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- Gallup: Record High Anti-Incumbent Sentiment Toward Congress alp227 Started: Dec-09 01:50 PM2
- Bill to ban insider trading in Congress is suddenly popular alp227 Started: Nov-30 10:06 PM3
- Caucus forms to save the F-35 from budget cuts alp227 Started: Nov-23 10:22 PM3
- (Rob Andrews) South Jersey congressman spent $9,000 from campaign funds on donor's wedding alp227 Started: Nov-21 09:30 PM1
- NY Times - Near Poor baseballguy20... Started: Nov-20 04:30 PM3
- Vilifying Rival, Wall St. Rallies for Senate Ally (Scott Brown) (NY Times Saturday front) alp227 Started: Nov-19 01:52 AM0
- We need a new law... bl968 Started: Nov-18 08:41 PM2
- Congress: Trading stock on inside information? (60 Minutes) namvet73 Started: Nov-13 09:07 PM3
- TheRepublican... Started: Nov-02 04:37 PM1
- Congressional Voting Records Show Few With Perfect Attendance alp227 Started: Nov-01 12:28 PM0
- New hearing ordered in case of bribing congressman (Duke Cunningham, R-CA) alp227 Started: Oct-20 11:45 AM0
- Congress still may be unprepared for a terrorist strike alp227 Started: Oct-11 12:14 AM1
- House is having polite year, insult-wise, according to a new report alp227 Started: Sep-28 09:36 PM0
- alp227 Started: Sep-13 03:45 PM6
- Maxine Waters's attorney calls to drop corruption case alp227 Started: Jul-20 12:33 AM1
- upcoming hearing/interrogation of Elizabeth Warren on Thurs July 14 zazen Started: Jul-11 07:37 PM3
- Pelosi on 2012: This time, Republicans are the incumbents Elmore Furth Started: Jun-28 11:50 PM7
- alp227 Started: Jun-27 01:49 AM3
- New redistricting map could make California less golden on the Hill alp227 Started: Jun-21 01:16 AM3
- Flashback: In 2007, Senate Republicans pressured Larry Craig to resign alp227 Started: Jun-17 12:26 PM4
- sulphurdunn Started: Jun-16 12:23 PM9
- The Pubs Say The Dems Have No Budget? Whats This? fredamae Started: May-27 09:38 AM1
- idea for all congressman/women michunionman Started: May-25 11:47 AM0
- AP: Political hopefuls wait for answers as redistricting battles delay 2012 House races alp227 Started: May-14 02:09 PM0
- alp227 Started: May-10 01:24 AM0
- Republican Legislative Accomplishments daggahead Started: Apr-26 10:26 AM6
- Legal Momentum: Families Still Need A Safety Net mntleo2 Started: Apr-21 10:56 AM13
- Why didn't we already have a budget? Pterodactyl Started: Apr-11 07:18 PM6
- Nine states expected to be central to battle for Senate, presidency alp227 Started: Mar-20 11:14 PM4
- Boehner Blames Japan Quake on Obama Tax Policy TheRepublican... Started: Mar-11 07:43 PM0
- Turning off the electoral vote. vicarofrevelw... Started: Feb-26 09:57 AM8
- With Issa Leading, Oversight Panel Eagerly Begins Its Work alp227 Started: Jan-27 02:19 AM0
- 13 House Dems vote against HR 22, which would cut House office budgets alp227 Started: Jan-09 12:06 AM1
- Kudos to President Obama for all the legislative victories nradisic Started: Dec-22 09:24 PM3
- House GOP Picks Ethically-Challenged Freshmen for Judiciary Committee alp227 Started: Dec-21 01:32 PM2
- Quick question about dates the redcoat Started: Dec-17 01:25 PM1
- Patrick Kennedy Packs Up 63 Years of Family History alp227 Started: Dec-16 06:53 PM4
- Tester-Hagan: Doing Right By the Locals Yeggo Started: Nov-20 02:17 PM0
- U.S. Dept. of Education and Labor Chairman George caught on tape paddling a woman in his California stopschoolpad... Started: Nov-20 01:28 AM3
- What's Holding Up Food Safety in the Senate? Yeggo Started: Nov-19 03:47 PM6
- S. 510 - Tester-Hagen Looks Like a Go; But Bill Delayed until 11/29 Yeggo Started: Nov-19 01:14 PM0
