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- Welcome to the DU Music Appreciation Group Skinner Admin Sun Jan-02-05 11:58 AM0
- CALLING ALL LIVE MUSIC FANS! AlecBGreen Thu Jul-05-07 02:28 PM2
- PHISH IS BACK!!! AlecBGreen Sun Mar-08-09 08:09 AM1
- Bluegrass music on the internet alfredo Sun Dec-24-06 02:03 PM4
- Music written by my great uncle alfredo Wed Jul-18-07 04:34 AM2
- Some say Surf music drew upon mideastern folk music alfredo Sun Dec-02-07 10:15 AM5
- My great uncle's music alfredo Sun Mar-09-08 07:27 PM1
- Eritrea and Ethiopia have long musical traditions. Take a look at alfredo Tue Sep-25-07 03:27 PM0
- Ben Sollee Good anti occupation song alfredo Mon Mar-24-08 05:42 PM0
- Incredible video of work songs from Texas prison. alfredo Mon Apr-07-08 09:29 PM0
- Great collection of old music MP3's alfredo Tue Aug-12-08 11:30 PM0
- Just in case you haven't heard her: Iva Bittova alfredo Thu Aug-21-08 09:37 PM0
- Learn at the master's knee alfredo Mon Sep-01-08 03:10 PM0
- Jerry Belsak Lexington Ky native alfredo Wed Nov-26-08 03:41 PM0
- Yesterday I bought Mariza's newest CD, "Terra." It's rare to have a musician alfredo Tue Jun-16-09 12:02 PM4
- Music is supposed to be fun alfredo Sun Oct-25-09 10:32 AM0
- Grizzly Bear - Southern Point (2009) AllenVanAllen Wed Nov-04-09 12:02 PM5
- Mike Patton and the Metropole Orchestra 2008 AllenVanAllen Sun Apr-18-10 03:14 PM6
- Happy Roades AllenVanAllen Sun Sep-27-09 12:52 AM5
- Going to see Nine Inch Nails amyrose2712 Sun Aug-24-08 11:59 AM0
- NEW** Daily Tunage - Artist: Keny Arkana amyrose2712 Sat Dec-13-08 10:14 AM0
- Hope more people post... amyrose2712 Thu Jan-01-09 09:56 AM5
- Losing your Vitiman C-live and studiotrippy-----CAN amyrose2712 Mon Dec-15-08 07:20 PM2
- NEW IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE - The 3rd World (FULL SONG) amyrose2712 Mon Dec-22-08 03:42 PM3
- NIN-The Big Come Down -LIVE VEGAS AWESOME VISUALS! amyrose2712 Mon Mar-09-09 10:34 AM10
- NIN-The Big Come Down -LIVE VEGAS AWESOME VISUALS! amyrose2712 Thu Dec-25-08 10:09 AM0
- Live Nine Inch Nails - March of the Pigs - Sacramento HD multicam amyrose2712 Thu Mar-19-09 01:54 PM0
- Can - Vitamin C- Live 1972 amyrose2712 Thu Jun-25-09 04:21 PM2
- Nine Inch Nails - The Greater Good - Live (very cool visuals) amyrose2712 Wed May-13-09 03:30 PM8
- Placebo - Running up that hill amyrose2712 Tue Jul-14-09 07:38 AM2
- How to Destroy Angels-"Trent Reznor's new project, with his new wife... amyrose2712 Thu May-06-10 08:49 AM0
- I just got tickets for "The Wall" Roger Waters! I have been waiting ... amyrose2712 Sat Dec-11-10 11:41 AM5
- Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross Win Oscar For Social Network! amyrose2712 Mon Feb-28-11 06:54 AM0
- Self delete amyrose2712 Sat May-07-11 12:15 PM0
- Does anyone know of a good podcast player AND podcatcher... amyrose2712 Thu Oct-27-11 01:20 PM0
- Any MetalHeads on here?? [View All] and-justice-f... Thu Feb-24-11 04:31 AM60
- If you like it hard and loud... and-justice-f... Wed Jul-16-08 06:27 AM4
- Journey, Heart and Cheap Trick Tour. and-justice-f... Fri Aug-01-08 09:10 PM5
- Poison, Dokken and Sebastion Bach Tour and-justice-f... Thu May-29-08 09:17 PM0
- Mayhem Fest 2008 and-justice-f... Thu May-29-08 09:55 PM4
