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- Welcome to the DU Survivors of Divorce Group Skinner Admin Wed Jan-26-05 02:38 PM0
- How do you tell someone you want a divorce, when you still care [View All] SeattleGirl Wed Aug-05-09 06:06 PM25
- Ya know what sucks? Working... [View All] mrgorth Wed Jul-06-05 07:41 PM21
- Separating but not yet separated. [View All] kiraboo Thu Nov-30-06 09:05 PM21
- Who do you tell about infidelity? [View All] mrgorth Sat Jun-03-06 08:11 PM20
- When does it quit hurting? [View All] BiggJawn Fri Aug-17-07 02:15 PM20
- Just found out my husband is having an affair Qanisqineq Tue Apr-03-07 01:22 AM19
- don't think i will survive the hubby's midlife crisis. mopinko Sun Sep-26-10 10:56 AM18
- meet mr pinko- his own words mopinko Tue Oct-26-10 09:49 PM18
- He's the only one who can help me stop crying FLyellowdog Tue Sep-28-10 06:20 PM17
- I talked to my ex last week. LWolf Wed Sep-21-05 09:38 PM16
- If this has happened to anyone, I'd very much like to know how it turned out... ALiberalSailo... Mon Jan-18-10 10:11 PM16
- My husband just left. inanna Sun May-28-06 12:20 AM14
- what should the official name of this group be? (Poll) unblock Thu Jan-27-05 05:34 PM13
- About the name of this group. Skinner Admin Mon Jan-31-05 11:55 AM13
- is there anyone out there wildhorses Tue Sep-05-06 12:04 PM13
- Wife playing with fire.... need feedback from similar experiences CANDO Mon Oct-18-10 06:00 PM13
- Merry Fucking Christmas! porphyrian Wed Jan-11-06 09:51 PM12
- So divorce finalized today. Finally. mzteris Wed Aug-18-10 06:49 AM11
- Out of the blue, after 16 years. yewberry Thu Sep-02-10 07:18 AM11
- Good choice for a group Skinner lpbk2713 Sat Jan-29-05 02:29 AM10
- Husband is being served tonight SCDem Wed Dec-19-07 06:25 PM10
- Is there any regaining trust after infidelity? mrgorth Wed Nov-23-05 09:21 PM10
- So now the Ex told me she's getting back together with the car salesman she admits is abusive villager Tue Oct-12-10 05:55 PM10
- Can a woman screw her marriage up by being honest about how much her life sucks proud patriot Mon Dec-20-10 10:33 AM10
- Quick Question; The Doctor. Wed Jan-06-10 08:01 AM10
- well, we are splitting up, we know that. but what is mopinko Tue Nov-23-10 07:19 PM10
- Question about domestic abuse... KyndCulture Fri Dec-05-08 04:05 AM9
- I'm confused. Help! crim son Wed Jan-10-07 02:44 AM9
- My wife wants to divorce Chico Man Tue Jan-15-08 06:17 PM9
- Mr. B@L is in "love" with another woman, at least he thinks so--and he's being honest about it. blondeatlast Sat Jan-10-09 10:22 PM9
- Any other moms here w/o primary custody? AlienGirl Fri Feb-18-05 09:01 AM8
- Attorney, Mediation or Do-It-Yourself? ByTheRiver Tue Aug-18-09 07:48 PM8
- Do you know of an active message board for people coping with divorce or separation? 94114_San_Fra... Sun Feb-01-09 03:29 PM8
- Alternative Dispute Resolution session tomorrow/Monday, 1 p.m. elleng Wed Nov-03-10 10:57 PM8
- Posted here last Aug 2010 when court date set, elleng Thu May-05-11 12:43 PM8
- Am I drinking too much? mduffy31 Fri Apr-28-06 06:58 AM7
- Advice from divorced fathers hogwyld Sun Aug-10-08 08:39 PM7
- Early in this divorce realFedUp Sun Jul-12-09 09:21 AM7
