16 PM1
- TIME: Decoding the Ancient Script of the Indus Valley eShirl Fri Sep-04-09 09:56 PM1
- Any Russian speakers in the Atlanta area? Flaxbee Fri Dec-09-05 08:48 PM0
- For anyone interested - Two short Russian art films on Flaxbee Wed Apr-01-09 11:52 AM0
- Anyone speak Welsh here? geardaddy Wed Nov-07-07 01:18 PM2
- Does anyone know Finnish? grace0418 Sat Apr-16-05 09:04 AM0
- Any Dutch speakers here? helderheid Wed Jan-18-06 12:21 PM5
- Need some help from Humanities/Language lovers with a retirement project HereSince1628 Sat Apr-16-11 09:00 AM2
- A linguistic consideration of Ed Schultz's fail with the S-word HereSince1628 Thu May-26-11 08:35 AM0
- Any ESL/EFL teachers here? John Q. Citiz... Sat Oct-22-05 02:49 PM8
- Anyone Urdu speakers? jonolover Wed Oct-18-06 02:07 PM0
- Any Russian speakers out here? junkiebrewste... Sat Oct-27-07 06:23 PM4
- Currently learning Haitian Kreyol - anyone here know it at all? kineta Thu May-03-07 08:56 PM0
- Is it possible to be dyslexic in Chinese? Kire Sat Apr-09-05 11:47 PM1
- RAP LYRICS TRANSLATED Kire Mon Aug-22-05 01:44 PM4
- What Kind of American English Do You Speak? [View All] Kire Fri Apr-15-11 06:22 PM32
- WORDCOUNT / Tracking the Way We Use Language / Kire Wed Apr-27-05 07:14 PM0
- If you can't master English, try Globish. Kire Mon May-16-05 08:25 PM2
- Privatization same root as Deprivation Kire Sun May-22-05 01:57 AM0
- The Alternative Dictionaries Kire Sat Aug-06-05 09:26 PM1
- Cockney slang picks up Bangladeshi flavor Kire Tue Aug-23-05 02:19 AM0
- Australian slang dictionary Kire Tue Aug-23-05 09:23 AM0
- World Wide Words Kire Wed Aug-24-05 02:20 AM0
- Ethnologue: Languages of the World Kire Fri Aug-26-05 01:25 AM0
- Learn Chinese in 5 minutes. Kire Thu Nov-10-05 10:29 PM1
- Weird and wonderful vocabulary from around the world Kire Thu Dec-01-05 12:07 PM8
- Politics And The English Language (Orwell) Kire Mon Aug-11-08 12:00 PM0
- Latin and French leyton Sat May-14-05 02:06 AM4
- Does anyone use or know Bliss Symbols?? Lilyhoney Thu Oct-06-05 04:45 PM0
- French speaking DUers: I need some help! Lorien Thu Apr-03-08 04:13 PM0
- Finnes det noen her som snakker norsk (eller svensk eller dansk)? loro mi dicev... Fri Sep-23-05 12:42 PM11
- Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome... [View All] Lydia Leftcoa... Fri Oct-30-09 01:01 PM23
- I can definitely relate to this article; can you? Lydia Leftcoa... Fri Nov-03-06 04:30 PM0
- ASL and Muscle memory - different learning? LynzM Sat Apr-22-06 07:59 PM2
- People on TV can't conjugate verbs anymore. Manifestor_of... Wed Aug-10-11 12:08 AM4
- Rosetta Stone Language Software - Anyone Use It? Is it REALLY that good? matcom Sat Dec-03-11 03:21 PM4
- fit like chiels an' quines? McKenzie Sat Mar-19-05 07:03 PM10
- Anyone speak or learning Portuguese? melnjones Thu May-26-05 06:08 AM4
- Anyone speak Pennsylvania Dutch? melnjones Thu May-03-07 08:54 PM1
- "Talking Hands" by Margalit Fox MonkeyFunk Sun Nov-11-07 09:06 AM0
- language resources on the web mopinko Sat May-14-05 05:44 AM4
- Language learning programs? MountainLaure... Sat Dec-23-06 11:42 PM3
- Tell me if you've discussed this about SW Pennsylvania MrMickeysMom Sun Mar-21-10 11:33 PM2
- spanish - math help mzteris Tue Dec-19-06 12:25 AM3
- learning a new language mzteris Tue Apr-19-11 09:44 AM2
- looking for a general european languages book NoodleBoy Fri Mar-09-07 10:55 AM2
- Does anybody here have facility with LATIN? Dicksteele is making some Nothing Witho... Sat Mar-11-06 07:14 PM2
- English 1000 years from now Odin2005 Mon Mar-09-09 06:43 PM6
- Languages you want to learn before you die! Odin2005 Tue Sep-08-09 07:14 AM11
- Awesome website and message board I found for folks learning another language Odin2005 Thu Nov-27-08 05:59 AM1
- Cool site with lessons for various classical Indo-European languages Odin2005 Tue Sep-08-09 03:10 PM3
- Anyone into constructed languages? Odin2005 Mon Jul-27-09 08:52 AM3
- The phonology (pronunciation system) of American English. Odin2005 Sun Jul-26-09 02:54 PM3
- The survival of the Subjunctive in American English Odin2005 Sun Jun-27-10 06:12 PM8
- Carnegie Speech PAVet4Murtha Wed Jan-14-09 12:21 AM0
- I have a dumb question. Perragrande Thu Jul-05-07 01:07 AM3
- Question about Spanish punctuation... progdonkey Sun Nov-25-07 10:30 PM1
- Do you have a favorite foreign blog? pscot Sat May-07-11 11:42 AM0
- hola! como esta? PuraVidaDream... Thu Mar-09-06 01:03 PM13
- Character recognition software for translating German to English Quakerfriend Fri May-05-06 12:43 AM1
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