- Cruefest and-justice-f... Thu May-29-08 09:20 PM0
- RUSH 2008 tour (2nd leg of Snakes & Arrows) and-justice-f... Thu May-29-08 09:24 PM0
- Judas Priest 2008 tour and-justice-f... Thu May-29-08 09:32 PM0
- drive by truckers angrycarpente... Fri Aug-08-08 09:36 PM0
- Alison Krauss AngryOldDem Mon Aug-07-06 07:36 PM6
- What's going on with Rhapsody? Armstead Fri Jan-29-10 10:21 AM0
- My brother in law's music....what genre would you consider him in? atomic-fly Tue Dec-06-05 04:33 PM2
- Any J-Pop/J-Rock fans here? Az Thu Jan-06-05 11:27 AM3
- Finally it has been returned to me Az Sat Feb-12-05 06:09 PM1
- Visual Kai anyone? Az Sun Feb-20-05 01:45 AM1
- So Gackt and Miyavi are going to form a band together Az Tue May-29-07 05:13 PM0
- Dj Shadow's "Building Steam With a Grain of Salt" banjosareunde... Wed Apr-13-05 02:04 AM0
- Just an FYI. But music buyers should check out Amazon 50 for $5 each month. beachmom Sun Nov-08-09 01:39 PM2
- Heads up: Listen to Norah Jones's new album for free on NPR beachmom Sat Nov-07-09 08:24 PM0
- Anyone listen to the new Dinosaur Jr. album? Believing Is ... Mon Jun-29-09 10:11 PM0
- "O Magnum Mysterium" Morten Lauridsen, Los Angeles Master Chorale bertha katzen... Tue Jan-10-06 09:27 PM1
- fans of choral music and Robert Frost bertha katzen... Sun Jan-01-06 03:46 AM0
- looking for choral recordings bertha katzen... Sun Jan-08-06 07:07 PM0
- NEKO CASE new tour starts tonight!!!!! BeyondThePale Thu Mar-30-06 01:17 PM2
- Any Love fans here? BlackVelvetEl... Fri Jun-03-05 06:13 PM2
- Any Blues fans out there? bluescribbler Fri Feb-25-11 09:46 PM9
- trying to get back into modern music...any suggestions: Blue_Tires Mon Apr-25-05 12:50 AM15
- i just wanted to shamelessly promote a friend's music blog Blue_Tires Thu Sep-24-09 01:58 PM1
- so did Lady Antebellum rip off the Alan Parsons Project? Bombero1956 Fri Nov-19-10 02:15 AM1
- Guitar legend Huey Long dies at 105 brendan120678 Sat Jul-18-09 05:00 PM1
- Hair Metal / Glam Rock Appreciation Thread [View All] Brucie Kibbut... Mon Jul-20-09 01:07 PM21
- Post your favorite guitar music/solos/riffs/tricks etc. [View All] Brucie Kibbut... Fri Jul-24-09 10:05 AM35
- Ennio Morricone Brucie Kibbut... Tue Feb-10-09 11:41 PM6
- Gipsy Kings Brucie Kibbut... Sun Feb-01-09 01:45 AM0
- I just love this song,, butterfly77 Sun Sep-12-10 07:01 PM1
- Any 13th Floor Elevators fans here? Callous Taobo... Wed Apr-19-06 12:00 PM1
- Lily Allen's GWB ditty caraher Wed Jul-16-08 02:04 AM0
- Any other karaoke fans out there? Cheap_Trick Sun Oct-25-09 03:11 PM0
- I'm trying to find the name of a rock guitar instrumental. cherokeeprogr... Tue Sep-15-09 03:48 PM5
- Music of Political Inspiration and Support (your favorites) clear eye Wed Mar-17-10 02:23 PM6
- motherless child cleofus1 Fri Jul-28-06 09:07 AM0
- origins of the song wabash cannonball...interesting.... cleofus1 Wed Aug-09-06 11:19 PM3
- Hi--looking for help in choosing a vocal solo for a 14 year old girl. coffeenap Sat May-10-08 08:26 PM3
- Aerosmith: A Tale of Two bands. coloradodem20... Fri Mar-11-05 09:11 PM0
- Rock against Rove - how a grassroots funded rock compilation brought the bummer to Bush's Brain conanneutron Wed Mar-17-10 02:23 PM0
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