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- "A vote" was stolen by Dems? mac2 Sun Jun-15-08 04:15 AM4
- "Anti-establishment" candidates (both D and R) proposing Congressional term limits alp227 Sat Sep-04-10 12:34 AM2
- "I rise in opposition to the good amenment" Kire Mon Sep-11-06 12:05 AM1
- "Tax Reform" Panel and a revised income tax system papau Thu Feb-02-06 04:39 PM9
- "Wagecut republicans" best phrase 2 use,congrssal elections billlll Fri Sep-10-10 06:38 PM0
- (no #) Boxer - Amend the National Wildlife Refuge System Admin Act, 1966 paineinthears... Sat Mar-12-05 01:52 PM0
- (Rob Andrews) South Jersey congressman spent $9,000 from campaign funds on donor's wedding alp227 Mon Nov-21-11 10:05 PM1
- *****Joint Committee Hearing on Derivatives Regulation***** slipslidingaw... Tue Aug-18-09 10:34 PM2
- ****Bank Bailout Consolidation Thread**** [View All] slipslidingaw... Tue Mar-31-09 09:24 PM25
- . [View All] tiptoe Thu Oct-23-08 08:25 PM25
- ..Home / Economy, News Briefs, Skunk Nation / Congress outsources workload to Malaysia TheRepublican... Wed Nov-10-10 03:23 AM2
- 1,000 Representatives BeFree Tue Apr-14-09 09:19 PM2
- 13 House Dems vote against HR 22, which would cut House office budgets alp227 Wed Feb-16-11 04:01 PM1
- 6/18 Election Model: OBAMA NOW LEADING IN FL, EXPECTED EV JUMPS TO 350 - x tiptoe Wed Jun-18-08 11:47 PM0
- A change is brewing in Congress... Lefty48197 Fri Jul-09-10 01:48 PM9
- A critical Senate seat at stake! dhpgetsit Tue Sep-23-08 07:49 PM0
- A look at the bailout from one of Citigroup's VPs SouthToTheLef... Thu Oct-02-08 12:18 AM3
- A very poignant toon about the current stupidity in the House... Aviation Pro Sun Jul-16-06 12:24 PM5
- JEQuidam Sun May-23-10 12:53 PM9
- AALU reports that S219 and H2830 Pension "reform" bills likely to become papau Thu Aug-04-05 03:04 PM0
- ABC News on the $4 billion in earmarks and names more Democrats than Republicans as the culprits alp227 Wed Jun-30-10 01:00 PM5
- Active Legislation sandnsea Fri Apr-22-05 05:41 PM2
- Afghanistan War Powers Resolution - H. Con. Res. 248 - C-SPAN link slipslidingaw... Thu Mar-11-10 09:23 AM0
- Alaska race going the way of Florida? Betty Karlson Fri Sep-17-10 05:01 PM3
- Alberto, you have BOTH feet in your mouth! frogcycle Tue Jul-24-07 10:34 PM3
- Amnesty hid in Iraq Funding Bill... mac2 Sat May-17-08 10:43 AM2
- Announcing new CSPAN WATCH group paineinthears... Sun Mar-13-05 12:35 AM1
- Another one bites the dust margotb822 Sun Feb-03-08 07:03 AM1
- sulphurdunn Thu Jun-16-11 03:49 PM9
- AP: Political hopefuls wait for answers as redistricting battles delay 2012 House races alp227 Sat May-14-11 02:09 PM0
- Auto Response from my congress man ThirdWorldJoh... Tue Aug-18-09 10:37 PM3
- Bill to ban insider trading in Congress is suddenly popular alp227 Sat Dec-24-11 03:33 AM3
- Bill would halt destruction of fallout records struggle4prog... Sun May-29-05 08:35 PM0
- bob badlatte grannie4peace Wed Nov-05-08 10:38 AM0
- Boehner attacking Rangell on C-SPAN 1 now zazen Thu Jul-31-08 03:02 PM10
- Boehner Blames Japan Quake on Obama Tax Policy TheRepublican... Fri Mar-11-11 07:43 PM0
- Bush Pisses on Constitution Through Signing Statements status quo bu... Fri Jul-06-07 08:10 AM0
- CAFTA wicasa Tue Nov-28-06 11:55 PM2
- Campaign Song: Defeat Rep. Buck McKeon TheRepublican... Mon Oct-04-10 09:01 PM0
