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- Welcome to the DU Seekers On Unique Paths (SOUP) Group Skinner Admin Sun Jan-02-05 11:54 AM0
- dupe'... sam sarrha Sat Apr-18-09 12:37 PM0
- Stories from the Thousand and One Nights. icymist Fri Jul-20-07 07:04 PM1
- "Be Nere Now" - Ram Dass needs our help housewolf Fri Apr-15-05 05:48 PM3
- "Change Your MInd Day" is this Saturday LostinVA Wed Jun-03-09 08:33 AM0
- "Jewel of the Nile" on AMC now ayeshahaqqiqa Tue May-03-05 05:18 PM0
- "Love makes no distinction between the infidel and the true believer" ayeshahaqqiqa Sun Jan-21-07 05:00 PM0
- "seek ye not what the master taught..." thotzRthingz Tue Jan-05-10 09:19 PM0
- "Teacher seeks pupil. Must have an earnest desire to save the world." [View All] greyl Mon Mar-03-08 07:37 PM28
- "The Buddha" a film by David Grubin on PBS April 7th AllenVanAllen Tue May-11-10 11:03 PM1
- "The Power of Intention" by Wayne Dwyer Sugarcoated Sun Feb-19-06 11:07 PM3
- "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle hvn_nbr_2 Sat Jan-14-06 03:28 PM7
- "What God Wants" by Walsch musette_sf Tue May-03-05 05:20 PM1
- "You Create Your Own Realilty ayeshahaqqiqa Thu Jan-20-05 11:18 PM5
- ** In The Midst Of A Quantum Event ** Pharaoh Sun Aug-31-08 01:18 PM3
- 2 ideas... wildflower Wed Jan-26-05 03:39 PM3
- A Bicycle Built for 6.5 Billion! MatrixEscape Sat Apr-22-06 11:53 PM0
- A Dead Head Wedding intheflow Wed Oct-12-05 10:48 AM2
- A Discussion of the 1st & 2nd Century After the Death of Christ [View All] leftyladyfrom... Sun May-14-06 07:18 AM26
- A dream representing The Hanged Man of the Tarot Why Syzygy Sun Feb-07-10 04:33 PM1
- A gentle reminder to be kind to yourself. onestepforwar... Wed Aug-12-09 01:11 PM17
- A good quote on enlightenment GliderGuider Tue Jan-19-10 02:24 PM0
- A Handfasting Vow GliderGuider Thu Jun-07-07 02:30 PM0
- A little humor to entertain you...I hope. clydefrand Wed Feb-16-05 08:16 PM0
- A mantra GliderGuider Thu Sep-17-09 04:05 PM3
- A myth of our culture. greyl Wed Feb-01-06 09:37 PM3
- A nice radio program (streaming Internet) that you all might enjoy wildflower Sat Apr-16-05 05:40 PM2
- A POEM. elshiva Wed Jan-18-06 01:28 AM0
- A post on UU Ranec Wed May-18-05 04:04 PM10
- A question about the law of attraction OnionPatch Sun Dec-07-08 09:30 AM5
- A Story Waiting To Pierce You Dover Sun Nov-27-11 08:53 PM3
- A Sufi Story ayeshahaqqiqa Sun Dec-04-05 03:50 PM2
- A Tao Te Ching mzteris Fri Jul-20-07 01:25 PM1
- A truly unique spiritual perspective indigobusines... Wed Jan-12-05 08:47 PM7
- A Unity Church is doing a really neat thing ayeshahaqqiqa Sat Jul-30-05 11:15 AM2
- Abwoon ayeshahaqqiqa Sun Apr-24-05 06:51 PM0
- After now is no Longer the Past MatrixEscape Sat Apr-22-06 11:41 PM0
- Agape kwassa Sun Mar-13-05 12:52 PM6
- GliderGuider Sun Dec-05-10 06:29 PM1
- An Obituary for a Unitarian Universalist Hero Maat Wed Jul-30-08 08:32 PM0
- Angry [View All] Tux Sun Jan-15-06 06:02 PM21
- Any Asatru practicers here? JCMach1 Fri Dec-19-08 07:00 PM4
