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- Welcome to the DU Music Appreciation Group Skinner Admin Started: Jan-02 11:58 AM0
- Went to see Mahler's 4th Symphony tonight - NC Symphony in Raleigh... NRaleighLiber... Started: Dec-03 01:04 AM0
- Great cover of Dylan's To Ramona dipsydoodle Started: Nov-25 06:46 AM0
- Does anyone know of a good podcast player AND podcatcher... amyrose2712 Started: Oct-27 01:20 PM0
- Dead Air giving shout outs to the Occupy Movement L. Coyote Started: Oct-15 09:30 PM0
- Pink Floyd - Us And Them (2011-Remastered) (#7) dipsydoodle Started: Sep-29 05:56 AM0
- Radiohead = Extreme Iggo Started: Sep-27 11:14 AM8
- Media players with high-quality sound kentauros Started: Sep-24 08:33 PM1
- Wow....REM is finally calling it a day.. NRaleighLiber... Started: Sep-21 01:40 PM0
- DJing in the Cowpunk room. Come hang out. Now playing Mojo Nixon: Tie my Pecker to my Leg Ian David Started: Sep-19 02:37 PM0
- Cut from the soon to be released Wilco album, "Born Alone": mod mom Started: Sep-14 11:48 AM1
- Why? Rambis Started: Aug-23 07:20 PM1
- Any fans of the Melvins? Forkboy Started: Aug-01 12:03 AM0
- Like Country Blues ? dipsydoodle Started: Jul-27 05:47 PM0
- Collection, Pops' home-recorded tapes on BBC: LISTEN NOW! CountAllVotes Started: Jul-27 04:39 PM1
- I've created a YouTube playlist of driving songs Ian David Started: Jul-21 12:49 PM3
- Mood - Live Again lazarus Started: Jul-20 09:06 AM0
- Dion 2007 - The Wanderer dipsydoodle Started: Jul-14 11:39 AM0
- Looking for suggestions for music for daughter's wedding, elleng Started: Jul-10 11:18 PM5
- The Old Weird America Kind of Blue Started: Jul-02 06:27 AM0
- Looking for an old broadway song about Wisconsin TuxedoKat Started: Jun-21 11:15 PM0
- New Death Cab For Cutie - Codes and Keys - is just excellent. NRaleighLiber... Started: Jun-03 04:33 PM0
- CLEARWATER'S Great Hudson River Revival - A Music and Environmental Festival (referral post) OneBlueSky Started: May-20 01:35 PM0
- help keep this group in DU3 lazarus Started: May-20 12:58 PM0
- Library of Congress Jukebox lazarus Started: May-18 02:12 PM0
- 5 Insane File Sharing Panics From Before the Internet lazarus Started: May-09 12:01 PM0
- Self delete amyrose2712 Started: May-07 12:15 PM0
- I wish............ dipsydoodle Started: Apr-25 02:34 PM0
- livestream beastieboys new album from madison square garden. Tunkamerica Started: Apr-23 03:16 PM0
- Metalheads: The common American pronunciation of 'Bathory', please? Iggo Started: Mar-30 10:07 PM1
- The 20 Worst Cover Songs In Pop Music History lazarus Started: Mar-16 12:25 PM0
- Stream the new Strokes album: Tunkamerica Started: Mar-16 12:06 AM4
- Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross Win Oscar For Social Network! amyrose2712 Started: Feb-28 06:54 AM0
- Metalhead news update on Behemoth frontman Nergal toddaa Started: Feb-11 09:01 AM0
- the worst thing the music studios have ever done? lazarus Started: Feb-01 11:07 AM1
- Video clip of Django Reinhardt and the Hot Club (Paris) jazz band from 1939... old mark Started: Jan-31 10:01 AM2
- Jazz fans check in! Odin2005 Started: Jan-25 01:05 AM7
- Tower of the Ancients puzzle game for Mac? tigereye Started: Dec-30 08:17 PM0
- Need help identifying a musical instrument. The Backlash ... Started: Dec-17 12:54 PM5
- sorry, please delete probably wrong place .... n/t. polly7 Started: Dec-04 08:32 PM0