- Rep. Dennis Kucinich to seek Afghanistan troop withdrawal vote next year Yeahyeah Started: Nov-10 05:45 PM4
- ..Home / Economy, News Briefs, Skunk Nation / Congress outsources workload to Malaysia TheRepublican... Started: Oct-28 11:26 AM2
- New Hampshire Chamber of Commerce Disaffiliates from National: Let's Make it the First of Many DavidSegal Started: Oct-26 02:50 PM0
- So, it looks like I'm a write-in candidate for Congress. Geoff R. Casa... Started: Oct-21 12:38 PM3
- It is frightening that anyone as ignorant as Christine O'Donnell Bobbieo Started: Oct-19 08:22 PM17
- Congressman legalizes pot for himself TheRepublican... Started: Oct-10 04:42 PM7
- Campaign Song: Defeat Rep. Buck McKeon TheRepublican... Started: Oct-04 09:01 PM0
- Matt Taibbi at Rolling Stone: Obscene Tax Break Survives Again gristy Started: Oct-03 11:33 AM1
- Good example of why nothing is accomplished in Washington northofthebor... Started: Oct-03 11:26 AM3
- Flashback: 8 DEMOCRATIC senators killed the DREAM back in 2007 alp227 Started: Sep-21 05:25 PM0
- Alaska race going the way of Florida? Betty Karlson Started: Sep-17 03:26 PM3
- "Wagecut republicans" best phrase 2 use,congrssal elections billlll Started: Sep-10 06:38 PM0
- Who are the most important Reps to protect in the 2010 election? ToppleTheTeaP... Started: Sep-04 12:25 AM0
- alp227 Started: Aug-29 01:43 AM0
- The Elephant in the Room re Crist v. Meeks in Florida JustAnotherGe... Started: Aug-27 10:50 AM5
- One Liberal Voice Dares to Say, Cut the Budget alp227 Started: Aug-25 11:37 PM3
- "Anti-establishment" candidates (both D and R) proposing Congressional term limits alp227 Started: Jul-20 10:22 PM2
- Republicans divided on the importance of an agenda for midterm elections alp227 Started: Jul-17 05:01 PM1
- WRECKONOMICS II REV 7-12-10 clarence swin... Started: Jul-12 04:32 PM1
- Republican-leaning groups set to outspend Democrats in midterms alp227 Started: Jul-11 12:51 PM1
- Conservatives use Pelosi as face of liberalism in campaign ads alp227 Started: Jul-01 10:15 PM1
- northofthebor... Started: Jul-01 12:25 PM1
- Feingold will not vote for finance bill northofthebor... Started: Jun-30 12:52 PM16
- Oil & Congress don't Mix DakotaBlue75 Started: Jun-28 12:24 PM2
- In S.C. twist, black candidate is expected to beat Thurmond's son in House race alp227 Started: Jun-22 01:32 AM2
- Guess she won renomination daa Started: Jun-15 02:18 PM1
- Sen. Coburns Sex Ed The Hitman Started: May-28 09:58 AM3
- GOP Sabotaging the Business of Governance Zoroastor Started: May-10 09:04 PM1
- Congress Refuses to Outlaw Insider Trading For Lawmakers jaksavage Started: May-05 03:04 PM3
- Today's WaPo reports on D and R Congress election strategies alp227 Started: Apr-29 01:18 AM0
- Poll finds Americans in an anti-incumbent mood as midterm elections near alp227 Started: Apr-28 11:38 PM3
- Will November really be that bad? zipplewrath Started: Apr-26 08:29 AM7
- G.O.P. Threatens Seats Long Held by Democrats alp227 Started: Apr-24 07:22 PM11
- Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa)...Stupid or stupidest? DFab420 Started: Mar-22 09:56 PM7
- Cool tool: online schedule of Congressional fundraising appearances. dixiegrrrrl Started: Mar-18 12:39 PM0
- Afghanistan War Powers Resolution - H. Con. Res. 248 - C-SPAN link slipslidingaw... Started: Mar-11 09:23 AM0
- The Rise of Senate Unanimous Consent Agreements slipslidingaw... Started: Mar-02 09:36 PM2
- Ignore: Wrong thread--What (many) Democrats don't understand about gun control Jackson1999 Started: Feb-25 06:10 PM0
- Thomas link - bills introduced by members of Congress -93rd Congress to present... slipslidingaw... Started: Feb-13 02:27 PM2
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