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- Welcome to the DU Birders Group Skinner Admin Mon Jan-10-05 12:43 PM0
- Is this a juvenile red-tailed hawk in my garden (in the middle of San Francisco)? 94114_San_Fra... Sat Sep-06-08 09:46 PM9
- I spied a Hooded Oriole building a nest in a Yucca tree next ailsagirl Wed Jul-09-08 05:50 PM2
- Ivory-Billed Woodpecker-- is it extinct after all? ailsagirl Thu Jul-10-08 10:05 AM2
- Oh the pain of feeding birds and not the squirrels. alfredo Thu Sep-14-06 01:40 PM0
- A Rose Breasted Grosbeak has nested nearby. Petersons does not alfredo Wed May-09-07 06:07 AM8
- I was out back, thinking the trees were too dense for sighting Warblers alfredo Fri May-30-08 12:18 PM2
- Good page for bird call recordings. alfredo Thu Mar-25-10 11:08 AM0
- How would I preserve eggs? AllegroRondo Mon May-07-07 10:13 PM4
- Newbie questions AllegroRondo Thu May-17-07 03:33 PM8
- West Nile decimates 7 species of birds across continent AllegroRondo Sun May-20-07 08:28 PM1
- Going to Upper Michigan next week AllegroRondo Tue Jul-10-07 08:42 AM13
- Pelicans in Illinois? AllegroRondo Tue Sep-11-07 03:53 PM3
- Migration is in full swing AllegroRondo Wed Oct-31-07 09:40 AM3
- winterizing the bird feeders AllegroRondo Sat Nov-10-07 10:15 PM6
- A bald eagle! Dammit, wheres my camera! AllegroRondo Fri Jan-04-08 02:16 PM1
- Anyone do the Backyard Bird Count this weekend? AllegroRondo Tue Feb-19-08 09:04 AM0
- What a day AllegroRondo Sat May-03-08 07:57 PM3
- Grosbeaks on my feeder AllegroRondo Sat May-31-08 08:11 PM5
- Indigo Bunting on the back fence AllegroRondo Wed Jul-09-08 05:49 PM4
- pigeons Alleycat Tue Sep-26-06 04:24 AM3
- raptors (hawks) on your yard list amazona Thu Feb-03-05 07:07 PM14
- Battle of the Best Yard Birds amazona Sun Apr-17-05 07:07 PM14
- you know what I hate? amazona Thu May-12-05 10:48 AM7
- who all has eurasians in their yard? amazona Sat May-07-05 03:47 PM2
- Ok people get off your duffs amazona Tue Jun-28-05 01:51 PM13
- are they already migrating? amazona Mon Jul-04-05 06:37 PM5
- Sometimes mundane birds are fun too! ArchTeryx Tue Jun-28-05 07:48 AM4
- The two types of birding. ArchTeryx Thu Jun-23-05 08:09 AM4
- I made a nice discovery while working in the yard today. Arkansas Gran... Sat Apr-18-09 06:13 PM0
- I need some help with identifying a new bird that I saw in my yard yesterday. Arkansas Gran... Tue May-05-09 11:05 PM3
- American Kestrels ashling Sun Feb-27-05 05:34 PM3
- NBC had a story about the starlings in Scotland tonight; thought babylonsister Mon Mar-17-08 01:08 PM1
- My birds are gone (but the trees are full) baby_bear Fri Aug-12-05 04:51 AM2
- Do crows steal/eat songbirds' eggs? baby_bear Sun Sep-10-06 08:14 PM8
- What should one do with old nests? baby_bear Wed Jun-14-06 12:36 AM3
- Incredible stellar's jays around my songbird feeder baby_bear Sat Oct-21-06 10:48 PM0
- What to do about these &*_^ !!@!! squirrels? baby_bear Sun Jan-14-07 03:30 AM8
- Novice birder here -- help me identify this bird Be Brave Tue Jan-18-05 10:33 PM7
- Where did all the birds go? BeFree Mon Dec-14-09 02:02 PM4