- Any Buddhists around? crispini Thu May-19-05 03:12 AM19
- Any Caulbearers here? Reciprocity Sun Mar-23-08 10:17 PM5
- Any followers of Osho here? GliderGuider Mon Jan-12-09 07:16 AM0
- Any Jean Houston fans here? undeterred Sun Jun-08-08 11:35 AM0
- Any Jiddu Krishnamurti fans here? midnight arma... Tue Nov-14-06 09:50 PM2
- Any other Taoists around here? StellaBlue Sun Apr-13-08 07:44 PM13
- Any SOUPers into Jane Roberts/Seth? mandyky Fri Jan-21-05 11:52 PM13
- Any students of ACIM? mandyky Sun Feb-06-05 12:52 PM1
- Any UUs in here going to GA in Portland? intheflow Thu May-31-07 08:11 PM0
- anyone do the Dances of Universal Peace? ayeshahaqqiqa Mon Feb-28-05 12:57 PM3
- Anyone else having these feelings? ayeshahaqqiqa Thu Jun-23-05 05:36 PM9
- Anyone ever started their own church? mandyky Fri Dec-16-05 10:41 AM7
- Anyone have personal experience with Christian Science? coffeenap Sat Jan-28-06 10:59 AM0
- Anyone hear reluctant to post on R/T ayeshahaqqiqa Sat Sep-22-07 11:34 PM15
- Anyone hear the guy interviewed about the "Church of Reality" on Malloy? wildflower Sat Jan-08-05 06:15 PM5
- anyone here acquainted with dowsing ayeshahaqqiqa Fri Mar-11-05 08:52 PM2
- Anyone here done or read about Feng Shui? wildflower Tue Mar-08-05 09:48 PM5
- Anyone here have an altar or altars? elshiva Mon May-02-05 08:35 PM17
- Anyone here have mystical experiences? ayeshahaqqiqa Thu Jan-20-05 10:49 AM8
- Anyone here have or think they have an Indigo Child? jeanarrett Sun Jan-29-06 05:30 PM7
- Anyone here play the game Journey to Wild Divine? ayeshahaqqiqa Sun Mar-04-07 10:33 AM4
- Anyone in the S.F. Bay area going to New Living Expo this weekend? hvn_nbr_2 Fri Apr-22-05 02:13 AM4
- Anyone read "The Three Pillars of Zen" leftyladyfrom... Fri Jan-08-10 05:50 AM3
- Anyone read Dance of the Dissident Daughter? supernova Mon Mar-12-07 07:43 PM2
- anyone seen ayeshahaqqiqa Mon Mar-28-05 01:58 AM11
- Anyone walked the The Camino? Tuesday After... Sun Nov-25-07 04:04 PM2
- Are All the Seekers Gone? leftyladyfrom... Mon Jul-03-06 07:08 PM13
- Are there any Buddhist here that can help me with something? FreeState Wed Jun-03-09 02:52 PM12
- Are there in other Buddhist types out there. I have a question. [View All] leftyladyfrom... Wed Sep-02-09 07:19 PM27
- ARGH! A freeper lives in my UU church! intheflow Sat Sep-22-07 11:19 PM7
- As a spiritual/religious person, does this offend you? PerpetuallyDa... Thu Dec-25-08 01:44 PM7
- As soon as I get done studying for the California Bar Test.. Maat Wed Feb-16-05 01:47 PM4
- Attending my first UU service [View All] kslib Wed May-18-05 07:04 PM26
- Attn: Deists Tux Tue May-24-05 06:41 PM0
- Bad dream and interesting twist... TwoSparkles Fri Mar-24-06 01:48 AM11
- Beautiful service at Unity Church today ayeshahaqqiqa Fri May-20-05 03:20 PM11
- Belief-o-matic rating on elshiva: top 3 elshiva Fri Dec-23-05 12:13 AM18
- Believe Six Impossible (or at least self-contradictory) Things Before Breakfast GliderGuider Wed Mar-23-11 05:34 PM0
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