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- Attention Group Members EarlG Admin Wed Mar-30-05 01:11 PM0
- Welcome to the DU Christian Liberals/Progressive People of Faith Group Skinner Admin Fri Dec-31-04 10:06 AM0
- A very Merry Christmas Kajsa Thu Dec-25-08 12:32 PM0
- The Theocons: Secular America Under Seige RedEarth Mon Jun-02-08 09:41 PM2
- "Amazing Grace" and Christian action in the world... regnaD kciN Sun Feb-25-07 01:20 AM2
- "Bible group spreads word by SMS" GreenPartyVot... Fri Oct-07-05 09:00 AM0
- "Bush is a Methodist!" BULL! RevCheesehead Note Well: elshiva Sun Jan-22-06 09:38 PM0
- "Empire vs. Jubilee" silverlib Sun Jan-01-06 10:26 PM0
- "Faithful Democrats"-- yet another resource TreasonousBas... Thu Sep-07-06 05:49 AM0
- "Falwell and His 'Christian Right' Have It Wrong" RedEarth Fri Apr-15-05 04:34 PM7
- "Fundies Say the Darndest Things" DesertedRose Wed Jan-18-06 10:22 AM2
- "Haas and Haugen's music is a diabolic threat to Sacred Liturgy." Rabrrrrrr Tue Mar-27-07 02:34 PM4
- "Have a Defiant Christmas" Sentath Sun Dec-14-08 12:47 AM4
- "How to get more young people in church"... TreasonousBas... Mon Mar-21-11 08:29 PM2
- "I am a Christian" by Maya Angelou ih8thegop Wed Mar-22-06 09:26 PM2
- "I Stand By The Door" RevCheesehead Thu Mar-23-06 02:10 PM1
- "I...demand simply and directly that I be destroyed." Kire Fri Aug-05-05 01:21 AM2
- "Is God a Democrat or Republican?" DesertedRose Mon Feb-26-07 10:05 PM4
- "Joan of Arcadia" fans GreenPartyVot... Mon Mar-21-05 05:45 PM2
- "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" realisticphis... Fri Dec-23-05 06:14 PM4
- "State of Belief" on AAR Sunday: Leahy on Alito, Hackett on the Separation bettyellen Sat Jan-21-06 12:40 AM0
- "The problem isn't non-believers - it's non-persons" - Chung Hyun Kyung at UCC Synod Rabrrrrrr Fri Jun-29-07 08:15 AM3
- "The Purpose-Driven Life Takers" DesertedRose Wed May-31-06 04:57 PM4
- "The Second Chance": New Movie due out in February 2006 DesertedRose Mon Nov-07-05 07:45 PM3
- "To you!" RedEarth Thu Nov-09-06 10:33 PM0
- "We are all going to Heaven" elshiva Thu Mar-24-05 10:43 PM10
- "You are precious...and I love you..." Isaiah 43:4 elshiva Tue Feb-14-06 01:44 PM5
- 'Daniel' can't duck the culture wars-first show tonight on NBC [View All] realFedUp Tue Jan-10-06 01:20 AM20
- 'GoD And DoG' Kajsa Sun Nov-15-09 11:26 AM6
- 10 Things Your Minister Wants to Tell You hippywife Thu May-17-07 05:35 PM6
- 2010 Theology and Peace Annual Conference Critters2 Tue Mar-16-10 11:54 AM0
- 6-6-06 (Poll) realisticphis... Tue Jun-06-06 11:52 AM9
- 95 Theses: Articles of Faith for a Christianity for the Third Millennium OneBlueSky Sun Apr-23-06 10:22 AM2
- > Dover Fri Jun-03-05 08:45 PM0
- ??? banana republ... Mon Nov-05-07 06:51 PM0
- A favorite quote of mine BlackVelvet04 Wed Feb-23-05 07:24 PM4
- A beautiful photo essay... Sapphire Blue Sun May-08-05 02:45 AM0
- A Blessed Christmas to Each and Every One of You Lydia Leftcoa... Fri Dec-25-09 04:16 PM6
- A blessed Christmas to everyone in this Group! Lydia Leftcoa... Tue Dec-26-06 08:43 PM2
- A Blessed Holy Week to everyone Lydia Leftcoa... Sat Apr-15-06 11:00 PM9
- A blessed Lent to everyone Lydia Leftcoa... Sun Feb-13-05 10:29 PM4
- A Call to Speak Out - Iraq War Statement Endorsement Sapphire Blue Sat Jul-02-05 10:36 PM1