- For the second day now, the most e-mailed BBC news article is: bhikkhu Mon May-19-08 11:43 AM1
- Are you a National Audubon Society Member? (Poll) BikeWriter Wed Dec-13-06 06:52 PM3
- I am more disappointed in DU than I have ever been! BikeWriter Sat Apr-18-09 04:25 PM2
- A Cat (A Poem) I cross posted this to the lounge. BikeWriter Sun Mar-22-09 10:51 PM0
- "Who cries for the birds?" BikeWriter Sun Mar-22-09 11:59 PM0
- Man affecting nature (Lyre Bird) Bleachers7 Sat Mar-14-09 02:03 AM2
- Anyone ever bird Baja Sur? blindpig Sun Feb-20-05 08:22 PM3
- BirdersUnited (against bu$h) blindpig Wed Apr-27-05 09:25 PM4
- Nest site selection in the Carolina Wren: Gonzo or what? blindpig Tue May-31-05 07:20 AM0
- Do owls eat Poorwills? blindpig Tue Jun-21-05 07:01 AM2
- migration time blindpig Mon Sep-19-05 07:53 PM5
- Mexican Trip List blindpig Fri Sep-09-05 06:45 AM3
- well, underutilized groups may be shut down... blindpig Sun Oct-16-05 01:22 PM6
- Where did my birds go? blindpig Fri Nov-11-05 05:50 PM4
- I found a fledgling Hairy Woodpecker yesterday. blindpig Mon Jun-05-06 10:17 AM3
- Hummingbird question blondie58 Mon Oct-01-07 09:24 PM9
- a cool blog from a guy who takes pictures of hawks, among many other things blondie58 Wed Jan-23-08 10:07 PM1
- Anyone have digital binoculars? Blue Gardener Wed Jan-12-05 07:27 PM2
- I FINALLY have Orioles this year Blue Gardener Fri Jun-24-05 07:41 PM15
- Baby Robin Blue Gardener Sat Jun-20-09 01:52 PM3
- The Great Backyard Bird Count Blue in a Red... Tue Feb-22-05 04:28 PM2
- Just saw a male Golden-Cheeked Warbler! Blue in a Red... Thu May-05-05 05:45 PM4
- For all you Bird Lovers, we have something special going on in Ohio... blue sky at n... Mon Jun-02-08 09:31 AM1
- Self Delete blue sky at n... Sat May-31-08 11:12 AM0
- My neighbor is trying to kill my parakeets! Blue_Roses Wed Sep-19-07 08:25 AM3
- Strange Bird Bonhomme Rich... Wed May-27-09 02:37 PM2
- Some backyard friends......Pic Heavy Bonhomme Rich... Sun May-31-09 01:11 PM3
- WARNING!!! EXPLICIT!!! Seagull Porn Bonhomme Rich... Wed May-27-09 02:45 PM0
- You might like this... canetoad Sun Sep-10-06 08:07 PM1
- Pelican swallows pigeon in park Canuckistania... Sat Dec-02-06 01:54 PM2
- I need bird identification help, please Carla in Ca Sat Jun-11-05 09:22 AM9
- Another list -- Birds on DU?? Catbird Mon Oct-31-05 01:18 AM1
- Purple Martin "Landlords" check-in..... Catchawave Fri Apr-01-05 04:00 PM1
- Any Purple Martin Landlords here ? Catchawave Tue Jul-11-06 06:15 PM0
- Oh hey a birders group! Can you all help me please? chimpsrsmarte... Tue Jun-17-08 04:07 AM4
- Can you please help ID these birds? Cobalt Violet Mon Jun-06-05 09:56 AM2
- Piping Plover Flock (dial-up warning) Cobalt Violet Mon Jul-31-06 10:18 PM0
- Does anyone know what kind of bird this is? Contrary1 Tue Aug-24-10 10:03 AM5
- Birds and their caretaker in imminent danger from wildfire! crikkett Thu Sep-28-06 12:59 PM0
- I just wanted to pop in and say hi. Crunchy Frog Sun Jan-23-05 02:04 PM7
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