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- Welcome to the DU Irish Affairs Group Skinner Admin Fri Jan-21-05 03:39 PM0
- How is the Irish National Soccer team doing? 4MoreYearsOfH... Wed Mar-30-05 05:44 PM2
- Have the recent IRA events soured you on Sein Fein? AmericanError... Thu Apr-07-05 06:29 AM6
- Northern Ireland General Election poll (Poll) AmericanError... Fri Apr-22-05 05:35 AM10
- IRA to make historic statement Another Bill ... Thu Jul-28-05 03:38 PM6
- Paisley rejects IRA decommissioning Another Bill ... Mon Oct-03-05 09:05 PM3
- The St. Andrews Agreement Another Bill ... Sat Oct-14-06 07:44 AM1
- Paisley pulls out from Adams encounter Another Bill ... Tue Oct-17-06 09:20 AM0
- Assembly evacuated amid political chaos Another Bill ... Mon Dec-04-06 03:52 PM9
- Barack Obama's statement on the Irish peace process Another Bill ... Wed Feb-21-07 07:57 PM0
- Battle rages over Irish Celtic site AuntJen Tue Feb-08-05 07:59 AM2
- Happy New Year! babylonsister Mon Jan-02-06 10:53 PM2
- Irish Fest 2007- Three days of free access @ Breeze54 Thu Aug-16-07 10:32 AM1
- Are you folks proud that prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is Irish? cat_girl25 Fri Nov-25-05 11:29 PM6
- Good Genealogy Websites for the Irish? CBHagman Tue Jan-25-05 09:40 PM10
- The Creative Irish, Part I: The Actors. CBHagman Wed Jul-29-09 08:40 PM16
- NI human rights advocate Monsignor Denis Faul dies. CBHagman Mon Jun-26-06 09:51 PM0
- "Rediscover Northern Ireland" Events in the DC Area! CBHagman Sat May-26-07 10:03 PM0
- Writer Nuala O'Faolain has died. CBHagman Sat May-10-08 07:35 PM0
- Which Irish Writers Do You Prefer? CBHagman Wed Oct-01-08 04:19 PM5
- Singer-musician Liam Clancy, 74, dies. CBHagman Thu Dec-10-09 10:14 AM2
- Saville releases Bloody Sunday report; Cameron, an apology. CBHagman Wed Jun-16-10 08:28 AM1
- Irish Earworm! Post the song you just can't get out of your head. CBHagman Thu Oct-28-10 01:09 PM6
- Irish videos: Christmas, the Feast of Stephen, and More CBHagman Wed Jan-12-11 10:53 PM2
- What do you do for St. Patrick's Day? CBHagman Sun Mar-13-11 03:30 PM5
- Queen Elizabeth II arrives in Ireland. CBHagman Sun Jul-17-11 07:53 PM3
- Live Blog: Obama in Ireland. CBHagman Mon May-23-11 09:15 PM4
- Rory McIlroy wins the U.S. Open, and sets or ties 12 records CBHagman Sun Jun-19-11 07:55 PM0
- Don't miss the opportunity to see Tommy Sands. chieftain Thu Feb-26-09 12:29 PM1
- An Irish Prayer I found CountAllVotes Sat Sep-10-05 01:37 AM1
- Karel last night live from Ireland, on again tonight too! CountAllVotes Mon Mar-20-06 01:33 PM8
- can anyone help my Irish friend? CountAllVotes Mon Sep-18-06 10:42 AM3
- 'NEW' IRELAND RETAINS ITS MYSTIQUE CountAllVotes Sat May-31-08 11:34 AM0
- Referendum No vote 'great day for democracy' CountAllVotes Sat Jun-14-08 05:54 PM0
- Books about Irish History [View All] DaveinMD Mon Feb-07-05 10:30 AM20
- Meet Tabitha Caitlyn Duffy-Goodman DaveinMD Wed Feb-09-05 12:18 AM9
- A Great and touching song DaveinMD Wed Feb-16-05 07:21 AM2
- This place has been dead lately DaveinMD Fri Apr-01-05 08:51 PM7
- A Drop Of Black Bush, If You Please dbt Wed Feb-16-05 12:28 PM16