- Know thee The Aquarium Rescue Unit? Fire Walk Wit... Started: Dec-04 03:52 PM0
- old timey music lazarus Started: Dec-01 02:10 PM1
- For those of you with TCM - Dave Brubeck: In His Own Sweet Way kentauros Started: Nov-29 06:52 PM1
- Oh, what a talent: Diana Krall Fire Walk Wit... Started: Nov-27 05:28 PM3
- Devo lazarus Started: Nov-23 11:34 AM3
- so did Lady Antebellum rip off the Alan Parsons Project? Bombero1956 Started: Nov-19 01:02 AM1
- 25 Songs lukasahero Started: Nov-18 08:22 PM16
- Latin Grammys: Juan Luis Guerra and Pop Group Camila Each Win 3 HS News Started: Nov-12 03:02 PM0
- Nickelback -- Burn it to the ground travelingtypi... Started: Nov-01 09:02 AM1
- Mark Knopfler is a genius. hippywife Started: Oct-09 10:34 AM1
- I just love this song,, butterfly77 Started: Sep-12 06:11 PM1
- Any Hank Williams 3 fans? dropkickpa Started: Sep-05 08:24 AM0
- Lego Ukulele Blues dipsydoodle Started: Aug-31 01:40 PM0
- Shiny Stockings dipsydoodle Started: Jul-26 01:47 PM0
- The RIAA vs The Pirate Bay lazarus Started: Jul-12 04:27 PM0
- Joya Sherrill, 85; sang with Ellington and Goodman Forkboy Started: Jul-10 03:13 AM2
- Is there a band of which you only like one song? lazarus Started: May-10 05:32 PM1
- I just got tickets for "The Wall" Roger Waters! I have been waiting ... amyrose2712 Started: May-10 04:28 PM5
- How to Destroy Angels-"Trent Reznor's new project, with his new wife... amyrose2712 Started: May-06 08:49 AM0
- live performance of the suite from Side 2 of "Abbey Road" . . . OneBlueSky Started: May-05 09:39 AM3
- Any Drive By Truckers fans out there? radiclib Started: Mar-18 08:13 PM1
- Rock against Rove - how a grassroots funded rock compilation brought the bummer to Bush's Brain conanneutron Started: Mar-17 02:23 PM0
- Stevie Wonder receives top French honour dipsydoodle Started: Mar-07 03:40 PM0
- So what are your favourite songs? lazarus Started: Feb-23 03:00 AM4
- What's the last concert you attended? [View All] lazarus Started: Feb-13 05:48 PM92
- going to see Leon Redbone live! lazarus Started: Feb-11 05:14 PM4
- iTunes shuffle just made me giggle lazarus Started: Feb-09 11:54 PM4
- What's going on with Rhapsody? Armstead Started: Jan-29 10:21 AM0
- Music of Political Inspiration and Support (your favorites) clear eye Started: Jan-01 01:15 AM6
- Maryanne Amacher obit- fascinating sound composer tigereye Started: Dec-29 10:51 AM0
- Any Chameleons UK fans out there? fascisthunter Started: Dec-17 11:49 AM0
- Dementia Radio -- back on the air, prog metal travelingtypi... Started: Nov-29 08:38 PM0
- Ruben Blades returns to salsa after brief political break Louisiana1976 Started: Nov-27 09:24 PM0
- New York Jazz Event, Sunday Nov. 8 at Bowery Poetry Club Flaxbee Started: Nov-08 02:10 AM0
- Heads up: Listen to Norah Jones's new album for free on NPR beachmom Started: Nov-07 08:24 PM0
- Just an FYI. But music buyers should check out Amazon 50 for $5 each month. beachmom Started: Nov-04 12:04 PM2
- U2 LIVE tonight on YouTube! givemebackmyc... Started: Oct-25 03:39 PM0
- Any other karaoke fans out there? Cheap_Trick Started: Oct-25 03:11 PM0
- Music is supposed to be fun alfredo Started: Oct-25 10:32 AM0
- Maybe "the most expressive electronic musical instrument ever made". dipsydoodle Started: Oct-08 07:05 AM1
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