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- Welcome to the DU Christian Liberals/Progressive People of Faith Group Skinner Admin Fri Dec-31-04 10:06 AM0
- Attention Group Members EarlG Admin Wed Mar-30-05 01:11 PM0
- I'm so sick of the religion bashing on here [View All] dwickham Thu Jan-07-10 10:42 PM101
- How do we fight back intolerance and misunderstanding [View All] JohnKleeb Tue Mar-29-05 04:15 AM98
- two questions: what denomination are you [View All] madison2000 Thu Nov-29-07 10:34 AM86
- Check in [View All] Cheswick2.0 Tue Mar-08-05 07:24 PM78
- Can you be considered a Christian if you don't believe in God? [View All] Poiuyt Mon Mar-19-07 06:22 PM77
- A question, if I may [View All] okasha Sat May-20-06 09:57 PM54
- Serious question....Why did he have to die? Why did Jesus have to die? [View All] 54anickel Sat Mar-21-09 05:50 AM44
- What do you all think of this,if you are Christians??? [View All] undergroundpa... Sun Aug-20-06 03:48 PM39
- Why are mainline Protestant denominations losing members? [View All] jaredh Thu Apr-02-09 10:00 PM37
- Evidence for the infallibility of scripture. [View All] Why Syzygy Tue Feb-03-09 03:09 PM37
- A great message board for you guys! [View All] FreedomAngel8... Wed Dec-14-05 01:38 AM35
- Rough day at DU [View All] madison2000 Mon Mar-28-05 11:31 AM34
- Serious question about the use of the word "fundie" [View All] Frogtutor Mon Mar-07-05 04:23 AM33
- Well, I finally removed the Religion/Theology forum from "My Forums"... [View All] Frogtutor Tue Mar-15-05 11:52 PM32
- Jeez Louise!! [View All] Shell Beau Sun Dec-11-05 12:58 AM31
- Hi all, haven't been around much and wanted to share my news - I've been accepted into the CPE [View All] 54anickel Thu Feb-04-10 10:50 PM30
- Let's get this party started... [View All] boomboom Fri Jan-07-05 10:25 PM29
- I posted in ATA about the Christian bashing yesterday [View All] madison2000 Wed Mar-30-05 02:01 AM29
- How do you guys deal with the anti-Christian bullshit on DU? [View All] mycritters2 Thu Sep-13-07 05:58 PM29
- Hello all, I am here for support [View All] buddyhollysgh... Thu Oct-06-05 09:30 AM28
- I have a burning question tonight! [View All] KitchenWitch Wed Nov-16-05 09:13 PM28
- How is everyone doing? Check in here. [View All] RevCheesehead Thu Apr-14-05 08:21 AM27
- Conservative Anglicans still threatening to split over Gays [View All] GreenPartyVot... Sun Dec-04-05 10:08 AM27
- Should Progressive Christians condemn the Raw Story(Barton) ed on atheists [View All] papau Tue May-30-06 04:38 AM26
- Your rapture beliefs (Poll) [View All] DesertedRose Wed Aug-16-06 07:49 PM26
- Do you know of people who use prayer as a coercive tool? [View All] Critters2 Mon Nov-02-09 09:55 PM26
- Emergency prayer request: my mother has had a heart attack [View All] GreenPartyVot... Fri Feb-18-05 10:56 AM25
- Why do so many people follow the teachings of Paul? [View All] arnheim Tue Aug-22-06 04:47 PM25
- Can we discuss the Pope's lecture here, without flames? [View All] RevCheesehead Mon Sep-25-06 09:56 AM25
- I need to find my way back to organized religion [View All] cally Thu Apr-26-07 08:17 PM25
- Proposed: that God is pro-choice, since God gave us freewill. [View All] elshiva Mon Aug-29-05 04:00 PM24
- God died for me as of this afternoon. [View All] elshiva Fri Sep-23-05 02:47 PM24
- The Rapture: What is it? And am I the only one who [View All] elshiva Fri May-27-05 04:28 PM23
- Finding a Church... [View All] IA_Seth Tue Jan-02-07 04:59 AM23
- Atheism: The Newest Internet Trend [View All] theredpen Tue Apr-01-08 12:58 PM23
- Hater update... [View All] Critters2 Thu Mar-26-09 10:50 PM23
- The do you cope?? [View All] OnionPatch Wed Oct-05-05 12:36 PM22