- Can a mod move my hr 418 thread in here please? lala_rawraw Sat Feb-12-05 12:20 AM0
- Capitol Hill Takes Up Cause of Fashion Knockoffs DeepModem Mom Fri Sep-28-07 01:33 PM3
- Caucus forms to save the F-35 from budget cuts alp227 Thu Nov-24-11 12:53 AM3
- Class Action Fairness Act of 2005 ginnyinWI Mon Feb-21-05 12:15 AM3
- Clearcutting the Middle Class (posted January 8, 2003 arendt Thu May-11-06 05:16 PM5
- comprehensive list of DINO's traitors and people who need fenriswolf Tue Oct-30-07 12:19 AM1
- Congress in session on Saturday? reprehensor Fri Sep-26-08 05:40 PM4
- Congress may try to rein in Dubya Edward Copela... Mon Feb-06-06 08:59 AM6
- Congress Passes $60k Law School Loan Forgiveness Program for Prosecutors and Public Defenders Unsane Fri Aug-15-08 05:10 PM4
- Congress Refuses to Outlaw Insider Trading For Lawmakers jaksavage Wed May-05-10 03:37 PM3
- Congress still may be unprepared for a terrorist strike alp227 Tue Oct-11-11 12:22 AM1
- CONGRESS: THE FIRST 100 DAYS BanTheGOP Thu Nov-27-08 04:40 PM6
- Congress: Trading stock on inside information? (60 Minutes) namvet73 Sun Nov-13-11 09:24 PM3
- Congressional approval is still in the tank mac2 Thu May-29-08 07:29 AM0
- Congressional Voting Records Show Few With Perfect Attendance alp227 Tue Nov-01-11 12:28 PM0
- Congressman legalizes pot for himself TheRepublican... Sat Nov-12-11 04:07 AM7
- Conservatives use Pelosi as face of liberalism in campaign ads alp227 Thu Jul-01-10 10:18 PM1
- Cool tool: online schedule of Congressional fundraising appearances. dixiegrrrrl Thu Mar-18-10 12:39 PM0
- Council plans law charging for repeat calls to police Kire Thu Feb-17-05 10:10 PM0
- Critical Senate races dhpgetsit Mon Nov-10-08 08:32 PM1
- CRY rockybelt Thu Jan-31-08 09:24 AM11
- Dear Honorable House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: MSC2007 Tue Aug-18-09 10:30 PM1
- Democrats Face Rescue Backlash question ever... Sun May-11-08 11:00 PM3
- Details sought on secret prisons struggle4prog... Sat May-27-06 08:11 PM0
- Dissatisfied Democrats with Leadership and Dem Congress kelligesq Thu Feb-28-08 12:30 PM0
- Do Not Startve the Iranian People! kerrywins Wed Dec-16-09 11:36 AM2
- Does anyone know when the Senate votes Bolton as UN Ambassador? n/t kevin_pdameri... Mon Apr-04-05 01:20 AM1
- Does NO ONE find HR 418 disturbing? [View All] lala_rawraw Tue Apr-26-05 12:36 PM97
- E-mail your congress man about homelessness and joblessness... butterfly77 Mon Jan-02-06 04:31 PM1
- Election Predictions espera17 Fri Jul-07-06 09:45 PM6
- Eric Cantor Guide to Political Rhetoric The Wizard Thu Aug-19-10 06:01 PM3
- Eric Cantor makes my skin crawl! nradisic Mon Feb-16-09 09:41 PM7
- Evolution is about HOW, not WHO (orig. posted Oct. 24, 2005) arendt Tue Apr-18-06 05:11 PM1
- Feingold will not vote for finance bill northofthebor... Wed Jun-30-10 05:41 PM16
- Filling Senate Vacancies (Palin could potentially name Stevens's successor) Lancer Thu Feb-12-09 07:20 PM7
- First the World Bank came to privatize ... (orig. posted Oct 14, 2005) arendt Tue Apr-18-06 05:22 PM1
- FISA and Protect America Act links... slipslidingaw... Thu Apr-16-09 09:28 AM13
- Flashback: 8 DEMOCRATIC senators killed the DREAM back in 2007 alp227 Tue Sep-21-10 05:25 PM0
- Flashback: In 2007, Senate Republicans pressured Larry Craig to resign alp227 Fri Jun-17-11 01:48 PM4
- alp227 Sun Aug-29-10 01:43 AM0
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