- A Case For Mary (A Catholic Apologist's Response) emdistortion Sat Jan-09-10 06:24 AM3
- A Course In Miracles in search of ... Tue Aug-01-06 09:07 PM3
- A First Pic Of Ding, With Liberace, When I Was 16. . . Dinger Thu Feb-23-06 10:42 PM3
- A gnostic blog! undergroundpa... Wed May-10-06 07:16 PM1
- A great message board for you guys! [View All] FreedomAngel8... Wed Dec-14-05 01:38 AM35
- A hypothetical I was presented with dsc Thu May-17-07 06:28 AM5
- A joke for the Episcopalians and Baptists Rabrrrrrr Thu Sep-27-07 06:41 PM6
- A left-wing liberal talking about how Jesus answers her prayers papau Sat Mar-12-05 03:00 PM1
- A lot of Christians are praying today for famous atheist writer Christopher Hitchens (Cancer) Divine Discon... Tue Dec-21-10 11:08 AM6
- A must-read on Teddy Kennedy: RevCheesehead Thu Aug-27-09 11:52 AM1
- A Must-See Film about the Life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer democrat2thec... Thu Aug-30-07 11:17 PM0
- a peaceful Easter to everyone tomorrow. ulysses Sat Apr-07-07 10:59 AM0
- A post-Ratzinger question about this group... regnaD kciN Tue Apr-26-05 02:09 PM9
- A Prayer Request ezekiel333 Wed Mar-23-05 08:41 PM10
- A promise is a promise, not a hedge maze. Amerigo Vespu... Sun Jun-06-10 01:39 PM2
- A Purpose-Driven Life? AlecBGreen Tue Mar-23-10 09:20 PM18
- A question about speaking in tongues hvn_nbr_2 Thu Sep-11-08 07:30 PM9
- A question about Travel Mercies HERVEPA Fri Feb-15-08 01:13 PM4
- A question for peace church people willing dwarf Sun Mar-22-09 09:39 AM11
- A question, if I may [View All] okasha Sat May-20-06 09:57 PM54
- A Request For Thoughts/Prayers/GoodVibes For Mr. Dinger Dinger Fri Sep-11-09 12:25 PM12
- A respectful question from a non-christian KitchenWitch Tue Dec-20-05 07:15 PM18
- A sad but strangely inspiring funeral Lydia Leftcoa... Sun Nov-22-09 06:32 PM5
- A sermon about Iraq by a San Francisco Episcopal clergyman Bleachers7 Tue Nov-22-05 01:12 PM4
- A short rant......The member of my Board of Deacons who complains most about worship-- mycritters2 Sun Apr-06-08 08:29 PM15
- A special outreach to (and a Hug for) the Christian Liberals DU Group .. Maat Sat Jan-22-05 07:57 PM16
- A warning to clergy--I just discovered a parishioner has been following me here. Critters2 Tue Dec-13-11 08:38 AM1
- AAR Radio: State of Belief:On the Progressive Bloggers of Faith Con bettyellen Sat Jul-08-06 11:34 AM0
- Action Alerts from AU Adsos Letter Tue Jan-27-09 12:02 AM2
- Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh DainBramaged Wed Oct-29-08 06:08 PM3
- Aid for Religious Groups realisticphis... Wed Mar-08-06 09:03 AM0
- Aidan Delgado spoke at our church yesterday realFedUp Mon Apr-04-05 10:59 AM7
- AIG Scapegoats 54anickel Thu Apr-23-09 11:43 AM5
- Am I the only one who's bothered by armed guards at a church? [View All] mycritters2 Mon Jan-14-08 05:45 PM22
- Amazing report in newspaper shimmergal Thu Jun-03-10 07:03 AM3
- Americans United calls on President Obama to make this list a priority. Adsos Letter Mon Jan-26-09 02:05 PM0
- Americans United for Separation of Church and State realFedUp Tue Jan-10-06 01:24 AM3
- Americans United Praises Senate Vote Against Nelson-Hatch Amendment Adsos Letter Wed Dec-09-09 04:26 PM1
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