- starting over at 55 mopinko Tue Aug-25-09 06:54 PM7
- Divorce Risk higher when wife gets sick. elleng Fri Dec-18-09 04:01 PM7
- 'Trial' set for tomorrow, but 'husb' says he's too sick. elleng Thu Aug-12-10 09:30 PM7
- Mediation and middle school Coexist Tue Sep-21-10 08:55 PM7
- you know, the worse thing for me- losing my house. mopinko Wed Sep-29-10 07:01 PM7
- anyone ever heard of or done this- mopinko Tue Dec-14-10 05:24 PM7
- i'm thinking gardening mopinko Mon Jun-20-11 01:55 PM7
- We have an Agreement, signed and sealed; check for 1/2 to be delivered w/in 5-10 days. elleng Wed Dec-07-11 02:40 AM7
- now my ex is calling *me* for empathy and support villager Mon Mar-14-05 12:13 AM6
- First Post in this group flakey_foont Tue Aug-30-05 08:03 AM6
- Not separated but wife says she wants to "be friends" but no sex. DuaneBidoux Fri Apr-28-06 06:52 AM6
- my husband moved out today mzteris Wed May-09-07 03:13 PM6
- the other person dating = mzteris Thu Sep-20-07 11:07 AM6
- My biggest problem is the financial aspect and I think about the three "S's" every minute Liberal Lassi... Fri Aug-01-08 12:53 PM6
- ADVICE PLEASE!!! Qanisqineq Wed Mar-05-08 03:51 AM6
- I think it's over yasmina27 Sat Aug-09-08 12:39 AM6
- Defendant/husb didn't show at 'scheduling' conference, elleng Fri Oct-09-09 02:49 AM6
- Hi. babylonsister Tue Dec-15-09 11:06 PM6
- First post for the group mrgorth Thu Jan-27-05 09:17 AM5
- I asked my wife for a divorce on Sunday night mrgorth Wed May-09-07 03:16 PM5
- just had the first big fight with the ex over the kids leftofthedial Mon Feb-13-06 03:10 AM5
- My wife doesn't love me anymore, I don't feel I'll ever love anyone else. DuaneBidoux Sat Aug-09-08 12:24 AM5
- So--he's back in Prague and the final chapter is about to unfold. blondeatlast Wed Jun-24-09 11:40 AM5
- how do you ever ever trust again? mzteris Mon Jan-04-10 08:47 PM5
- Becoming upset and frustrated, elleng Wed Aug-05-09 05:49 PM5
- I'm now separated from my husband AwakeAtLast Sun Aug-09-09 11:37 AM5
- Have hearing in Domestic Relations branch elleng Mon Aug-24-09 08:25 PM5
- Been 2 years now sense the divorce was over. safeinOhio Wed Feb-24-10 11:11 PM5
- What did I do wrong? AlienGirl Thu Feb-03-05 03:13 AM4
- Maybe headed for a seperation, need advice on male friend holiday Sun Mar-12-06 09:29 PM4
- Tonight I told him he has 30 days to get out. temperancedis... Wed Jul-13-05 12:07 AM4
- Just found out that my hub's leaving. jojo54 Wed Oct-26-05 04:17 PM4
- The "I" word has visited my house. jojo54 Thu Sep-08-05 11:17 PM4
- How do you know mzteris Fri Feb-02-07 09:52 AM4
- My night for the kids so my wife can go on a date... RetroLounge Fri Jul-13-07 07:38 AM4
- okay, here I go... Blue_Roses Thu Dec-06-07 09:40 AM4
- He told her she wasn't to contact him when he returns home and she told him blondeatlast Fri Jan-23-09 10:13 PM4
- Moving on . . . elleng Tue Aug-11-09 08:29 PM4
- Dating. Sucks. Rotten. Fruit. blondeatlast Thu Oct-08-09 07:45 PM4
- Has anyone had to deal with an over-seas divorce? comtec Mon Sep-06-10 06:22 AM4
- Depression and anti-depressants mrgorth Sat Jan-29-05 10:24 AM3
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