- Bowing down to the American flag [View All] LiberalUprisi... Fri Nov-04-05 03:57 PM22
- I just listened to my phone messages. [View All] RevCheesehead Thu Mar-30-06 12:27 AM22
- Should I give up and become an atheist? [View All] elshiva Wed Dec-10-08 04:55 PM22
- Am I the only one who's bothered by armed guards at a church? [View All] mycritters2 Mon Jan-14-08 05:45 PM22
- Church Revitalization Committee wants me to only use music written in my life time. Dammit. [View All] mycritters2 Fri Nov-07-08 02:10 PM22
- Who is a Christian? [View All] kwassa Mon Jan-30-06 12:01 AM21
- What feeds your soul? [View All] RevCheesehead Sun Jan-23-05 06:51 PM21
- What is the non-negotiable element of being a "Christian?" [View All] Selwynn Sat Feb-19-05 11:04 AM21
- Please pray for the Episcopal/Anglican Church. [View All] elshiva Sat Mar-05-05 01:42 AM21
- I usually feel warm fuzzies about Jesus, but I will say that in church [View All] GreenPartyVot... Fri Feb-10-06 12:43 PM21
- Going to church [View All] realisticphis... Thu Nov-10-05 09:40 PM21
- It's my anniversary! [View All] mycritters2 Tue Sep-19-06 01:35 PM21
- Question about the concept of eternal life. [View All] bushwentawol Sat Nov-19-05 11:49 AM20
- New Here [View All] StoryTeller Thu Jan-19-06 03:40 PM20
- 'Daniel' can't duck the culture wars-first show tonight on NBC [View All] realFedUp Tue Jan-10-06 01:20 AM20
- Don't want to go into too much detail [View All] mycritters2 Tue Aug-15-06 05:35 PM20
- I'm compiling a helpful list of abbreviations for churches.. RevCheesehead Mon Sep-12-05 12:09 AM19
- Why aren't we speaking out? -- DU post AngryOldDem Sat Jan-22-05 01:29 PM19
- So I walked out of a church service for the first time in my life today. tanyev Wed Aug-24-05 12:05 PM19
- Sometimes.... no, most of the time, I would rather talk ABOUT God than GreenPartyVot... Mon Oct-31-05 04:05 PM19
- Please comment: have I gone over the top? RevCheesehead Tue Nov-01-05 01:14 AM19
- Is it time for a little perspective? RevCheesehead Thu Jan-05-06 10:46 PM19
- I just don't know anymore. RevCheesehead Mon Jul-02-07 09:42 AM19
- I bet you never thought you'd see my ugly mug around here. varkam Tue Jul-17-07 11:00 PM19
- It happened last night and I am STILL angry DesertedRose Tue Dec-09-08 08:17 AM19
- I haven't been able to go back to Church since holiday Tue Mar-15-05 01:29 AM18
- A respectful question from a non-christian KitchenWitch Tue Dec-20-05 07:15 PM18
- Why did Jesus have to be baptized? Rabrrrrrr Mon Jul-24-06 02:27 AM18
- My family and I have become "regular visitors" of a UCC church near us. KitchenWitch Tue May-05-09 04:25 PM18
- I just thought I'd Post this. Torn_Scorned_... Fri Jan-08-10 12:15 PM18
- A Purpose-Driven Life? AlecBGreen Tue Mar-23-10 09:20 PM18
- Any recommendations for liberal/progressive Christian theological seminaries? liberalhistor... Sun Oct-03-10 07:52 PM18
- What is the best, least compromised, English translation of the Bible? Frogtutor Tue Mar-15-05 07:31 PM17
- Please, those who would post here realisticphis... Thu Mar-31-05 04:07 PM17
- What is so Anti-Christian about Darwinism? elshiva Mon Apr-11-05 03:53 PM17
- I don't know if this belongs here, but murielm99 Thu Apr-21-05 09:34 AM17
- Feelings on film "Last Temptation of Christ"? Tallison Tue Oct-04-05 03:02 PM17
- Can a Christian pledge allegiance to the flag and remain non-apostate? Rabrrrrrr Fri Feb-03-06 06:29 PM17
- Baptism of children adopted from Asia - are we for it or against it? Rabrrrrrr Tue Aug-29-06 09:34 AM17
- Does anyone know of any churches that have a ministry to the Ilsa Fri Aug-25-06 05:20 PM17
- I am considering leaving my church dsc Tue Apr-03-07 12:52 PM17
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