- "Here's to the Gaels of Ireland" dbt Wed Feb-16-05 08:47 PM0
- Can anyone here tell The Fitzpatrick Saga? dbt Wed Apr-27-05 06:49 AM3
- Tommorra's St. Patrick's Day, how about some IRISH jokes? DemBones DemB... Fri Mar-16-07 03:07 PM3
- Siege of Ennis Donailin Tue Jan-25-05 05:47 PM4
- Irish tendency to stifle self-confidence? dooner Sun Sep-11-05 08:12 AM3
- galloglas Tue Dec-26-06 08:14 AM1
- "The Foggy Dew" galloglas Thu Nov-01-07 06:26 PM2
- All right, Irishmen and Irishwomen!!!! greatauntoftr... Tue Jan-25-05 01:08 AM5
- I was on Achill a year ago Greenpeach Wed Oct-17-07 11:33 AM3
- Search for relatives in Achill Greenpeach Sat Jun-05-10 02:49 AM2
- Happy Day! We found some cousins in Mayo Greenpeach Sat Feb-27-10 09:04 AM6
- I just need to know something... Guy Fawkes Sat Jan-22-05 08:17 AM5
- Calling everyone who knows Irish music c.1920 -1930 hedgehog Tue Nov-21-06 10:49 PM0
- Does anyone have a decent image of Our Lady of Knock? hedgehog Sun Jul-18-10 08:41 AM6
- How comes we used to be Irish, and now everyone's a Celt? hedgehog Thu Jul-26-07 09:05 AM13
- Maybe people in this group will appreciate this ( on the other hand hedgehog Sat Mar-10-07 03:51 PM1
- Empey New Ulster Unionist Leader. Henny Penny Fri Jun-24-05 10:22 PM2
- Holy shit - we did get one! HEyHEY Sat Jan-22-05 10:17 AM3
- Well, Happy Saint Patrick's day HEyHEY Thu Mar-17-05 11:34 PM13
- Not an Irish Affair, but HEyHEY Sun Apr-24-05 07:41 AM2
- Irish Expression your Irish mother uses? HEyHEY Sat Sep-10-05 01:35 AM3
- Anyone know of any cheap trips to the old sod..... Historic NY Sun Feb-06-05 11:14 PM1
- Any DU'ers in Dublin, Ireland looking to irish.lambcho... Wed Dec-10-08 10:16 PM0
- Please raise a glass to my 90 year old Great Aunt Gertrude Madonna McGuire Itchinjim Sat May-31-08 05:45 PM4
- I am just one document away from Irish citizenship. [View All] Jara sang Fri Oct-06-06 10:54 AM23
- Los Angeles County Irish Fair and Music Festival JI7 Wed Mar-01-06 12:38 AM4
- No Frank McCourt thread here. JNelson6563 Mon Jul-20-09 06:48 PM2
- Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee JohnKleeb Sat Jan-22-05 12:09 PM4
- You know why brits have bad teeth JohnKleeb Sat Jan-22-05 12:33 AM2
- So what part of Ireland is your family from or are you a wannabe Irish [View All] JohnKleeb Thu Mar-17-05 12:21 PM51
- I love Irish women! JohnKleeb Sat Jan-22-05 01:04 PM12
- Is it really any concidence that all the girls I wanna go out with are JohnKleeb Sat Jan-22-05 12:44 PM6
- So who else has seen the film, Bloody Sunday? [View All] JohnKleeb Sat Jan-29-05 11:11 PM26
- How do you write a limerick? JohnKleeb Sun Jan-23-05 10:57 AM3
- Why should we feel bad for supporting the Irish nationalists? [View All] JohnKleeb Wed Jan-26-05 10:02 PM22
- Wish I had the money to go to Ireland JohnKleeb Tue Feb-08-05 05:41 PM6
- To my Irish Nana JohnKleeb Tue Feb-01-05 07:16 AM9
- In honor of my nana, I will be speaking at her Irish Wake JohnKleeb Sat Feb-05-05 11:41 PM9
- RIP John Paul II JohnKleeb Mon Apr-04-05 07:02 PM10
- Something's going on in Northern Ireland JohnKleeb Sun Jun-19-05 06:27 PM16
- Satellite images of Ireland JohnLocke Sat Jan-22-05 05:07 PM6
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